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  1. Noticed this this morning, an interview with Alex Polowin published today - at 98 years of age the last surviving crew member of HMCS Huron. He was onboard for the sinking of the Scharnhorst and for D-Day. https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/maple-leaf/rcn/2022/06/d-day-veteran-recounts-wartime-experiences-to-school-children.html
  2. Riminisky

    How To Use Italian Destroyers?

    I find that they alternate between ambush and the long game. Ambush is complicated by the horrible detection range, so can be a bit hit and miss. Smoking up to fire works well, with the idea of letting someone else’s spotting turn things into a lop sided engagement. The Torps on the T9/10 botes have a nice range and are great for attrition as opposed to rushing in. The Regelo can actually stay out of radar and float them in against choke points and campers at a decent rate. I tried the rushing thing in my first game, and seldom since. The slow Torps mean it’s too easy to manoeuvre for most targets, and the 3.7 km gun bloom in smoke means that if you use it on the run in you will set yourself up to be fired on sooner than you want. So play long, smoke often, torp constantly. Ambush when able.
  3. Riminisky

    My conundrum...

    I picked up Incomparable. I have Thunderer. They are in no way similar in play style. The large light cruiser description for Incomparable has its merits. Abuse the 10.6 km spotting, show up and waste something, go dark and slink off for the next 2-3 volley kill. It’s a question of play style if it appeals to you, but do not rule it out on the strength of having Thunderer. Similarity I wouldn’t see the Shikashima ruling it out either, the turret rotation, speed, acceleration and Torps put it in a very different league - along with that 10.6km spotting of course. It does encourage a real respect for situational awareness though to set up the conditions for success.
  4. Riminisky

    Italian Destroyers are absolutely unplayable

    I got lucky and the Adriatico dropped early in a bundle. I truly enjoyed taking her thru to the A Regolo and found that she did quite well. The Regelo also has turned out to be a fun ship and gets picked up for NBs when the Italian DDs get the X2 scores. The line requires patience, a high skilled commander (point wise) and the smoke upgrade. Sansonetti stacks well with these DDs due to the range buff after a kill and the consumable bonuses after 100 main battery hits. Torps are not to be ignored, but are the far and slow type to shut down areas. The smoke allows the guns to rock, but you need a spotter to do so. When you flush out a DD and the DD fires back, smoke up and carry on. A tactic that only works in the call a friend moments for spotting, I’ve enjoyed the line, but it’s definitely not a flexible lone wolf DD. Not sure that it needs a buff though.
  5. Riminisky

    Siegfried Worth It?

    Agir’s secondaries were 5.3 vs Siegfried’s 7.6 once upon a time, but now both are a base 8.0. Agir also has two more turrets than Siegfried, so now is actually a better secondary cruiser. That said, agree that neither get much from this. Siegfried’s accurate 380’s are where the ship’s distinguishing feature is. If you can aim, they will hit. They are rather funny on broadside cruisers due to the multiple hits that tend to happen. The problem being is that if the target is able to bow in, and it has 27mm or more of armour - Siegfried is at a real disadvantage due to the base 26 second reload with four guns forwards. So the Siegfried thrives on chaos and opportunity to take the shot on advantageous targets over attrition. LWM did a review awhile back, pre-rework (below).
  6. Riminisky

    Why is the Neptune so bad?

    Sure - it was a loss, placed 2nd though and managed to get the Schlieffen that got me down to under 2K after 34 K damage before I went under. The kill was 40K on a GK. I was one of the few T9s in the game, was also fighting a Salem, Marseilles, Kremlin and Yami on my flank. Yami was constantly torping my smoke, and I spotted 58 torps as a result. Took 77K damage before succumbing (including 3 torps). Last ship to die on our side was the Neptune - leaving a Stalin and Conquerer still floating. Do not write it off.
  7. Riminisky

    Why is the Neptune so bad?

    I enjoyed the Neptune, I ended up with a 59% WR over 49 battles - which is about 10% more than my T9 average 9 (and slightly better than Leander and Fiji). That said, you have to play it in its niche and prioritize cap control support to get the wins. My destruction ratio was 1.28 by doing so with over 50% survival. Its a play style issue, as yes - spotted is quite often dead unless there are other things to occupy the shooters. Going to have to fire it up again and see.....
  8. Riminisky

    Agincourt: Worth it or don't bother?

