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  1. Hey! I'm in Europe, so I usually play on EU server. But, if I enter the game, I see this: What the heck is this error? My WiFi network is good and the EU server isn't far from me. I did a WGCheck, but nothing...
  2. _LordVoldemort_

    Video card supporting

    Hey! I need some help. What type of video card does WoWs support? ( I have Radeon RX 570)
  3. Hey! I have a little annoying problem with WoWs. When I launch the game (I use Steam), a warning turns up: "A critical error has been occurred." I know that the causative game file is "preferences.xml". The only way to enter the game is deleting the preferences file at every launching. (I often need to launch the game 5-10 times while I can enter). What is this problem? How does the file relate to graphics settings? (I first played WoWs a year ago, and then there wasn't such problem. Although I didn't touch the graphics settings then. :) ) Thanks for helping and replies.
  4. _LordVoldemort_

    Best Battleships

    Yes you are right when you say that getting there is a problem. Now I have Colorado. She has great guns and AA defense, but low speed and maneuverability. The following ship, North Carolina costs a lot of XP and Credits. But she worth it. North Carolina has greater speed and maneuverability, cool artillery, and amazing AA defense.
  5. _LordVoldemort_

    Best Battleships

    Yeah, this, of course, also depends on the player's battle skills. Kongo and Bretagna may faster than New York. Its maximum speed is 21 knots.
  6. _LordVoldemort_

    Best Battleships

    Huh, thanks for the tips buddy. I just a few battles away from unlocking NM. The only thing I hate in these ships is that they're pretty slow. NY (New York)'s maximum speed is 21 knots and the DD are often sink my ship by their torpedoes, and NY isn't a fast battleship, therefore I can't dodge all the torpedoes. The second reason is that I am usually alone in battles against 2-3 enemy battleships because my teammates don't talk about strategy too often. The third reason is that stronger battleships are sinking my ships (for example a CO or a NM or a Bayern. I can't do anything against stronger enemies. And, I did my battles bad because I usually played at the edge of the map. But I will go to the middle (as you said) and try to survive longer against DD and CA.
  7. _LordVoldemort_

    Best Battleships

    And what is with New Mexico or the following American battleships. Should I continue at American tech tree, or should I choose a new?
  8. _LordVoldemort_

    New game version

    Thanks for the reply. I now can enter to the game
  9. _LordVoldemort_

    New game version

    Hey everyone! I need help again. Yesterday the 0.9.5 version for WoWs came out. I entered the game and I saw this. What is it? My WiFi network are good.
  10. _LordVoldemort_

    Best Battleships

    So I must choose from a lot of great Tier 5 battleships. I didn't know that the New York is the best, and I surprised that Bayern shot me very easily. However I don’t think there’s too much of a difference between a Tier 5 and a Tier 6 battleship. So I will research Kongo or Pyotr Velikiy or Iron Duke etc. instead of New York.
  11. _LordVoldemort_

    Best Battleships

    Thanks for the ideas. According to the text above, I will have to play a lot of battles and reserarch those ships. Thanks for the tips and answers.
  12. _LordVoldemort_

    Best Battleships

    Hey! I need a little help. Which is the best Tier 5 battlesip? I have a New York american battleship, but is it the best of the Tier 5 battleship?