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  1. Mordt

    End of the Forum

    Well, nice knowing you guys. Gonna wake up to a locked forum tomorrow. I’m going to miss the random memes, the advice, the random history, the outright trolling. Hope to see you guys another place, another day. Bravo 6, going dark.
  2. Nah, I get where you’re coming from. I have similar sentiments pretty often, so no worries.
  3. Hey! I’m Gen Z! Thanks a bunch “friend”… I mean, you’re not completely wrong or anything, but ouch, that hurts. Just trolling you, I’ve completely accepted myself as a, what was it, oh yes, easily molded pimple popper. Man, no sympathy whatsoever.
  4. Mordt


    Goddamnit I’m out of reactions again.
  5. I’m CST, so I’m still on the 27th. Weird… I’m talking to someone in the future…
  6. I dunno. Anyone know when it’s being locked? I kinda assume midnight, but that’s just a guess.
  7. Mordt

    Let’s End This Like It Began- POI!

  8. Mordt

    Let’s End This Like It Began- POI!

    Ok seriously someone explain to me what this is. I haven’t been here long enough to know what’s going on.
  9. Mordt

    Let’s End This Like It Began- POI!

    Poi? Poi. Poi! Whats poi? You mean this bean dip looking stuff?
  10. Mordt


    Suppose everyone else did one, so here’s mine. This song is pretty much my mentality right now concerning WG. All I got to say is thanks for helping me so much. Probably wouldn’t anywhere near as good of a player as I am now without the forum. I’ve always especially loved the memes, and the random movie clips or videos because why not. And troll posts. Always liked those too, even when they irritated me to no end. Really though, I’m not so sad about the forum ending because of the loss of community, since most of us will probably meet again, either by Discord, Reddit, ingame, Twitch, or maybe the on the unofficial forum that seems to be in the works, I’m mostly sad about all the information that’ll be lost. Everyone’s talking about LWM’s reviews, but those are all archived from what I can tell. But what about all the rest? @Your_SAT_Score had a some great tech tree reviews. Are those archived? There’s the also the other stuff LWM has done, like her IFHE breakdown. And even stuff like replays. I know there’s great replays on here that will be deleted unless someone’s saved them. And all the other little stuff that shouldn’t matter, but does. I’ll let this song do the rest. Für Immer: Sabaton. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V8JKMuIbrWk for some reason it won’t imbed. oh well, won’t matter in 24 hours.
  11. Mordt

    It all returns to nothing

    I can’t react to that unfortunately, ran out again, but that is hilarious.
  12. Mordt

    I will see you guys on discord

    I’ll probably hop onto Discord, at least to see what it’s like. Might stay if it’s not to weird. So maybe I’ll see you there. Unless plans for an unofficial forum go through, then I’m going there. That was an epic troll post btw. Guess I got lucky enough to see it.
  13. So thats why I could never tag you. @ArIskandir finally. Only took me two years and the end of the forums for me to find out.
  14. Mordt

    End of the Forum

    Beats me if this has already been gone over, but I’ve seen on the EU and the Steam forums some people mentioning hackers posting with zero battles listed, and thinking that was part of the reason WG is shutting them down.