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  1. The Smaland problem is what happens immediately after you are spotted and engage the opposing DD. It’s hard to get the kill and get away with much health remaining as you have no smoke cloak on demand and either have to wait out the 20 seconds of incoming hatred or have set or a really good situation (terrain masking or borrowed smoke). This tends to drive damage down as it is also not a great farmer of CAs. But a great DD assassin. your experience may vary…..
  2. It’s 10 second base - you can shift that up to a bit more than 13 seconds with the right builds.
  3. A few things need clarification from your post, First - Smaland does not have smoke. Second - Black radar is 19 second base, vs 10 seconds for the new Euro DDs. Given the slower ROF for the Euros over the Black the impact will not be the same, nor will there be a spotting advantage for other ships given how fast that 10 seconds will go by. Third - the euros have 9 km radar not 10 km. Fourth - Ragnar has a nasty 30 second radar, which puts it in CL radar class in terms of duration and works very well at spotting for team mates. So not all issues are equal, looking forwards to playing the new Euros and seeing how they pan out.
  4. Riminisky

    The Watchful skill for submarines

    It shows that some detection devices are active, which could detect you if you changed your depth. For instance if you are submerged and there is a radar operating it that would detect you if you rose to periscope depth or surface - or if you are on the surface and sub detect is active, or you are deep (60m) and hydro is in range. It basically tells you stay we’re you are or get detected. It does not provide warning of visual detection however. Takes a while to get back handle on, but very good information to have.
  5. Riminisky

    Illinois or Colbert

    It’s a hard choice - I ended up going with the Colbert and have not regretted it at all, but….. Colbert blows up real good at times. A couple of times I have stretched at the start to try and help DDs and it does not always go well. If you survive a bad moment the heals can stack up nicely to get you back into the game. So far the win rate is 67% in 15 games, so aways to go to establishing a definite trend - but it can be an influential ship. That said it was not an easy choice going in. Illinois is an interesting ship - but my thought was that BB handling, ÇA guns and BB(-) health might not be my 1st choice. Colbert edged it out as I enjoy Austin, Plymouth, Brisbane and some of the other CLs and do better in them than BBs. So part it is what is your play style?
  6. Riminisky

    Is the Velos DD worth getting,? Anyone in the know?

    It’s a different Fletcher. You have better frontal DPM when you can only bring two guns to beat by a comfortable margin (30% more) and the faster means that the Velos four guns are still 5% better than the Fletcher’s five if all guns bear. So if you build into guns you can be nasty. The Östergötland has better DPM though, but this is about 3% better - although with better ballistics at range than Velos/Fletcher. As said, the torps are a single rack. But a fast reload and hard hitting in comparison to Östergötland. They work well with RPF to allow for saturating smoke clouds. The smoke is nice on a Euro DD, but the same as Fletcher. I do not find myself reaching for her when I play very much. I have Black which is a very different play style and Velos is just a slightly different Fletcher, more “gunny” less “torpy” - but not Kita by any means. All of this puts me in line with MidnightPhoenix07’s view on the Velos.
  7. Bait & switch defined….. Win a Belfast! Scurry to read post….. Win a Belfast ‘43! Still generous - but the let down is palatable. But it did make me smile…..
  8. For the Halland you give up other Lot 6 options - one of which is the15% faster torpedo reload that goes so well with fast low damage torpedoes. So the question lies in the trade off. With the Groz you can take the UU and have a better reload than the normal MBM3 choice - but they needed to put some penalties into the UU to balance it somehow. The Venezia gives up concealment to get its UU and more smoke. Again the penalty is in the trade.
  9. Riminisky

    How to buy enterprise?

    The last time it was available was in the 2022 Santa’s Containers, see…. https://worldofwarships.com/en/news/sales-and-events/santas-gifts-in-the-armory/ the Enterprise was one of the rare ships. So the odds are very low of getting it. There is no direct purchase at the moment.
  10. If you go to the ships/vacant slots gears icon at the bottom right (above the carousal) you can click on it to change came displays. A box called additional content pops up. Select Special Ships, then Decorative Camo. When Decorative Camo is turned off then the B Brand ship will have the default camo normally supplied with the associated non-B premium. You can not get an alternative palate though - just the stock standard one or the B camo.
  11. Riminisky

    Everyone talks Tactics, but no one talks Strategy…

    I noticed that invocation of grand tactics, operational and strategic in this discussion. I would like to bring in Capt (ret'd) Hughes Fleet Tactics to the discussion. The USNI link here ( https://www.usni.org/magazines/proceedings/2020/may/guide-reading-fleet-tactics ) talks about his books and summarizes some of his thinking. As said by others, WOWs is a game and not a naval simulation. But there are elements of some of Hughes insights that are applicable in WoWs. Especially in the areas of firepower and scouting and the advantages of overwhelming advantage in an engagement. While I agree of the disproportionate advantage posed by cross fires the issue becomes bringing them into effective use - which can be easier in clan battles than ranked due to comms as some have already addressed.
  12. Riminisky

    Question about Ricochet

    There is also the issue of the waterline icebreaker on the Petro. I think it is 40mm, which cannot be overmatched if you can shooting at the waterline and suffer that ricochet angle.
  13. Riminisky

    Is an Ägir worth 1M FXP?

    If you consider that a reset of a tech tree for 677K free exp only can net you at best 20400 RB points with a double reset and T9 ships (like the SIEGFREID) clock in at 46,000 points then yes AGIR is a good deal compared to that route. However, if you are swimming in COAL the equation may change.
  14. Riminisky

    Research Bureau Ships

    Agree that Druid is situational - but that is actually the fun of the ship, trying to set up the situations were it dominates and avoiding those where it is at a disadvantage. I did not build for the range/farming but more the overwhelming close battle and quick smoke flank engagements. A certain amount of time can be set silent as folks try and figure out where you are or react to other things only to find you slamming round after round into them from their flank. Admittedly it does not always work - but has a charm of its own when (if) it does.
  15. Riminisky

    Combat Scout???

    Picked it up four times - the latest being in a Velos DD (T9) during randoms. A lot of up close and personal time with the Red team.