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  1. Mademoisail

    I Sank a Sub!

    Don't mind me. I'm just lurking to make sure I don't get screenshot and end up in this thread >.>
  2. Mademoisail

    If War Gaming balanced stuff in real life...

    Ok, first off. The picture of the chandelier sits wrong with my soul. *cringe* Second, the stadium picture is a mood, tbh T_T
  3. For  months now I have complained about not having the After Action Screen from each battle, only about half the time. And I have been told they are working on it.  Well with this new Public test I see what they have been working on a European Road Sign Style of generic symbols that in general only about half of the Europeans understand about half the time.  In other words why try to fix something that they are working hard on to screw up even more.

    Next the dockyard in Public test Shades of Puerto Rico:  With two differences.  1.  This time we get to build not one ship but two a Heavy Cruiser and a BB.  2. This time we get to play one, but only one, of the ships we are building, the Heavy Cruiser, But of course the interesting one, The BB Nope no get to play it.  Like I said shades of Puerto Rico.  This has all the ear marks of another jug [edited] like the Puerto Rico all I feel like saying is we have been there and done that.  Do we really need to do it again?

    I mean with just a little bit of imagination instead of greed the "Dockyard" could be a great idea, and still make them some money without pissing everyone off.  Will time will tell and WG had better be careful.

  4. Well earned, @clammboy. I have been seeing a lot of Sinops lately. I like to play Lyon, and I never really have trouble against a Sinop. That is just my experience as someone still relatively new to the game! I am in love the French BBs.
  5. I am on my 10th roll and still no luck. T_T I am counting up my 5's and 10's through containers, though. XD Regardless, CONGRATULATIONS! This is super hype.
  6. Mademoisail

    Just Got A LOT Of Tokens!

    @Ozium That's my luck, too, tbh. T_T I actually got excited when I opened a 15 box LOL Congrats on the tokens, @General_Lee_Miserable
  7. 209 targets hit? BLAPBLAP GGWP o7
  8. Mademoisail

    Eliminating Static Gameplay

    This is my new player perspective, but BBs were the first ships that drew me in BECAUSE they are so tanky. The biggest issue I had when I first started playing I was going straight Leeroy Jenkins into the enemy team. I will say that I try to stay on the longer end of my weapon range because I don't want to get targeted by 5 million people at the same time, but BBs are tanks to me. They have the most armor, huge health pools, and the ability to recover lost HP. I try to use the range on my guns as an indicator of where I should be positioned.
  9. Mademoisail

    I Really Enjoy WOWS

    I feel this on soooo many levels, @Soshi_Sone. I am pretty new to the game, even though I have been in the industry since 2016. This looks like my WoWS learning experience so far, but I am loving every bit of it LOL
  10. Mademoisail

    New NA Community Manager :)

    Thank you thank you, everyone! I am super glad to be here. Also, a most impressive display, @Sovereigndawg!!! o7
  11. Mademoisail

    New NA Community Manager :)

    @JAKeller It's funny you mention that. When I was in school, there was a Bach-Handel festival every year, and it was....not my favorite. I definitely respect it, but I like the classical and romantic periods far more than the baroque. Meaning, Mozart > Vivaldi >:D THANK EVERYONE FOR THE WELCOME. YOU ARE AWESOME PEOPLE.
  12. Mademoisail

    New NA Community Manager :)

    @Admiral_Thrawn_1 I PROMISE NOT TO BREAK ANYTHING (...or too many things ). It is good to meet you! I look forward to seeing some of your artwork on the forums!
  13. Mademoisail

    New NA Community Manager :)

    @ViirtualSenpai Tu parles bien! :) Je te comprend bien. I look forward to working with you, as well! Thank you for the welcome.
  14. Mademoisail

    New NA Community Manager :)

    @Wolfswetpaws Salut! J'ai etudie le francais dupuis 2012? peut etre 2011? J'aime la langue, mais ma grammaire n'est pas bien. XD Merci beacoup et bonne chance a toi, aussi!
  15. Mademoisail

    New NA Community Manager :)

    Cheers, @Capn_Nuggeto7