    LWM did the following review I picked it up when it first came out and it has benefitted from the Captain rework in that another tech tree DD captain moon lights as Agincourts 21 pointer. With that Agincourt rips and burns, under the right conditions. It’s not a great Tanky BB and can quickly pack it in. The speed means that sometimes it can be a challenge to set up the encounter correctly. But it does get krakens when it comes together and you can manage the map.
  9. Riminisky

    Daring vs Vampire II

    The core difference is the hydro range (V2 5.0 ships vs 3.0 Daring) and the V2 Crawling Smoke vs Daring Short Duration Smoke. Add in the Daring has heals while V2 does not (as you said) and V2 has slightly faster guns (2.5 base vs 2.8). V2 also has speed boost. So the play styles are really different. V2 does really well in caps and if there is no radar present as it really wants to sit in its smoke and shoot things, trouble is it has to stay at 1/4 speed or it outruns it - and the smoke follows it for quite a while once activated. The Daring gets a lot of smoke chances and can give any of them up without remorse and run. I have outgunned three DDs in a V2 at the same time in close range smoke - think a cross between a Haida and a Z-46 given the better hydro (not quite Z-52). That said, radar cruisers and radar DDs are the bane of the V2. However you can gunfight the DDs if pressed to - but without a heal things are going to be very sneaky after that. i like the V2, but seem to do better in Daring. And for some reason better still in Druid - although that bote has a lot of situational issues.
  10. Riminisky

    Carnot Tips?

    Running it with the BBs at the start, even slightly behind sometimes. Trying to stay alive until things open up a bit, the using the speed to reposition and try and take advantage of opportunities to get in some broadside AP. AP can work well at the start as well when folks may sail parallel but HE quickly becomes useful again until things thin out. The armour is not bad, but still needs to be played as a cruiser when BBs are around - although tankier than a cruiser if you don’t turn. 20 games so far, with a 65% WR. Which is my best for T9 CAs. Some of that is the usefulness of HE for deleting or really damaging DDs in that first third of the match I think. The HE rounds are fast (905 m/s) - so better than Alaska or Agir, and not far behind Kronshtadt (920). So they handle nicely. AP outshines them though - if you can set the circumstances.
  11. Riminisky

    Turtle Ship in the Armory

    I have and like the Chung Mu. It’s a very interesting DD to play given the challenge in dealing with other DDs with guns alone but the extra something in the Torps for all else. That said - having some issues over the idea of installing lumber over the Chung Mu (Fletcher) classic looks. If it appeals to you, then go for it. But it really warps reality in a way that I have yet to come to terms with. Then again - it’s cleaner than Rogue Wave…..
  12. Riminisky

    torn about coal ships

    Preference is a large part of it. If you like DDs I would not discount the Neustashimy (cost notwithstanding) as an option. It gives a unique play style withe the superheal. Napoli is also unique. Marceau a bit less so, but still potent. Do not overlook Salem, the heal distinguishes it from the DM, but as you already observed it is a side grade. if you are into CB then Moskva is very useful as the non Petro CA.
  13. Riminisky

    WoWS on Mac (Boot Camp)

    Not using Boot Camp, but have subscribed to NVIDIA GeForce Now which works really well for gaming WOWs in the cloud. Worth a look to see if it’s worth it to you.
  14. Riminisky

    USS Kidd/Fletcher Model Error

    Interesting point. Went and had a look at USN turrets and found interesting data in the attached two websites. http://www.navweaps.com/Weapons/WNUS_5-38_mk12.php https://maritime.org/doc/guncat/index.htm (schematics of every variant of the mk 30 turret can be found in this doc) Fletchers apparently used a variety of Mk 30 turrets, not just the mod 0 referred to in the WOWs wiki. The Kidd had two different types of Mk 30 turrets according to some sources withe fore and aft turrets being different than the other three. Regrettably I have not been able to pin down which mod we are talking about. Good eye though, and it was fascinating to try and figure out why. I think WG went for a generic Mk 30 enclosed mount, like the Mod 0, and used it in all positions.
  15. For a slightly different slant on “Unicom” have a look at this wiki entry for a Hungarian liquor https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unicum It supposedly got its name from the Emporer’s excalmation upon tasting - Das ist ein Unikum, or that is unique. Unicom is described as “so bitter that it is an acquired taste” (and yes I have routinely tasted due to family connections in Hungary). That description seems to fit the OP synopsis on Unicom players - the bitter parts.