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  1. black_hull4

    Should DFAA be removed from the game?

    Yes, I always try to support low tier allies with little to no AA with my own. Sometimes I forewarn them before the match starts that they can stay close. Like the Arkansas Beta in a double CV game. Or the Karlsruhe who was the only other player on the team. Or me dropping fighters over a lonesome Viribus Unitis.
  2. black_hull4

    Should DFAA be removed from the game?

    Well, there was this thing:
  3. That's "normal distribution." It's possible to take a stratified random sample and still have it completely skewed if that's what the population is like. There also might be some issues with new players having super high WR because they haven't played enough to balance out their defeats. Chances are they're fighting against bots & other newbs, and without anyone who knows what they're doing...victory is a coin flip at 1-4.
  4. black_hull4

    Subs killed game

    Oh wow I though Dutch cruiser airstrikes killed the game.
  5. black_hull4


    Who's WE? Oh pffft. You're acting like a little...kitten.
  6. black_hull4

    Should DFAA be removed from the game?

    https://youtu.be/HKoEH2R9z90?t=121 gets a game without carriers triple Ise division on the enemy team & every enemy cruiser is Dutch See the problem? I'd very much want to keep DFAA. However, the AA modification in slot 3 needs to be reworked IMO.
  7. Imagine a match where both teams suicide
  8. black_hull4

    The latest Jager nerf

    You are aware that we are talking about an unmodernized 1913 ship at Tier 9 right? I feel like nerfs are a moot point here...
  9. black_hull4

    CV match 5 min ago.

    Laughs in Yamato. And why don't I get the ability to shoot torpedoes out of the water? If torps are equal to planes then I should should have counterplay that caters to my whim, right? /s
  10. black_hull4

    WG Gifts me an Almirante Grau - Almost

    I've been gifted rentals of a Scharnhorst twice Dunkerque thrice Leningrad (didn't like that one) Gallant Prinz Eugen thrice October Revolution An Shan thrice Huang He twice Molotov thrice (REALLY didn't like that one, Wargaming won't take the hint) Arizona twice Duke of York twice Atago Kidd I won't be getting any more rentals of Dunkerque or An Shan, they're both permanently mine now.
  11. black_hull4

    Scenario problem - Hello WG !

    Good soldiers follow orders. So how and why do they still screw up?
  12. black_hull4

    Scenario problem - Hello WG !

    It's still possible. In fact, the first question I ask if we get a full div for Narai is "Does anyone have a Weimar?" The problem is getting a full div in the first place. I dunno, those AI Zerstorers in Dynamo could fly like Su-57s. Not to mention the bombers would cooperate & cross-drop you.
  13. black_hull4


    It's just you.