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  1. Mordt

    Need more achievements

    I Meant To Do That: Get a hit on a ship that you weren’t aiming at. Wait, What?: Sink a ship that hasn’t been detected for 2 minutes with torpedoes. Yes, No, Maybe: Back in and out of a cap 3 times. Indecisive: Track 5 different ships in 30 seconds. Gas Is Expensive: Never go over 3/4 your speed for an entire battle. Punching Back: Deal twice as much damage to someone then they just dealt you. There Is No Overkill: Hit one ship with all of your torpedoes or main guns within 10 seconds. Saved By The Bell: Win the game with less than 50 points difference when time runs out.
  2. Mordt

    Storms are fun

    One time I actually did this for a short while. Even got hits on the ship I was aiming at. Gotta say, no HUD while playing as cv makes you really appreciate the graphics team.
  3. I think #4 would change everything. I was actually thinking earlier that there could be something like manual secondary aiming, select a target, and the fighters latch on 50% quicker or start tracking the red planes 7km out.
  4. You are correct. I don’t want accurate main guns. I want guns that don’t troll me every chance they get. So I decided to put ASM1 on, and I’m still brawling every chance I get. A large part of why I put ASM1 on uptiering. It’s awesome to lord your secondaries over a T6, but there isn’t much purpose when I’m going up against Schleiffens and Pommerns. When I get better at positioning, I’ll do a full secondary build. Thanks all for responding.
  5. So you're saying that if there's a circle that's a 100 meters wide, then ASM1 will take off, not 7 meters, but 14 meters in max dispersion? Ditto. I love the secondary build too. It's just I hate being constantly trolled by the dispersion anywhere past 11km. And then when I do hit, it's a bloody overpen while shooting at a freaking bowtanking cruiser. no kidding. this actually happened to me. though there was one game where a Cherbourg decided to sit broadside from me for a minute. that was fun. I'm sure there's a logical explanation, but it starts making me want tear my hair out and throw my computer through the window.
  6. Is the 7% gain in main gun dispersion worth the 15% decrease in range and dispersion in the secondaries? I was also wondering how much the 7% difference actually changes the aiming oval? Since specifics matter, I’m talking about the Bismarck in particular, entire T7+ KM BB line in general.
  7. Mordt

    damage con needs review.

    Actually, this would be a cool, separate from DCP,consumable. Maybe a 1 minute action time, and a 2 minute reload time. Everyone has this except cv’s. Similar the sonobouys someone mentioned.
  8. Mordt

    Older lines were much more enjoyable to grind through

    I don’t think it could be called P2W. Because there’s stuff locked behind playwalls. Maybe Pay to get Ahead.
  9. Can someone explain to me how resetting happens? I understand what it is, just not how it happens.
  10. Is there a mod or setting that shows the distance of the ship that you’re locked onto somewhere on the hud? I know it shows the distance of a ship right above the ship, but sometimes I can’t tell wether the distance is, say, 6.6km or 6.8km( I’m playing on a laptop, not a monitor)when I’m scoped out. I also know I could just scope in to see the distance, but I don’t won’t have to semi-constantly be scoped in just see the distance. Not a big deal if there isn’t something.
  11. Mordt

    Hipper Commander skills

    Thanks all for responding.
  12. Mordt

    Hipper Commander skills

    I’m redistributing my Hipper’s commander skills and I have 4 points left. So I was wondering which skill is the best option out of Top Grade Gunner Outnumbered AA Defense and ASW Expert I had CE before I redistributed but I decided to put the concealment module on, and I think that 4 points would be put to better use. On a side note, why is IFHE a 4-point skill for cruisers, but a 2-point skill for BB’s?
  13. Mordt

    Getting Economic Bonuses

    Not really. I figured you could get them there but wasn’t sure.
  14. It seems like the lvl 1 bonuses are relatively easy to get. But what about the higher bonuses? I presume you can get them from the armory or from completing missions, but want to make sure. Thanks in advance.
  15. 1BILLION?! I was content to get 9 million.