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  1. CaptainKevlar

    Ohio or steel

    I did the RP grind to get her, and I love the ship.........I just don't think she is that much better than the Montana that I would (in retrospect) do it again. The Ohio is still a favorite of mine - but the secondaries in todays meta are not a factor, and for me it's so hard to make use of her firepower at range with the EXCEPTIONALLY slow shells. Still play her, still love her......just wouldn't strongly recommend her right now IMHO.
  2. CaptainKevlar

    G.O.A.T. Ship

    Bismarck (three years ago)........the original secondaries fun factory! Right now, love the Slava (excpet for the instant hate the ship gets in Randoms), the Montana is still amazing, and adore the Agincourt at tier V.
  3. CaptainKevlar

    W.O.A.T. Ship

    My vote is for the Pyotr Bagration (Soviet premium cruiser)..........the poster child for non Russian bias! LOL I sneezed playing it and Citadeled myself! LOL
  4. CaptainKevlar

    What BB line should i grind?

    The only problem with that, is that they (from what I have heard) are pretty awful except for the Conqueror. Maybe that's not true (again, not first hand experience), but other lines are similar - where its a REAL grind with consecutive poor performing ships (the US and Soviet lines have IMHO pretty weak mid tier ships).
  5. Great stories, thanks for the post! I had three friendly DD's (in three different matches) appear out of nowhere when I was getting absolutely set on fire in a BB, and smoke me up - saving my bacon!! I may have been just a tad bit over-extended LOL! I absolutely live for the team aspect of this game - there are some great players and awesome people out there! All the best, kev
  6. I have to believe that some of the WR struggles people have had recently is due to the meta changing (speaking from my point of view). Being a BB main now is not a very happy place to be. I was pretty steadily improving since I started in the spring of 2020, only to absolutely tank the past several months. I love the Iowa, but facing 4 or 5 DD's, submarines and superships (facing the uptiered matches tier 9's face now) would lead to very depressing losing streaks. I am there now myself. Love the game, and I know we as players need to adapt - but some BB's are becoming unplayable IMHO. The Bismarck is a prime example. And I realize we all play to have fun, but it's more fun to be successful than to be hammered every match. Wishing everyone a great summer, kev
  7. CaptainKevlar

    Does Ahskance Even Read The Forums?

    @Ahskance I just wanted to compliment you on the job you do, thank you so much. I have not had many interactions with you, but they have all been extremely helpful, and added to my enjoyment of this game! Have a great weekend, and again thanks for all you do! kev
  8. CaptainKevlar

    Still enjoying this game?

    Same boat here (no pun intended)............ I was working really hard to better my WR, just a pride thing I guess (I am fully aware it is a game LOL), but the recent changes have really made the experience less than enjoyable for sure. Winning isn't everything, but going from 50% + WR to 30% makes a Colonoscopy seem like more fun.
  9. CaptainKevlar

    Map / Mode Question........

    Thanks - I guess I should learn how to play them effectively then!! (no kidding, I had absolutely no clue what I was doing in that match)
  10. CaptainKevlar

    Map / Mode Question........

    Thanks for the reply and information! Is Arms Race randomly occurring within Random matches, or is it something I mistakenly selected? Have a great week, best of luck in the future! kev
  11. CaptainKevlar

    Map / Mode Question........

    All: My apologies for the probably stupid question. I play all random matches, but yesterday got into a match (by accident, or mis-clicking?) with small capture zones with (+) symbols in them? I have searched the forum for information and can't seem to find anything. Is this a 11.4 update thing, or something else? You wouldn't expect a question like this from someone who has been playing a while I know (sorry).......any help would be appreciated. And are there any instructional threads regarding how to play this map / mode? Thanks in advance, kev
  12. CaptainKevlar

    Riding on the struggle bus...........

    Would appreciate the opportunity, I will do that! Thanks again!
  13. CaptainKevlar

    Riding on the struggle bus...........

    But you can't go into a random match as a Potato in a DD - that would not be tolerated in this establishment! LOL
  14. CaptainKevlar

    Riding on the struggle bus...........

    I do - if you can position well, this ship is a blast to play (but those turret rotation speeds!! ughhhhh)
  15. CaptainKevlar

    Riding on the struggle bus...........

    That made me actually LOL........needed that on a Monday!