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  1. It certainly feels like Random Battles matchups aren't really "random" and WG tries to somehow level the playing field in some way. I get that they match ship types, and probably try to match ship for ship (yamato - yamato, for example). But what about win %? I find it highly unlikely that completely random battles end up in complete blowouts with one side losing 1-3 ships while the other side gets absolutely destroyed. Anyone know anything about how they form the matchups? Definitely seems anything but random. In my experience with other competitive multiplayer games, the more fiddling with matchmaking (e.g. skill-based matchmaking) usually ends up making things worse.
  2. Why not just make the borders land so you can beach? Sounds much easier and realistic than altering detection.
  3. Dmich89

    Stricter punishment for AFK

    Sigh. I really don't like that this has framed me as someone who dislikes older people. I'm not too young myself. I just genuinely don't think it's unreasonable to suggest that people who - REPEATEDLY - load up a game and go AFK the entire battle should be punished. How is that controversial? It has nothing to do with age. We get it - there's more to life than video games but there's also such a thing as decency and respect for other people. When you play a team game it's not all about you. If you repeatedly sabotage your teammates you should be punished. This should be universal across all age groups, and it is. What I find more troubling is how many people are arguing against me here, as if going AFK throughout a battle is a regular occurrence that should just be accepted as normal. If you're one of those people who regularly go AFK then I have no sympathy for you. You should not be playing a team game. You are simply selfish and to pretend otherwise is disingenuous. I work ~70-80 hours a week. Each match takes 10-20 minutes. "It's just a game man, chill out" is all good and well but I really don't have that much time to spare to play video games every day. When a match is lost because of some dude AFK it's frustrating. Don't you agree? I don't see how that's controversial. Repeat offenders should be punished and I stand by that.
  4. Dmich89

    Stricter punishment for AFK

    Except there is no punishment now. That's the point.
  5. Dmich89

    Stricter punishment for AFK

    Wow lots of posters here that really don't seem to get it. Look, it's fairly simple - when you aren't playing the game you ruin it for your team. I don't care if your power went out, your wife calls, if your computer doesn't load the game, your cat pissed on your keyboard, or you're truly "AFK" just being a jerk - the end result is the same. We all know **** happens and things come up, which is precisely why the punishment is progressive - if it becomes a habit, then you get punished more. This is the way it should be - are people really arguing otherwise? If your wife is forcing you to leave every 3 games, then I'm sorry maybe you shouldn't be playing a competitive team game. Jesus Christ stop being selfish. Go play in co-op. This is not at all an unreasonable request. I find it amusing how many people make up these excuses for the AFK players ruining the game for everyone else as if I'm the jerk for bringing this up. Want to know how I know it's B.S.? Because it doesn't happen in any other competitive game I've ever played to anywhere close to the degree it does in WOWS. My guess is this game has a much older average player base that just doesn't care if they leave the game and screw over their team. If I had to guess I'd say 1/5 games I play has at least one person AFK for the entire match. Bottom line: there needs to be an effective system in place for punishing people that ruin the game for others (ESPECIALLY in ranked). As it stands now, the report function does absolutely nothing. Almost every other game out there has a very obvious penalty for going AFK, why doesn't WG?
  6. Can we actually get punishments for going AFK during ranked battles? Ive had a not insignificant number of people be AFK the entire match, which practically guarantees a loss when it's 7v7. Why is there no punishment? We all know the report AFK does absolutely nothing. Other games punish this by locking out the game mode with progressively longer punishment times.
  7. This is probably true for lazy players with low map awareness, but not for everyone else. There are plenty of times when it would be appropriate to lose concealment temporarily to help out teammates. - at the very beginning of the match when the enemy cv inevitably goes in for an attack (it’s almost impossible to get hit by enemy bb fire at this point unless you’re stopped or going in a straight line for 10+ seconds) - later in the match when you’re not in direct threat of enemy attack. There are too many examples to list here but as an example you’re being blocked by an island. - when the cv is on their last attack run, temporarily being spotted for a few seconds is usually not enough to get you nuked, but obviously this depends on the circumstances. - smoke firing as someone else already mentioned - bursting priority sector AA just before you lose line of sight to get the nice insta damage The only thing you really ought to be afraid of in a DD are rockets and HE bombs. Torps, AP bombs, AP rockets don’t hurt much and aren’t a threat unless you’re brain dead and don’t dodge. Additionally, not all DDs play on the front line as the gunboats and thus being spotted temporarily isn’t an automatic death sentence as you seem to imply. By this logic, opening your main batteries in a DD to rain HE on enemies is dumb. No, it’s situational, and works perfectly fine. There’s a lot more to DD play than stealth torping or dd vs dd gunfights.
  8. This isn’t even close to being true. Plenty of situations where a dd will still use AA...
  9. Where can I read more about the dd change?