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  1. Iron_Harvest

    IS WOW trying to piss off players

    Curious when you mention 'nerfed armor' and people 'crying about' that ship in question. Which nerf or nerfs are you referencing? Curious so I can more fully understand your stance and point of view. Thanks.
  2. A Ban, rather than a limiting of Graf Spee, just to have two CVs? Seems a bit odd friends. Rather see a limit on the Graf to 1 and of course...a single CV. Modules being what they are, it is hard to make effective full AA builds on warships at this tier. T9/T10 you can of course choose the 6th slot to help out against air power. But that isn't an option elsewhere. Side note...perhaps let all tiers have access to all module spots. Would make up-tiers a little easier. Anyway, to the subject at hand here...with skills and builds limited to deal with Air...including two CVs is a poor choice in my calculation. Odds are we will, as many have suggested, see many smoking CA and DDs as well. Radar not being something to spoil the day. So the way most will be forced to play is to chain smokes together. Not certain how they expected this to go to be honest. Seems a little tone deaf on WG part. The player base, grumpy as always, hates CVs. Thank goodness the rockets got nerfed. Any little bit helps I suppose. Why then would you (WG) force those who desire steel or a competitive setting (based on their skill and league etc) to play against a class which is so unpopular. The number of surface ships needed to make a 'workable' AA bubble is simply too high in many cases. These air threats (aeroplanes) that are 'balanced' for randoms...which have an increased number of AA guns statistically...since...you know...there are more ships. Don't function in the same way when there is half as many ships in play. It honestly messes with balancing and I don't think that logic should escape anyone. So...with one CV we know their planes will (or should statistically) last longer. As the total damage output of AA is less. Which means CVs are strong out of the gate in a CB/Ranked scenario. Okay. We can understand this much. Now we get two...which means resets on caps. Something that CVs can do early game, can be done both sides. In theory of course. We know that it doesn't 'always work.' So now we get a good amount of cap control in the form of resets...unless we have sneaky smokes going up from DDs. That's it own thing. But then we get to things like Cross-Torp(ing) etc. Solo warships left alone won't have a great time. I assure you WG...if you are reading this...I would want to pay a little more attention to the pulse of the player base. Secondary Changes announced today were nice. A step in the right direction. But there are fields which just fall short. Like...Siegfried Secondary Guns...RIP...and of course...as above and in this whole thread...double CV. Hide in smoke friends, never leave them, for from above there can only come...thunder. There concludes my overly composed thoughts on why this was a bad idea...