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  1. harryjonez798

    Most Fires Set in A Match?

    My best is 15 in the Dallas or Helena l, can’t remember
  2. When I play CV’s and press a movement key, a or d, why does it take 3 or more seconds for the action to respond. Is this de sync, my keyboard is fine or is this my computer, which is very bad, but can run the game on low graphics properly.
  3. harryjonez798

    is this the most damage/kills done in an ohama

    Very nice, the only time i got close was 102k, the sad thing is I would have done a lot better, because I was AFK for around 1/5 of the match 20200501_151914_PASC005-Omaha-1923_17_NA_fault_line.wowsreplay, put this into the clientrunner and u can see, very sad, but really good job.