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  1. I think flower class Corvettes should be added to the game, here me out before you all lose your heads in the comments. I think they should be tier VI destroyer. Before I tell you how it would work I'll tell you why. So many small navies around the world used these ships and almost every one of them differed in small and large ways from each other. We could see Danish, Irish, Canadian, South African Chilean, or Belgian corvettes. They would all have many similarities but also a few distinct differences. For Example, let's say Canada got a tech line and the Canadian gimmick was DP (Dual Purpose) shells that the player could use their main batter guns to shoot at planes (just an example because I couldn't think of any more gimmicks). The Canadian Premium flower class might have DP and AP shells while the rest have HE and AP. maybe the Irish gimmick would be minelaying (you laugh but we have soviet CVs and heavy cruisers minelaying Irish paper Destroyers wouldn't be the wildest thing we have gotten). So the Irish one would be able to lay mines but it would still have the core aspect of the other Flowers, like a high-velocity gun with good pen and 1.5 second reload time. Now onto how they would work, they would have 13,500 HP. They would be shorter than a Farragut but they have the same beam({width} I only learned what the beam was recently). The Flowers would have a max speed of 31knots. The matchmaker would classify them differently, like how support carriers should be, this way you won't get 2 flowers and the enemy gets 2 destroyer leaders. Flower-class corvettes would be like a swiss army knife their main gimmick would be 10% torpedo protection. They would have Unlimited U.S. smokes screens but with a longer cooldown(some variants would have English smokes). Repair Party would be like the Nelson's repair, repairing a huge percentage of the ship's HP. The hydro would be English but with a twist, if they are within 3.5km of an operation depth sub they can see a green glow around the sub where the sub more or less is but only they can see it. The speed boost would depend on the Nationality of the ship. Not every ship would have every one of these consumables but maybe 1 ship's gimmick would be to have all of these .consumables you get the point. Consumables Smokescreen: charges infinite Defensive AA: charges 1 Speed Boost: charges 2 (swappable) Hydro: charges 3 Repair party: charges 1 (swappable with speed boost) THEY ARE NOT MENT TO GO HEAD TO HEAD WITH OTHER DDs just to clear things up. They could not possibly outgun something like a Schonberg. But with their 5.6km concealment, and fast reloading depth-charge racks on top of that many of them had hedgehogs. So they are well equipped to deal with submarines. With this much more passive role, you will not be knife-fighting other DDs as much as supporting your team. but with a 1.5 second reload and high shell penetration you can fire 4 shells every 6 seconds while a Gnenvy can fire 4 shells every 5 seconds granted Gnenvy's shells deal more damage but still if you have a repair or the other destroyer is below full HP you can still win a gunfight but you are at a disadvantage. Your small size and single bow-mounted gun allows you to show a small profile to shoot at while using your maximum firepower. The low concealment of the ships gives them a 3km aircraft detection. To conclude these ships although unconventional but by no means the most unconventional thing we have seen. If they are introduced this way it could take some of the many roles expected of DDs to split them with these supportive DDs (if WG has the sense to do so). We could see some new nations get a ship (hopefully WG removes that stupid pan Europe and Asia thing, and those gross flags). With the state of the game feeling very disorganized having more supportive and defensive ships could be a stabilizer but for them to have any effect beyond being fun to play WG needs to change the playstyle of subs and possibly CVs too. Thank you for reading, I know there are so many people on these forums that have a mental breakdown at the thought of anything new or some sort of change so don't be that person.
  2. The new tier X Soviet Battle cruiser Sevestapol and a plain permanent camouflage along with Forrest Sherman, and Novorossiysk. I like the simple camouflages like the ones Italian cruisers can get. But I think they should be optional like the Italian ones you can buy them with Dubloons. These plain camouflages work the same as the more interesting ones such as more concealment and standard bonuses.
  3. Count_of_Kaloki

    New Ports Belfast, & Valletta

    Scapa would be cool, and or the Faroe Islands (hint hint WG)
  4. Just a suggestion of some cool new ports this is mainly just old photos of where the ports could be in Belfast and Valletta. we'll do Ireland then Malta The Maltese photos start here
  5. Count_of_Kaloki

    Finland Battleships??

    If they were low tier cruisers with good stealth, bad speed big guns and a lot of HP
  6. Count_of_Kaloki


  7. Count_of_Kaloki

    Updated Visual Effects Review

    when does it come out?
  8. Count_of_Kaloki

    Catch Leprechauns and get Rewards!

    I would like to be a leprechaun. It seems like a lot of fun, I would probably be able to do like 60+battles at the set times
  9. Count_of_Kaloki

    Ranked flag

    oh grand thank you very much
  10. Count_of_Kaloki

    Ranked flag

    I made it to bronze rank 1 and then the sprint reset. Will I get the ranked flag?
  11. Count_of_Kaloki

    See Division mates ship's in port

    oh, where is it?
  12. I think it would be very cool if you could see the warships that your division mates have picked next to your ship in your port. Every player would see their division mates in their own port. You would also be able to see their signals, flags, and camouflages. Just a thought, I'm sure you guys can improve upon the idea.
  13. Count_of_Kaloki

    Subs need Guns!

    I can see how an fool would think that :)
  14. Count_of_Kaloki

    Y people hate subs, they probably don't even play PT

    I Might be one of the only players who like subs the way they are. Easy to kill on the surface hard to kill deep below.
  15. Count_of_Kaloki

    Suggestions for Sub Torps