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  1. 2 days ago I got a pink penalty for inactivity/quitting early as soon as I logged in. I also got a notification about a battle in the Kongo. Except I didn't play any games in Kongo that day. The game supposedly ended at 9:44. I was planning on playing to play a Kongo game, but then I had to exit the queue, after which I shut the game off completely. So how did I get a victory AND a penalty (assuming the penalty had to do something with the Kongo and not the disconnects I had on Tuesday)from a match I never played?
  2. black_hull4

    To Anyone Who Still Thinks CVs Are Balanced

    Nobody in their right mind thinks the current iteration of aircraft carriers is balanced. They're powerful, near omniscient, and can REALLY screw up your game. And there are very specific instances where you can't do ship. That's why I'm a CV main. I will win but never fight, that's the art of war!
  3. black_hull4

    AFK ship on one side in a Ranked battle

    Hell to the no.
  4. black_hull4

    What to see in 2023?

    Bro just play Project Stardust
  5. black_hull4

    BB Kii is in need of upgrade

    And why is that?
  6. black_hull4

    Opinions for a good DD killer.

    Personal favorite? IJN Yubari
  7. I think the HSF ships are the worst of the collab ships since I actually watched part of the anime. Harekaze's A hull is a clone of Kagero with Engine boost in Slot 3 with either Smoke or TRB in Slot 2, and worse rudder shift. Why? The Harekaze had radar & sonar, an advanced "by-wire" steering system, fully automatic twin 5" guns, and a turret traverse system identical to those found on main battle tanks.
  8. black_hull4

    What to see in 2023?

    Give us Big Hunt back for Halloween or April Fools' And I want to see Pan-Europe split into Scandinavia, Balkans, and Baltic States, with the Netherlands & España mixed into the Low Countries & Iberia, respectively. Right now, the chances of seeing Belgian & Portuguese cruisers are slim.
  9. That puts "kill all" in a positive light. But what about if YOU are that one ship left? Capping in Co-Op has saved my aft several times. It would be better if we started out with more points. ♦
  10. That's a better way to describe it that I've tried so far.
  11. You can't hear the ocean on the post-battle screen anyways, so yeah, this is just a troll thread.
  12. black_hull4

    CV BADLY needs ASW

    HE bomb Nuff said. ?! Terrain ships in the ocean? Not sure what you mean here.
  13. black_hull4

    Sub Torps doing S turns?!?!

    They were never acoustic torps... Yes, well done, because predictable games are lame. Chaos is a ladder to victory. (Shut up Slaanesh )
  14. black_hull4

    AA needs to be wound back tier 8 and above.

    Not quite. It's worse than that, you get unsporting conduct for not doing any damage with aircraft. So if you're in a Graf Zeppelin...
  15. black_hull4

    Personal challenges for Narai

    I think you forgot Yorck & Weimar...that's Plutonium coming right up...