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  1. Hello @Mademoisail

    I was going to send this to @Hapa_Fodder, but I understand that you are now receiving input.

    Let me first say I love playing World of Warships.  I'm a fan!  I contribute money when I can.  And I'd like to think that my input to @Hapa_Fodder a year + ago led to how the current captain skills organization interface came about.  (Or not, I'm fine with that.)

    Today I'd like to point out a concern w/subs: that being that they seem to be rather indestructible.  I've file-attached a recent game where I hit a bot sub 10 times w/depth charges and it still had plenty of health so I had to ram it for a kill.  

    The fact that that many hits...under water:
    a) didn't result in immediate suface-ing by the sub
    b) didn't outright sink the sub

    doesn't make sense.  

    I play this game not for exact accuracy but at least some semblance of reality.  OK, CV's get a pass...fine.  But now Subs get a pass, too?  Just NO.

    After you review this file, please let me know how I could have:
    a) better countered the sub play
    b) better identified a better attack on a sub

    I greatly appreciate your time and input and look forward to hearing from you,