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  1. Was not working last night when it was "featured" --- all good today "Working as intended".. Thanks for the follow up and happy holidays.
  2. The 25% gold discount on the bearn doesn’t work. Oversight or intentional?
  3. Blackychann

    Time for a break

    Hookers and blow should be the canned answer for Almost every single mindless whining post on this forum
  4. got yoshino B....happy holidays commanders
  5. The minute WG implemented the “global cv rocket” changes the dd mafia came out of the shadows everyone suffers but mostly bbs are the victims which makes me wonder if anyone at wg looks at cause /effect when they nerf mechanics. Rolling back the rocket delay even a little would make it easier to cull the dd infestation
  6. Convince WG to SLightly roll back the "global changes" on rocket planes and I'll personally see to it the DD mafia sinks back into the shadows of 1-2 per match....
  7. Blackychann

    Tier VI Burn out

    my suggestion is to find a couple single player games you enjoy and rotate WOWS in and out.. Warships is best enjoyed in limited doses....
  8. Blackychann

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    And that my friends ^^^^^ is exactly why we are still here....WOWS is the most attractive and at the same time, most toxic girl on the block until another comes our way. :-)
  9. Blackychann

    On the CCTP&Missouri

    Wargaming is like the toxic manipulative girlfriend that continues to mistreat you but you take her back OVER and OVER because she's so damn attractive and she continually promises to "change" but of course, she never does............
  10. use this forum for: LWM reviews / codes -- that's it . The less you visit, the more you'll enjoy the game.
  11. Blackychann

    PSA; 4 New Bonus Codes

    Working as intended. Much obliged commander
  12. Blackychann

    PSA: Opt-In Mission

    Thank u Sir.
  13. There are only 2 viable reasons to visit these forums: 1. codes 2. Any content that you post because it's based on fact and not "outrage culture", "mob mentality" or "perceived problems" that don't exist. Looking forward to your cruiser / BB guides as you indeed are a shining rodent beacon of reason and reality.
  14. all good man - im at work now, so I haven't see it yet but will derp around in it tonight...should be fun