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    Premium Ship Review - Z-35

    I picked up the Z-35 last week - and would agree with the Gudbote assessment. I may also be demonstrating aspects of the difficult skill floor with my WR at the moment. When the stars align, it can really carry and at other times it falls apart fast. I find that in games which have only the two bases and not the caps it tends to flounder a bit. It does not do well in meeting other DDs in the open spaces. It also suffers when alone, as suddenly finding that there are no spotters about can become a self inflicted smoke blindfold as opposed to a cozy place to rain death from. I've had other DDs in random dart into my smoke, rather than spot on some occasions. Better communications would probably have sorted that out. The short range torps force interesting choices, and picking very deliberate engagements have resulted in dead BBs if they are isolated. So patience is a driver requirement. The range does not allow a lot of back and forth between torps and guns which the other KM DDs can play with throughout the match. Its especially hard if too much damage occurs early, as moving into a stealthy torp mode and fighting on is not a viable option. That said, when the situation can be controlled the Z-35 is a demon. I just need to get better at controlling this demon. Have run the KM DD line up to Z-52, as well as the T-61 and Z-39 (So KM bias declared). The Z-35 is an interesting addition and I described it as a beast in one game chat after ripping apart a Tirpitz followed by a cruiser a while later. Enjoyed the review - and thanks for the analysis Mouse. Have already adjusted the aiming system for main battery 2 mod as you suggested to see if it helps having to hold a broadside and slug things to death through shear force of HP dominance.