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  1. For  months now I have complained about not having the After Action Screen from each battle, only about half the time. And I have been told they are working on it.  Well with this new Public test I see what they have been working on a European Road Sign Style of generic symbols that in general only about half of the Europeans understand about half the time.  In other words why try to fix something that they are working hard on to screw up even more.

    Next the dockyard in Public test Shades of Puerto Rico:  With two differences.  1.  This time we get to build not one ship but two a Heavy Cruiser and a BB.  2. This time we get to play one, but only one, of the ships we are building, the Heavy Cruiser, But of course the interesting one, The BB Nope no get to play it.  Like I said shades of Puerto Rico.  This has all the ear marks of another jug [edited] like the Puerto Rico all I feel like saying is we have been there and done that.  Do we really need to do it again?

    I mean with just a little bit of imagination instead of greed the "Dockyard" could be a great idea, and still make them some money without pissing everyone off.  Will time will tell and WG had better be careful.