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  1. TinCanMan_

    Research Bureau Season

    Thanks all. Much appreciated.
  2. TinCanMan_

    Research Bureau Season

    Yes, I have the same thing. I don't see the season dates listed in the red box.
  3. TinCanMan_

    Research Bureau Season

    Thanks for this note. How are the bonuses delivered as more RB for the grind, lower price, ?????? I'm gonna grind now, because its a long way to my objective, the Ohio. Wondering if your advice mean wait on buying it or have a line standing by that I want to grind in September?
  4. TinCanMan_

    Research Bureau Season

    Thanks. I've looked for that text before and do not see it. At the bottom of my lines I have the #2 symbol and underneath that I have a Resetting progress paragraph and a detail button beneath that. Any more detailed guidance on where to look is appreciated. Thanks.
  5. TinCanMan_

    Research Bureau Season

    Today is (I think) the first day of a new "season" for research. Where can I confirm those dates and what happens to a line that you are a few thousand points away from completing. Do the 2x bonuses go away? Thanks.
  6. TinCanMan_

    Salty Player shoots me

    I had a break in play and this is a fairly new account. That said, I've probably played over 8,000 games in a dd. The previous player is right, road rage comes with the territory. However, I would like to share that the Myoko player is in the top 2 of all time A__holes! In 8,000 games, I've been raged at probably 100 times and TK'd maybe 5 times. Generally, its just one shot to coerce me to move or rubbing paint to let me know they really are mad. I could only watch it one time before it kept freezing before the game even began. If I hadn't been glancing at chat, I wouldn't even have noticed his first comment and it didn't jump out in yellow letters that it was directed at you. The shots are coming out of the blue and I can tell they shook you up. They would startle me as well. You 1. Achieved a cap 2. Were still alive at the 15 minute mark 3. Had a chance to ambush the Atlanta I've only sent a replay in once. You get an automated replay that their process is automated and truthfully, I respect that. This "unicum" player has already settled into the very good status out of less than 800 games. I suspect he may soon even start another account. Perhaps his commander will be able to read this thread and see how many people agree that he is out of control. If he marks me for "death". So be it.
  7. The Georgia is fun but only 6 guns, want more. :-)
  8. Yes, Your right I wanted to compare the other two against a Yama with the upgrade instead of without the upgrade.
  9. So....I'm grinding away and Research Points are awfully hard to come by. I don't want to misspend them. Which of these ships is the most fun to play? Any comment on best value also welcome. Thanks in advance.
  10. My guess is somewhere around the mid 1990s. She could have been retrofitted and used in the 1990s just like the Missouri. I think, however, you would have to find a country willing to pay for her upkeep and, and interested in projecting power.
  11. TinCanMan_

    How to get Slava or Ohio

    Well here is a new twist... The upcoming Kansas and Vermont have caught my eye. I wonder if I can reset my Montana line and get full RB credit while heading for Vermont instead of the Montana. I understand they will be released as a branch to the existing US BB line. I just glanced at a YouTube but it looks like the Vermont may be better than the Ohio.
  12. TinCanMan_

    How to get Slava or Ohio

    Is the 10,000 point bonus a one time deal for starting in the RB or do you get it every time you unlock a line? Thanks gents.
  13. I'd like to play a Slava or Ohio. Do I have to reset a line or lines 5+ times to earn the research points necessary?
  14. TinCanMan_

    Richelieu Secondaries

    The thing about wanting to miss the citadel with secondaries is a great point. I started down this line because the Republic just ate me up with secondaries in just seconds. So far, the grind has been fun. Thinking about the Normandie for Clan wars. I think BBs used to be able to take IFHE or maybe it was just dds and cruisers. I would try it but not a choice.
  15. TinCanMan_

    Richelieu Secondaries

    hmmm, I'm learning. If I use the manual selection of secondaries does that effect my accuracies out to 10.5 Kms?