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  1. Count_of_Kaloki

    Looking for a friend to play with

    put your Discord name and numbers in the chat if you are interested
  2. Count_of_Kaloki

    Updated Visual Effects Review

    when does it come out?
  3. Count_of_Kaloki

    Catch Leprechauns and get Rewards!

    I would like to be a leprechaun. It seems like a lot of fun, I would probably be able to do like 60+battles at the set times
  4. Count_of_Kaloki

    Ranked flag

    oh grand thank you very much
  5. Count_of_Kaloki

    Ranked flag

    I made it to bronze rank 1 and then the sprint reset. Will I get the ranked flag?
  6. Count_of_Kaloki

    See Division mates ship's in port

    oh, where is it?
  7. I think it would be very cool if you could see the warships that your division mates have picked next to your ship in your port. Every player would see their division mates in their own port. You would also be able to see their signals, flags, and camouflages. Just a thought, I'm sure you guys can improve upon the idea.
  8. Count_of_Kaloki

    Subs need Guns!

    I can see how an fool would think that :)
  9. Count_of_Kaloki

    Y people hate subs, they probably don't even play PT

    I Might be one of the only players who like subs the way they are. Easy to kill on the surface hard to kill deep below.
  10. Count_of_Kaloki

    Suggestions for Sub Torps

  11. Count_of_Kaloki

    Suggestions for Sub Torps

    I agree subs should be able to use their deck guns an AA
  12. Count_of_Kaloki

    Battle of the Atlantic!

    I agree