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  1. Is there any way to find the standard deviation with win rate or percentile based on WR? Very curious
  2. Dmich89

    Lines you stopped advancing because they were uninteresting

    Kleber is superior to Marceau. It has higher dpm using reload booster than any other dd, so duels are in your favor. It’s gun velocity is much higher than Marceau, so landing shots is easier, especially long distance farming.
  3. Rant post. I know no one gives a **** but I'm posting anyway as my final post as I quit. Maybe this post will wise-up some of the new players who have no idea what they're signing up for. WG has a clear history of moving the game toward a "pay to win" model. Premium ships have progressively become more powerful than their tech tree counterparts, to the point where if you play many of the old, classic tech tree ships you are putting yourself at a major disadvantage. WG will casually wave this notion away stating "our statistics show" but it's a load of [edited] concocted by professional liars. The stats speak for themselves - new premium ships have something unique and better about them to entice people to buy them, otherwise there would be no incentive to get the new ships. "Pay to win" has other aspects of it too - we are no longer rewarded for good battle performance and now have to buy flags. Sure, flags aren't mandatory for good play, but you're fooling yourself if you say they don't matter. Ask yourself how many battles you've had, and won, where you've survived with a sliver of hit points? That 20% extra heal flag often makes the difference between win or lose. What about detonation? Why is detonation even in the game? Does anyone actually think that this mechanic somehow makes the game more fun? Where every time you get hit you have a tiny fraction of just entirely blowing up? The answer is a resounding NO. I am 100% certain if this mechanic was removed the overwhelming vast majority of players would support it, and yet this will never happen which is ironic given the more satisfied players, the more money WG will make - a recurring contradictory theme with WG... WG refuses to listen to its player base. I don't really think this topic requires must explanation or convincing. Look at the recent debacle with their CCs. CVs. Submarines. Torpedo bug. The bug where we can't see recent battle performance. There is a complete and utter disregard for the player's opinions and a level customer service that would only satisfy people in North Korea. WG constantly makes changes that would make any rational person question if a lunatic is in charge of making decisions. For example, what's the point of having campaigns/collections with "duplicates"? I've already received it, why am I getting another one? The answer can't be because WG wants it to take longer and/or make more money off me, because they could just increase the number of collectibles required and remove the whole concept of duplicates. The only purpose of duplicates is to piss me off. It makes absolutely zero sense. Games have to expand and grow in order to stay alive. I get that. CVs and submarines are terrible ways to accomplish that - who thinks it's a good idea for a game to make a scenario where one person can bully the other without any fear of reprisal? Submarines are the nail in the coffin for me - you give someone HOMING TORPEDOS and many ships can do absolutely nothing about it except try to dodge. Awesome. It's simply mind boggling and I'm dumbfounded how anyone thought this was actually a good idea. Any other prominent competitive game out there would've laughed in WGs face if a change like this was suggested. CVs require no introduction, they are universally despised - please 1 person and piss of 11 others. Spice up the captain abilities to actually mean something. Most of them are minimally influential, and the few good ones are the ones everyone picks. Survivability expert, for instance. There really isn't much thought that goes into which captain skills we pick because A) some options are clearly superior to the others and B) most of them don't actually make a big difference. Make ALL of the options awesome - force us to really debate which ones to take - which style of gameplay we want. The way it is now is boring and a huge missed opportunity. For heaven's sake, fix the reporting system. Aside from getting chat banned (who cares), it does nothing. Punish AFKs (especially in ranked)! Punish unsportsmanlike conduct. Make karma actually do something. Or, if you refuse to do this, remove the options to report/compliment altogether. Last, it's fair to admit games need money to stay alive and I don't blame WG for chasing more profits. However, try to at least pretend to give a **** about the players. Try to listen occasionally. The gambling and pathological blatant lying to the community is absurd and sheds light on the moral bankruptcy of the leadership of WG. It's as if they've lost their humanity in their greed. How sad it must be to be an employee of Wargaming without any other option but to work for them. Anyway, the only thing I can do is vote with my feet - if we as players continue to put up with companies that act this way, they won't ever change. So I'm out. Hope others do the same.
  4. Dmich89

    How tier X premium ships become a Thing

  5. Dmich89

    How tier X premium ships become a Thing

    Does that mean we can’t swap in a captain for free? Was considering getting this ship for coal and using my Venezia captain. But if I have to pay to reset the captain every time I switch I’m definitely not getting this ship.
  6. Dmich89

    New game mode idea

    “Hardcore mode” -no mini map -no enemy team roster of ships (you only figure out what ships the enemy team has after spotting them) - could even spice it up by removing shell flight time and torpedo predictor markers. Watch chaos ensue. Thoughts?
  7. I get that, but why give us duplicates???
  8. Another pointless mechanic by war gaming that serves no purpose other than to piss off its player base.
  9. Dmich89

    Next steel DD?

    Any rumors of when the next steel DD is going to get released?
  10. So we have to buy all the module upgrades (concealment, main battery reload booster, etc...) to test satsuma and hannover even though we won't get to keep the ships? Seriously?
  11. Any rumors about the next steel dd? Between waiting for a cool steel dd and the Austin myself. As for why Austin - I think it gives the most unique playstyle out of all the steel ships. The other ships play very similar to other available ships.
  12. Dmich89

    Reset DDs please

    Another money grabbing scheme? I plan on getting this for all of my dds now that the concealment penalty is gone, but I don't have the money to reset... Has anyone been successful petitioning for a free reset? The greedy money-grabbing changes WG has made recently is pretty disheartening.v
  13. Dmich89

    where is the vampire II ?

    Better question when is Druid coming out?
  14. FDR has the ability to fly directly at you with torpedo planes, make a sharp 90 degree turn and drop torps and land most, if not all, of the torps on bbs / slow cruisers. Doesn't seem to be much penalty for firing early without properly "charging" the drop, which seems counter to the original design of torpedo drops. Perhaps WG should consider changing the penalty to increased arming distance for firing early rather than increased spread, which again doesn't actually change the effectiveness for FDR. Another overpowered mechanic for an already extremely overpowered ship. Thoughts?