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  1. BitCrushed

    Pensacola vs Dallas

    In Operations, Pensacola is much better than Dallas.
  2. Premium gives +65% XP and +50% credit. So flags are 65% better at earning XP and 50% better at earning credit when you have premium. If you want to see actual numbers, post battle report gives a side by side breakdown of what everything is adding with and without premium. So is it worth it to run flags without premium? That's up to you. For myself, I use MORE economic flags when I have premium time but I also use some when I don't - mostly when I am playing ops where I can expect to have high base values for xp and credits.
  3. Would like a code, please

  4. BitCrushed


    Upper-right "Redeem Wargaming code"
  5. BitCrushed


    Log into your wargaming account to redeem codes: https://na.wargaming.net/shop/redeem/?utm_content=bonus-code Don't know if this code is still good buy you can try it.
  6. BitCrushed

    How to deal with active trolling?

    My game client was unstable for a few days and crashing a lot (reinstallation seems to have fixed it, time will tell). One of the terminal errors happened while I was joining a game. Tried to restart, saw glimpse of battle sky so I knew my ship was in battle, but the game kept crashing. So just waited a while for my ship to return to port and then successfully restarted the game. At port I get a notice of Unsportsmanlike Conduct for being AFK and "Leaving a Battle Early". I was grinding ribbons in coop so I doubt my team cared, I lost a few credits, and I went pink for a while so overall really no bid deal. But I have to ask, how is it even possible to be AFK AND leave a battle early?
  7. BitCrushed

    What typically goes on sale for Black Friday?

    Coupon is good till December 19th so no problem.
  8. BitCrushed

    What typically goes on sale for Black Friday?

    Thanks for the replies. I'm close to having enough coal for a T9 or T10 and was wondering if I should hold off till next month.
  9. Is the annual Black Friday sale usually just for stuff in the Premium Shop or do things like coal ships go on sale in the Armory too?
  10. BitCrushed

    Which Coal ship to buy and Why?

    Which tier will usually net more credits : T9 Premiums or T10 Specials ? Looking here I see T10 specials get a bigger reduction in post-battle service https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Premium_ships So does that offset the greater costs of T10 ships?
  11. BitCrushed

    Changing Captain's Voice

    In Audio Settings set Voiceover Modification to "Standard". Might need to change Voiceover Language to English too.
  12. BitCrushed

    Transformers Event...lucrative

    From all the free containers I got: 3 Megatrons 2 Bumblebees 1 Optimus Prime And a bunch of camos and stuff. All the commanders are just 3pt so no biggie but free is free. Plus it bumped up my commander reserve slots by one, which I think is permanent, so that's cool.
  13. "Potential damage" is all the shells and torps fired at you that missed or didn't do max possible damage.
  14. I spent my free summer tokens on a Santa Crate and got some flags. :P
  15. BitCrushed

    The Ugliest Ship in the Navy

    Myogi needs to keep her deck clear for the used fishing boat lot.