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  1. BitCrushed

    Meme Ready Secondary Ships (Black Friday)

    T9 Premiums will usually net you the most credits per game. T8s are good credit farmers so if you think you'd like playing Mass then get her instead of a T9. Here's a chart someone else made that gets posted to the forums from time to time:
  2. BitCrushed

    New skull camo

    Looks great! I'm almost done with the bxp stage but I'm really not in a hurry since I don't even have NC yet - still only about a third of the way through Colorado.
  3. BitCrushed

    How do you grind coal?

    Get your 3 daily containers and always pick the "more resources" one.
  4. I was thinking in terms of a BB fighting against a BB two tiers higher. But as someone else pointed out, T6 DD vs T8 DD is probably a bigger gap in ability. On top of that there's all those T8 cruisers with radar that the T6 DD will have to face. Then again, anything T3 in a T4 CV match is not going to have a good time. But the OP excluded CVs so I guess that doesn't count.
  5. BB's in general have it tougher than other ship types when bottom tier.
  6. The USS Constitution camo for Colorado is pretty cool
  7. BitCrushed

    Naval Battles dumpster fire.

    Not to mention, a clan will still get a fair amount of oil even if they lose NB.
  8. BitCrushed

    Zeppelins please!

    After zeppelins have been in the game for a year or so WG can start introducing Hybrid Zeppelins
  9. ...that the rentals have allowed me to increase my captain reserve spots to equal my ship slots for free. That means "Two captains for every boat" - The Beach Buoys
  10. BitCrushed

    Personal Challenges"--A SHAME

    No need for a disable switch as the table resets at the end of the week and you have unlimited attempts. If you've already reached your max 510 tokens for the week then completed tasks will just give you 50 coal each.
  11. BitCrushed

    Opened T7 KOTS Crate....

    Bought Lazo for coal mostly because I didn't have any Russian premium ships higher than tier 5. Turns out it's a pretty good ship that I enjoy playing.
  12. BitCrushed

    Personal Challenges"--A SHAME

    The thing about that table that bugs me is that it lists the ship types DD, CA, BB, CV when the Tech Tree and Naval Battles table list the ship types BB, CA, DD, CV. I'm easily annoyed by inconsistent design.
  13. BitCrushed

    Anyone else seeing this? ( SC contents )

    Most recent SC was coal. The one before that was 14 days.
  14. BitCrushed

    PSA: Submarine rentals have moved

    My reserve spots are almost equal to the number of ships I have. You know what that means? "Two captains for every boat" - The Beach Buoys
  15. BitCrushed

    Community Tokens - what to get?

    I only had enough for 1 T5 premium container and they will be gone before I get enough community tokens to buy more. So now, saving up for Leningrad is my next goal. BTW, I got Okhotnik with my 10k which I'm happy about since it's such a unique/weird ship. But getting Exeter would have been funnier.