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  1. Danzeal

    Santa's Mega container

    You aren't wrong, but I'm pretty sure the OP was still referring to the Ark Royal that he got.
  2. Danzeal

    Repulse missions?

    I believe it's been stated that they will be released 2 weeks after the patch dropped.
  3. Danzeal

    Secret Santa 2021!

    Thanks, Bud. Somebody make sure to take care of @Cobarus too!
  4. Danzeal

    Secret Santa 2021!

    I think I got skipped and someone got double gifted. Not upset because it is about giving, but I suggest moving forward that you tag whoever you gifted. GL everyone!
  5. Danzeal

    Secret Santa 2021!

    Happy Hollidays, @Ashy_GB Good luck!
  6. Danzeal

    Santa Crates Pricing Revealed

  7. Danzeal

    Santa Crates Pricing Revealed

    AFAIK... we only knew what the price in certificates was. Monetary value was speculative based off of previous years.
  8. https://asia.wargaming.net/shop/wows/filters/?name=santa Prices are on the Asia server as of now.
  9. Danzeal

    PSA So Santa Crates are out tomorrow let's talk.

    Have they released the pricing yet? I don't see it on the Asia server yet.
  10. Danzeal

    USS Black No longer Available, Steel ship

    I still say that Black Friday would have been the perfect opportunity to re-release it with a Black B version. I can't speak for everyone, but I know that I would have opened my wallet for a black Black!
  11. Danzeal


    https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Ship:Collections Only the collections marked subscription can be obtained randomly through daily containers. You can only collect items for one subscription at a time this way. You need to make sure one of the subscription collections has the "collecting" toggle switched on.
  12. I spam Narai with Atlanta all the time. You just pay 75k credits to re-enter. Now, if you're touting the fact that it saves you an extra 75k credits, then I can't disagree. However, that is certainly not worth having an analogue ship in your port. Just my opinion.