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  1. Systemlord_1

    Which cruiser is best at holding flanks?

    I think the hindy is the only cruiser that I have one shot other cruisers, the AP is shockingly good.
  2. The game doesn't show end game stats which never loads and instead disconnects forcing reconnecting which sometimes ends is sync looping. Also if I die before the game is over it won't let me exit out to port, instead I get disconnected and am now stuck in a sync loop. This all starting after the update.
  3. Systemlord_1

    Horrible match making!

    My team won consistently, then the next day everything got flipped.
  4. Systemlord_1

    Horrible match making!

    The game could calculate each players performance in the last few days or last time a game was played by an individual. So for a while as was stated earlier I had a 53% win rate after making this thread, so there could be a log of previous games and base the MM off that. I don't mind losing to those games that are competitive and close down to the end of the match, it's the absolute slaughters in a row that are the most annoying and force me to start thinking of doing something else with the rest of my evening.
  5. Systemlord_1

    Pommern or Georgia? Which One Would You Want?

    The Georgia is more fun, I run the rudder shift module (13.3 sec.) and am able to dodge incoming salvos with ease at medium to long ranges. Now get deadeye on a BB already known for railguns and watch the majority of your shells plunge into the citadels. I got 3 Dev strikes in one match and wasn't even trying. The main guns on the Pommern are only 380's, the Georgia's are 457mm. It seems secondaries focused BB's took a big nerf with the commander rework and since the Georgia already had great guns, the nerf to secondaries isn't as impactful like it is in the Pommern.
  6. Systemlord_1

    Horrible match making!

    This will lead to players logging off decreasing the playerbase, I mean I don't know who would want to continue to lose every match played dozens of times in a row.
  7. Systemlord_1

    Horrible match making!

    Computers can't do random, the CPU must make a choice therefore it's intentional, something self driving cars will need to address. An example would be a self driving car encounters a malfunction of sorts and ahead is hundreds of people gathering at an event, swerve to the right and old lady's are present crossing the street, to the left children are playing. The CPU has to make a choice and this has legal and ethical ramifications. Yesterday I won consistently, today my team is losing consistently. I notice a lot of consistently in this game, map repeats, map rotation repeats all day and is tough to break out of this cycle. There is no random where computers are concerned. I have had some major health problems these last few years and treatment is starting to work, some days are ok, other days are spectacular, this is why you are seeing improvement in my play. It would be nice is the teams were more closely matched according to stats though. I would love to know did you look up this info?
  8. Systemlord_1

    Horrible match making!

    I have about had it with this games match making, I have been on the losing team for 10 consecutive games in a row and I'm always the top earner of the team and seems like the teams are stacked. I'm always put on a very passive team that hides behind islands while the red team is taking all the bases and it seems none on my team knows how to play, yet the other team seems to have players that know what to do and I don't know how much more of this I can take. It's difficult to unwind and have fun when you lose so many times on a row. If the matchmaking isn't fixed in a timely manner, I'm done for good!
  9. Systemlord_1

    Deadeye needs to go

    Ok I was right, first day playing since a two week break and I'm not surprised and basically predicted the outcome. I'm half asleep and first time ever getting 3 Dev Strikes in one game and I wasn't even trying. The funny thing is if an enemy player is going to show me a perfect broadside and then call me a cheater when they get Dev Striked, then they must have a very difficult time with real life as well.
  10. Systemlord_1

    Deadeye needs to go

    I can only imagine Deadeye in the Georgia and Yamato, I mean the Georgia already has railguns. I haven't played WOWs in 2 weeks.
  11. Systemlord_1

    Georgia vs Pommern

    The Georgia is definitely the better ship and I really like shooting at the Pommern in my Georgia since I get such good damage numbers. The Georgia is also the fastest BB in the game at just shy of 40 kts with speed boost enabled! Dev stikes at range are common in my Georgia. I run the rudder shift module and at medium ranges dodge BB shells by hitting the brakes and turning away. The Pommern AP only does good damage to perfectly broadside targets and you will struggle against properly angled targets.
  12. Systemlord_1

    Question about Incoming Fire Alert?

    I was wondering if you have Incoming Fire Alert as a captain skill and a destroyer launches torpedos outside 4.5 km, will IFA indicate a incoming salvo of torpedos?
  13. Systemlord_1

    Yamato December 2020

    I went with Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1 to increase the survivability of AA/secondary mounts since they can get destroyed easily because the turrets are very tanky and never lose them. I prefer to have the Main Battery Director System (aka Legendary Module) in favor of the reload module because I like the improved accuracy over the improved reload. My modules build: 1. Auxiliary Armaments Mod 1 (100% to the survivability of AA/secondary mounts) 2. Damage Control Mod 1 (-5 risk of catching fire. -3% risk of flooding) 3. Aiming System Mod 1 (-7% to dispersion) 4. Propulsion Mod 1 (50% to maximum speed) 5. Concealment (-10% detectability) 6. Main Battery Director System (-7% to dispersion) Captain build: ns build:
  14. Systemlord_1

    Broadside targets take almost no damage?

    I tend to do more damage to DD's that are angled slightly when using AP, so now I wait for them to turn first before firing. I'm finding that some cruisers take more damage when angled versus when broadside.
  15. Systemlord_1

    Vermont Kicks A**

    I always get big damage numbers when shooting at the Vermont, it's gets the same attention the Yamato does which everyone wants to shoot at. The Vermont has very hard hitting guns, but that's all it has going for it. I can't stand slow sluggish BB's.