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  1. krustykat

    Trolled by RNG

    That's great. Has a 80's new wave vibe to it. The Cure comes to mind.
  2. krustykat

    PSA: Opt In Mission & Free Stuff

    Thank you.
  3. krustykat

    Check your EMAIL! (Bonus Codes)

    Thanks for sharing.
  4. krustykat

    Smoke mechanics

    I have question on smoke mechanics. The other day in battle, I was in my Benson and undetected. Nearby, was a Pommern being focused on by three ships and at about 50% hp left. So, I thought I would do him a favor and set a smoke screen for him. As I was doing this, I notice in chat that the Pommern said to me "do not smoke me." I didn't notice till after I laid the smoke. I wasn't planning on staying in the smoke myself and was going to continue spotting. The Pommern captain in chat nicely said "you do not smoke BB's, we can't see anything while in smoke. Cruisers you can smoke but not BB's." He said it was a nice thought though. The next day in battle, a heavily focused on BB asks for me to set a smoke screen. The question is, do you set smoke screens for BB's? Or, Does depend on the situation?
  5. krustykat

    Need help understanding caps

    That explains what happened then. I did not know the nuances of the one base per team and the fact that the first team that caps the other teams base wins irregardless of score, ships left in play, and so on. Now I know how that works after about 3000 battles. Thanks to all for your help in making me understand this, and i apologize to my teammates for dropping the ball.
  6. krustykat

    Need help understanding caps

    The other team hadn't capped yet and the score was something like 400 to 300, and yet the game ended in defeat. I wasn't chasing more damage just trying to disrupt the capping of our base. The end result was my fault, my team knew that, the other team knew. I am trying to learn from my mistake on why this happened.
  7. I was just in a battle in my tier 4 DD. Our team was up on points by maybe 100 or so and 7 minutes remaining. There was myself, another DD, and a cruiser on our team. Other team had a cruiser, a BB and cv left. They were capping our base uncontested, and me and the cruiser were capping their base uncontested and our other DD was chasing a cv and eventually sinking him. I thought I would leave the cruiser behind to finish capping and go to our base to disrupt the capping of it. Lo and behold, I guess that was the wrong thing to do. As I am about to our base, the cruiser in chat says "thanks for leaving the base, you just lost us the game." And someone from the red team said the same thing. Sure enough, we lost the game while we were ahead on points with two dd's and a cruiser and the reds had a cruiser and BB with 7 minutes left. Can someone make sense of this for me? Had I known I would have just stayed behind, which is what I should have done anyway since we were up on points and trading capped bases.