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  1. black_hull4

    "Banzai" Intensifies

    USS Wyoming owns enemies, but... - WoWS Replays (replayswows.com) When brawling in Co-Op I use the Wyoming's A-hull because of its better secondaries. This limits me to 8 heavy AA guns when under air attack. I still managed to get a plane kill, but apparently RNGesus really hated me, because it turned out to be a kamikaze. If you don't believe me, watch the replay provided. Late-game, a plane crashes straight down into my ship. Has anybody else ever seen this before? ♦
  2. black_hull4

    Please unsmite secondaries WG

    Replay? To me it sounds like you just weren't close enough.
  3. The Foreigners tried it...it became a ghost town. Too much tier compression. You though Double CV's at Tier 3 was not fun? Try Tier 3 ships that have to fight jets.
  4. black_hull4

    Game is decided in first 2-4 minutes

    Laughs in HMS Conqueror
  5. black_hull4

    What's the point in playing older lines anymore?

    Bf-109 You stating your opinion [edited]fact is seriously getting on my nerves. What about V-25?
  6. black_hull4

    Skills Change - Returning Player

    Just one thing...you didn't play any games since you came back, did you?
  7. What if we were to combine these ideas? Instead of different torpedoes, manipulate the depth dial You have regular torps, which don't ignore belt protection, can be seen coming earlier, but can hit even shallow draft targets. Deepwater torpedoes, which are hard to see, ignore belt protection, but can't hit certain targets with shallow draft 3-4 meter depth for the deepwater ones
  8. black_hull4

    Ise, divs and matchmaking

    Heck, there are even airfields on some maps, like Neighbors, New Dawn, and Polar. This can be fixed with the Q & E keys.
  9. black_hull4

    The boats we wanted since Beta

    KMS(SMS? looks too modern though) Prinz Eitel Friedrich On the way Additional link: WoWs trailer with Akagi World of Warships Official Open Beta Trailer - YouTube
  10. black_hull4

    Something is wrong with this game

    I say 17" shell = OW
  11. Quote the exact spot in my text where I said that. Then you have not read this forum enough. Fighters will be able to strafe ships in an upcoming patch.
  12. black_hull4

    Nutshell ISE review

    R u sure? Doesn't this apply to all except Scenario forts?
  13. Engines, propellors, and rudders are put on ships for a reason. Am I being insensitive? Possibly, but I have a low regard for any player who thinks their QWEASD keys are too hard.
  14. black_hull4

    CV Bot Accounts

    "Sociopath" is no morals whatsoever.