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  1. Mademoisail

    The New DD line are NOT DESTROYERS

    Do you guys think a buff to the rate of fire would change your opinions about the ship? I know some of you mentioned buffs. How would you buff the ships to make them more viable/dd-like? Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I will be happy to share them with my team!
  2. So, do you think she feels good at Tier 10 or that she is too strong? I know some of you mentioned crawling smoke being a risk at Tier 10 because the enemy team can see a giant cloud moving towards them. However, when you take into consideration you are going to be in a team of people, do you think there's a way to work together to make the ability work?
  3. Mademoisail

    Thunderer and Stalingrad Nerfed Again

    As long as everyone keeps the discussion civil, I am 100% open to hearing all feedback. If you think the Thunderer shouldn't be nerfed--fair. If you think the Thunderer should be nerfed-- also fair. I appreciate the people who go into detail as to WHY they think these things because, at the end of the day, we all belong to the same community. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, everyone! Sail
  4. Mademoisail

    First 100k in Devonshire

    I appreciate the variety of ribbons. You were certainly pulling your weight! Good game.
  5. Mademoisail

    Qualifying still sucks.

    It's interesting seeing how everyone feels about the qualifiers, but I want to ask all of you something because I want to hear your thoughts. I saw someone talk about certain ranks being "bad value" and another person talking about having competitive games. Rather you do or don't like the qualifiers, what is your motivation for playing ranked? Why do you play ranked?
  6. Mademoisail

    Can't carry harder than this :(

    Not y'all having an actual formula for if you carried or not hahaha. That's actually amazing. Carry=2.5x2nd place's score. It reminds me of : Anyway, sorry for the loss, @Happy668. GGs.
  7. I feel this when I play Big Hunt. It's very stress free. :D Avenger, ftw!!
  8. Mademoisail

    Any new maps EVER going to come?

    What types of map locations would you like to see in the future? Also, I know someone specific...(*cough* *cough* KARMAT1KA) who would LOVE more versions of ocean map. :P
  9. Mademoisail

    We Call Him Hawkeye

    Wholesome post with Star Wars references? Y'all the best. <3 Also, ggs, @Snargfargle.
  10. Mademoisail

    Premium Ship Review - Habakkuk

    Excellent insight, as always. LOL We appreciate you, @LittleWhiteMouse! :D
  11. Mademoisail

    Favorite ships

    Richelieu and JB. Hon Hon Hon. I actually really love the Italian BBs, too. So, I am generally interested in carb botes. Tech tree and premiums. :)
  12. Would you please cover the topic, "How to turn your desk into a max chillin', hammock hanger, gaming/streaming station extraordinaire" ? Asking for a friend. ;)
  13. Mademoisail

    Killing the Aurora Supership

    I have killed Aurora once, and I was lucky enough to make it out. My teammates........not so much.
  14. Mademoisail

    New Key Battle Mode a Disappointment

    I feel this. I have been playing Avenger, and the lack of speed boost is a little annoying. I kind of like that the pvp aspect is optional (unless you get attacked first). Going after other players does give you a lot more BP, though, but I like the teamwork aspect of going after Aurora and her minions.
  15. Mademoisail


    Charleston was one of the first ships I played because (as a native South Carolinian) I LOVE Charleston, SC. I like number of guns on the ship, the fire rate, and every time I play it I think of shrimp and grits.