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  1. caramel_noodles

    Aircraft carriers in simple words

    Did you happen to write this post based on the book Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words by Randall Munroe? Sure sounds like it.
  2. Just received my first solo warrior in ranked with Lexington :) We had a large amount of points left, and I finished off the Saipan to up our points to 1000
  3. caramel_noodles

    Mass vs Tirpitz now and "POST REWORK"

    Well Mass both does and does not have better accuracy. Mass has 1.7 sigma on her main battery, which is worser compared to Tirpitz's 1.8 sigma. However, Mass has better maximum dispersion at 248 m compared to Tirpitz's 275 m. Regarding Secondaries, however, Mass has much more accurate secondaries with both the same sigma as Tirpitz's and much better maximum dispersion (278 m vs 458 m)
  4. caramel_noodles

    so how long

    My guess is that OP is talking about how the stock ship of a tech tree ship is trash compared to the upgraded ship and cannot compete with other ships of the same tier.
  5. First Ranked Game I've ever seen where the top two ships on the losing team each saved a star because they got the exact same bxp
  6. caramel_noodles

    Loads of Thunderers in Randoms

    Anyone noticed a ton of Thunderers in high tiers for the past month? I don't remember having a high tier random battle without at least one Thunderer recently And then just had this 6 Thunderer game - It was a good game - Team did well, 3 other ships broke 2000 base xp, and only one finished below 1000
  7. caramel_noodles

    WG I want a new ship

    Their DCP has a 60 sec action time doesn't it?
  8. caramel_noodles

    Do CV drops involve RNG?

    the bombs/rockets will always land inside the reticle, but there is RNG involved in where it lands in the reticle
  9. I've been thinking about a new consumable that is similar to Short Burst Smoke Generator in that is has smaller duration and effect but has shorter cooldown and more charges then the regular consumable. In Quick Repair Teams, the percentage of total hp restored per second and the way damage is queued is no different then the regular Repair Party, but the total amount of hp restored per charge is lower, the duration and cooldown is lower, and the number of charges is increased. The idea behind this is that you trade getting more hp in the long run for a bit more hp when you really need it like when in a brawl. My idea is to multiply the duration and the cooldown of the regular Repair Party by 2/5, while multiplying the number of charges by 2, and then subtracting one. Allow me to demonstrate: For base USN, IJN, USSR, French, and Italian Tier IX and X cruisers: 0.5% of total hp restored per sec, 28 sec duration and 80 sec cooldown. Total of 14% of total hp restored for one charge out of 3 charges base. Quick Repair Teams: 0.5% of total hp restored per sec (this stays the same), 11.2 sec duration (28*2/5=11.2) and 32 sec cooldown (80*2/5=32). Total of 5.6% of total hp restored for one charge out of 5 charges base (3*2-1=5). If Superintendent is taken, you add 1 to the number of charges of the regular Repair Party, and then multiply by 2 to get the number of Quick Repair Teams charges. So if Superintendent is used it would be 4*2-1 for 7 total charges.
  10. caramel_noodles

    When do they update to 0.9.10 need

    The dockyard stays in the game until the end of update 0.9.10. You can still purchase the Anchorage, but you won't have access to the dockyard missions.
  11. caramel_noodles

    Do you get to keep the gale forever

    I think it gets deleted after the event like the other Halloween ships in the years before.
  12. caramel_noodles

    Special Ships Halloween 2020 Q&A

    https://www.wows-gamer-blog.com/2020/10/halloween-2020-big-hunt-key-to-victory.html The part at the bottom says that you can obtain Hercules through a special combat mission that requires you to play gale or valkyrie starting from November 13 Though I dunno if that would be true since the rewards on the page don't match up with the ones on the NA server
  13. caramel_noodles

    Question about steel

    Hi, I looked at the wallet in the armory, and it said that we could convert steel into coal if we don't have enough coal to buy something. Is there a place to exchange steel for coal, or is it that if you buy something where you don't have enough coal for but have enough steel to cover the remaining price, then it will ask you if you wanna spend that much steel and coal?
  14. caramel_noodles

    Pommern Iron cross camo

    No, I don't think the time limits were misleading. In the combat missions tab, at the top under the German Carriers 2 tab, there would be something that says missions will be available for the next _ days. However, that one is misleading since it only shows when all of the combat missions in the tab disappears, not when a specific combat mission disappears. You would have to look at the actual combat mission chain tab to find out when it ended.
  15. caramel_noodles

    Quick Question about HE Shells

    Hi all, I have a quick question - Does a High Explosive shell have to penetrate an enemy ship to set that ship on fire?