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  1. I don't understand what's the issue. The collaboration commanders, at least these four, come with unique voice packs. Ultimately, that's the real differential from where I'm standing: uniqueness among standard captains. And that extra point is nice for Preventative Maintenance.
  2. SeaShadowAR

    Fubuki Shirakami and Marine Houshou Take Command

    I was going to overlook the anime appearance (it can be cool when not so loli-focused), but those voices are too much. Of course, if you were to bring in a female Japanese captain, I'd be perfectly happy with something like this:
  3. SeaShadowAR

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    I can confirm this worked for me too, having Amazon Prime. I was already linked to Twitch, but it was the Amazon connection which finally made the game cough up the treats. Thanks!
  4. SeaShadowAR

    More Rewards for Twitch Prime Members!

    Buh, no custom voice pack? Since the rewards haven't kicked in yet for me, what's her starting level?
  5. SeaShadowAR

    Canada Day and US Independence

    ~ Through the Perilous Fight ~
  6. SeaShadowAR

    USS Monaghan on patrol

    My American DD line is barely developed, so here's a shot of USS Smith.
  7. SeaShadowAR

    This rockets needs to be fixed!

    In your effort to back up your numbers with comparable arguments, you end up further justifying how CVs don't "counter everything". Sorry, but I don't know how cruisers of all ships have terrible AA, nor do I see how BBs are suddenly a bulwark against air strikes. They're tanky, sure, but they're easy to hit, only some pack the Catapult Fighter, and that's still limited and with a cooldown. Hardly an impenetrable defense. As for AA blobs, you can inflict punishing losses on a CV's complement without massing "half the team" in a single grid. Lesser concentrations can very well inconvenience any carrier who intends to preserve its aircraft. Your purple numbers are very nice, but I'm not seeing it making your perception anywhere near perfect.
  8. SeaShadowAR

    Why CV's suck, and why I do not trust WG

    DDs can very well outspot, outconceal and outlive every other class if only they refrain from dealing damage as their main priority, like that CV did. They also benefit plenty from spotting damage. The almost carnal lure of getting your torps off is generally stronger, though. I'll admit MM should take battles in class/ship into account, that goes for everyone, but again putting the burden on the CV is misguided. Having a bad vs. good DD corps can totally decide a game. Same with having aggressive, decisive BBs versus glorified fortifications behind islands, taking pot shots. A CV can only decide a game if the other team sucks and/or can't cope with enemy tactics. If that enemy CV proved a destabilizing force in that game simply spotting your allies, not even dealing damage of its own, then it means nobody cared to do anything remotely similar on your end. No DD, no CA. Even though your carrier player sucked, it wasn't entirely their responsibility, and nobody cared to step up and try to even the odds in the spotting game. If the enemy CV was so decisive, then it sounds like your team ran around like headless chickens while lead rained.
  9. SeaShadowAR

    This rockets needs to be fixed!

    Except they don't! This has to be the prime not-argument people who don't know how CVs work throw around. Two ships close together with decent AA are anti-CV. Class-wise, cruisers (and certain hellish AA destroyers) for the most part are anti-CV. Sure, you can attack them, but the AA makes it costly, and almost every CV has to be judicious about its expenditure of airplanes throughout the match, lest they dry up and the vessel's rendered completely ineffective. It's often not good business to lose an entire squadron to deal 10-20k damage. Imagine if gunships ran out of shells, destroyers out of torpedoes. Closer a comparison than one may think. There's a whole aspect of resource management haters generally completely ignore. Not to mention the carrier itself is completely helpless if anyone can deduce its position (not that hard) and forward-spot it for the big guns to lay down the punishment with impunity. Particularly once ship numbers start to go down. Then of course there's the matter that a CV relies entirely on enemy team mistakes and the performance of its own allies to exploit weaknesses and hit overextended ships. Anything remotely close to teamwork and moving in cohesion by part of the adversaries can consolidate air defense and completely sideline an aircraft carrier by denying it a whole chunk of targets. So yeah, a DD by definition may have to work alone, so they're a little more vulnerable. But a CV can't be everywhere at once, and focusing on DDs can be time and plane-consuming, considering the spotting, dodging AA and having to retarget completely for a while if smoke comes in the picture or the DD gets any degree of support. God forbid a destroyer is taken 30 seconds out of its job. All of that is time the far-reaching CV isn't doing anything else, like covering/spotting other flanks and hitting juicy BBs. God forbid rockets deal some damage after all that investment.
  10. SeaShadowAR

    Why CV's suck, and why I do not trust WG

    Anyone can have a good/bad game on any ship regardless of class, regardless of battle metrics. I'm not sure why this is somehow pinned on CVs in particular.
  11. SeaShadowAR

    This rockets needs to be fixed!

    Resorting to allied AA is indeed viable, and a CV only has so many rocket planes, which will get wasted if they keep trying to focus on that singular DD. Smoking up does help. You'll only be hit in smoke if you're terribly predictable and/or keep firing from the cloud. The rest is, well, the game. When a ship focuses on you and it's supposed to be your counter, you'll have a bad day. And being caught out of position is probably among the main killers in WoWS. Not every individual ship is supposed to have a counter against everything else. Not BBs against subs, not DDs against CVs, not CAs against BBs.
  12. How many anti-CV complainers have actually played CVs? So many arguments seem to come from ignorance. CV spotting is a trade-off. If direct and consistent, it's time the CV isn't providing direct damage. A DD could fulfill the same role. Indirect spotting through fighters is all nice (and limited) but any vessel thoroughly impaired by such detection can steam away from the area, smoke up or just shoot down the paper-thin fighters in short order. Mountain-piercing radar offers far more impunity, and there can be multiple sources since ultimately there's only one or two CVs around. That's not to say ban radars, but put all the game's pieces into perspective, and accept/criticize all of them, not just the ones that hamper your play style.
  13. SeaShadowAR

    Remove Tier 4 CVs from the game.

    High CV population at Tier IV is certainly an issue. Reducing the XP requirement to reach VI would be one solution. But regarding general Tier IV players complaining about contemporary CVs... Why is it such a big deal? You're past Tier IV in a whiff, and chances are you'll only do it once or twice, since once you're in higher tiers, you're more likely to be able to start new lines around Tier V, powering through with free XP. It wasn't so long since I first passed IV, and I certainly don't remember an excruciating experience. You certainly get more of those later on, when you're routinely pitted against vessels two tiers higher.
  14. I wouldn't have anyone waiting. I'd make it so matchmaking would take care of filling reinforcement waves with the usual randoms waiting for a match.
  15. I already have an Amagi, but I liked the Imperium voice the Ignis Purgatio commander comes with. I wish WG provided more voicepacks. Nothing flashy nor necessarily immersion-breaking, but rather to provide some variety instead of having close to a single voice per nation.