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  1. Wow, I really didn't expect soo many people to reply to my idea so quickly. I would like to mention something though... I wanted to be a little bit more clear that I didn't mean to be able to select more than 2 enemies at once. I know this is an arcade game and not a sim. I was talking about the main guns only because the secondary guns have the ability to lock onto whatever main guns are targeting (once the skill is researched). I was thinking more along the lines of using the "Z" key to lock onto an alternate secondary target, after locking onto main target with "X." The idea is for situational uses when flanked by an enemy who is near dead but am busy firing at a more priority target... So only certain targets would qualify for secondary lock on if they are in the correct "zone" etc. Also, forward, and aft guns would be essentially split into 50% effective... Anyway.. I could be more specific and thorough... I just wanted to bring it up because a situation has happened several times when I noticed such an ability would be useful. At any rate... Thanks for your time. Take care everyone! :)
  2. Hello to all who are reading this, I have an idea regarding a possible augmented control ability for firing main guns with a warship. As it is right now, I have noticed (and watched the tutorials regarding firing main weapons) that all of the warships have forward, and aft guns... I have also noticed the upgrade which aims the secondary guns at whatever is being targeted to focus fire and maximize damage. So... My idea is a simple addition to controlling firing patterns like one would do in real life situation. Pressing "1" loads HP rounds, and pressing "2" loads AP and so on... What about mapping a new hotkey which would allow multi-directional firing patterns with the main forward and aft guns. I am thinking in terms of using the arrow keys to focus forward guns on targeted enemy within your forward field of view, but then using the arrow keys and a secondary locking hotkey (such as when using "X" to lock on we could use "Z" locking onto a target behind your ship (identifying the target using your mini-map rather than binos-and field of view) and doing so would allow for dynamic lock on and predetermined firing pattern) to lock on to an enemy at your 90 degree (right or left) using field of view, and lock on to an enemy behind using mini-map and "Z" key. Using this method would diminish firing power on a single target but would be useful when in a 2 on one situation but especially when the enemies are severely damaged already. In this way a ship could fire at multiple targets simply by locking on using "x" and "Z" then selecting the "up, down, left, right" arrow keys to quickly select targets. The risk in firing like this is as I said, less damage to a single target, HOWEVER the beautiful trade off of firing at multiple targets at once. Also the guns would still suffer the penalties of having to swing into position to aim and fire. Once locked and firing using the "left mouse button" for main gun as normal, but map the "right mouse button" for firing the selected spread... Perhaps the space bar could replace the "free look" feature that is currently mapped to the "right mouse button." I hope I haven't wasted time bringing this up in this thread. What I mean is, well, I apologize if something similar has already been covered in a different thread. The last thing I would like to mention is my sincere gratitude for such a beautiful game. I love every aspect of it, but I especially love the themes of "making love not war," and other such ideas. There is far too much hate, and poison in this world so it is always nice (and refreshing) when I get the privilege of seeing others pouring out positive vibes and consideration for the well being of our fellow man (and women of course)! I suppose a simple "thank you all" would have been sufficient, but I have a tendency to carry on too much... :P Wishing everyone all the best! ~PsylentStorms, PsylentAssailent,CrimesoftheMind~ <------ Those are my three accounts. I created multiples as I learned more and more about this amazing game, and the community of awesome "World of Warship gamers!"