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    Important message for the community

    We will see where this ends up, I am optimistic that WG has noticed the complaints of the player base. I have good faith that they will do better this time. Gave them the benefit of the doubt.
  2. Tech Tree Ship Review - UK Tier II Cruiser Weymouth "Ack, DD, run." "Darn, you DD" INTRO Heya, you probably had enough of me after the first review. Well I am back with yet another one. This time, I will be looking at the Tier II cruiser Weymouth. This ship is another bathtub bote, yet only armed with AP. Destroyers are the bane of this ships existence. By the way, go check out my Othonik giveaway. First, lets look at some pros and cons. Pros Solid Rate Of Fire on Main Battery Guns Largest health pool and firing range of non premium T2 cruisers Best armor at her tier(For What its Worth) Cons(more than pros) Chubby Bote, big citadel and big turning circle. Poor Concealment No HE and no torps(DDs are the bane of this ship's exsistence) Bad Repair Party Firepower The 152 mm rifle, the standard armament of British CLs all the way to tier X, is introduced in this tier to captains. The ballistics are not particularly great at this tier but it improves at T 6 with the Leander. The problem is that you only shoot AP, the penetration is not enough to deal with T 3 battleships and you simply can't overpen DDs to death fast enough, just inviting them to but a buttload of fish into your broadside. Here are the nerdy facts in the spoiler. Fire Angles A.. Blah.. Ach TERRIBLE ARMOR No, Do I really. 16 mm Extremities. YEP. Maneuverability The Weymouth is no Zoom Zoom, she throws her rudder hard over in 8.2 seconds. Her top speed is 26 kts. She takes 40 sec to accelerate to top speed from nothing. Her turning radius is 560 m. For nerds, Horse Power to ton ratio is 4.19 hp a ton. Survivability Hit Points: 19,100 HEAL(at tier 2?) Standard Heal Concealment Base Detection Range: 9.85 Kilometres When Firing main guns in smoke: 3.05 Kilometres You, will be seen. The DDs are watching you........ AA Defense Two Vickers Machine Guns pointed upward. 8 dps at 1.5 km. Pew Pew. FINAL RATING MEHBOTE
  3. There will be alot more of these in the furture, this was a T 1 ship so not much to write about.
  4. I would like to know, was this a good review?
  5. Tech Tree Ship Review Tier I UK Cruiser Black Swan "Wargaming, why you take my AP away" "Lifeboats, your gonna need em." Where shall we start, where shall we start, you may be wondering, why am I writing a review about a tin can at Tier I. I am doing this because I find low tiers fascinating. The pew pews that pass for guns, and the AA that has no use. I could go on and on and on. So, where was I, ah yes. The Black Swan, the ship that suffered from the loss of AP, the bote at Tier I that has flak guns. The Black swan is peculiar because it used to shoot AP and has six rapid firing 102 mm pew pews. ARMOR NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE NOPE I WILL SAY ONE MORE TIME NOPE FIREPOWER Mount:102 mm/45 QF Mark XIX Alpha Strike: 750 Hitpoints Initial Velocity: 850 m/ Sec Rate of Fire: 10 Shots a min Max Range: 8.7 km 180° Turn Time: 18 sec Max Dispersion: 80 m Chance of Fire: 6% Traverse Speed: 10° Sec Sigma: 2.00 Shell: HE 35lb Practice There is something interesting about the Black Swan's firepower. The ship used to shoot AP but WG brought down the nerf hammer on them. The 3x2 mounts are the most firepower a ship has at Tier I. It always for funsies when you machine gun a bot or baby seal. Fire chance, meh. But the reload speed of 6 sec is nice. Especially yolo bots at lower tiers. Maneuverability Horsepower:4,300 Max Speed: 19 knots Fast, but not. The Black Swan is not a zoom zoom. You can get where you are going with some ease. Islands is small though. Summary Overpowered
  6. Thanks, that will help.
  7. Hey guys, I am fairly new to the game and have been playing co-op mostly. I am moving into randoms. I have noticed that dispersion against bots is a bit more than it is against humans. Anybody else notice this? It is nice when bots rush into torp range though.