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  1. BitCrushed

    Best German Premium

    If you're planning to spend doubloons, I would buy one of the T8 ship as the only reliable way to acquire them is with doubloons or $. I have Pommern and it's loads of fun but you can get it for coal.
  2. BitCrushed

    Daily routine

    Cool! My first batch of free Lunar New Year crates got me this: T8 premiums are harder to come by so any of those would have been more desirable but a free premium is a free premium. Also, Huanghe has these silly fat Russian secondaries replacing one of the gun turrets so that's a plus!
  3. I didn't get the last possible free stage as the BXP would have required much more play time than I cared for. Besides, that last stage would have only gotten me a Medium Santa Container which would have just meant a 91% chance of disappointment.
  4. BitCrushed

    It's bad enough in COOP...

    It used to be worse. At least now the bots will occasionally try to avoid ramming.
  5. BitCrushed

    Have ships become too powerful?

    As you go up in tiers, ships' destructive power increases more than their toughness. If you want to play less deadly matches then play lower tiers.
  6. BitCrushed

    WoWS board game

  7. BitCrushed

    The Dockyard Missions Changed Yesterday

    Something happened when they changed those missions to include Blimp Mode as that's when the ship type icons started to disappear. The sub and DD ones disappeared first, then the others. But as said above, the missing icons don't effect the missions, you just have to remember which is which.
  8. BitCrushed

    Happy Login Reward Supercontainer Day!

    7 days of premium. Was down to my last 4 days so it's cool.
  9. BitCrushed

    Prop mod 1 or steering mod 1

    Disappointed to see it modeled so simply, but not surprised. For the ships, I can’t offer power to weight but Akizuki, Buffalo, Lexington, and Iowa all have the same top speed. Carriers don’t have access to prop mod though. Emerald, Ablemarle, and Goliath are also 33 knots, for a comparison of built in acceleration vs the mod. Here ya go: https://shiptool.st/selected?s=JD108AC109AA108&c=top&p=gen
  10. BitCrushed

    I'll just leave this here.

    Ah, got it. I've had games with a lot of supers but only with "normal" CVs in the mix so I've never seen a dump like that.
  11. BitCrushed

    I'll just leave this here.

    Played during non-prime time?
  12. I've been pondering almost the same question : Which tech tree 9 ships are still worth playing in Randoms even after acquiring the tier 10 ship in the line? For well over a year now I've been sitting on two T9 perma camo w/boosts and have been wondering which ships to put them on. I used to have three but immediately put one on Kitakaze which I don't regret at all (I still play Kita and almost never play Harugumo). Five of my lines are at T10 so I could unlock Research Bureau and almost all the others are at T8 so I'll be deciding soon on which ships to put my boosters on. For TT t9s, some good choices are : Kitakaze Fletcher Jutland Mogador But I'm not really sold on any cruisers or battleships yet. For variety's sake I hope to find a t9 CA and/or BB worth putting a booster on but I have my doubts.
  13. BitCrushed


    Any Additional Rewards will disappear as soon as you run out of snowflakes. However, if you get another ship with a snowflake on it, then any extra Additional Rewards you had will reappear and you can use them to clear the flake. As to what happens at the end of the patch, I don't know. I would assume they just go away since I don't recall reading anything saying they do anything other than clear flakes. Edit - more info to speculate on: during the anniversary event I ended up with 1 Addition Reward after I ran out of flakes. This was probably a glitch since it was the first time they had this feature. At the end of the patch I don't think I got anything for it.
  14. BitCrushed

    What's the most toxic ship class?

    Those are ship types, not classes.
  15. Got enough coal to buy Tromp and Napoli.