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  1. wyoedbrown

    PSA: Opt In For 1 Day Free Premium Time

    Thanks, Admiral. I read the news, but I didn't get all the way to the bottom and missed that gift button.
  2. It happens very frequently to me too. It usually while I am sitting in smoke firing at the red team. It's usually a bot cruiser with torps on my team hitting me from my blind side.
  3. wyoedbrown

    Time to eat some serious Crow!

    I tend to jump around tiers a lot - I'm grinding Montana, so I play Iowa a lot in Random, get knocked out, play a scenario, then go back to Iowa. Those T9 and T10 speeds are so much faster than the T5-T6 speeds in scenarios that my aim takes a while to adjust.
  4. wyoedbrown

    Pennsacola turrets horrible, unplayable now?

    I love my Pens for scenarios. Turret speed is an issue, but I preplan my target area as far in advance as possible and use the rudder to help things along. Her AP hits heavy and reloads are decent. I pull 100k damage in her often enough to be happy. If there was some way to put a heal on her, I would take that over a change to turret traverse. All that being said, I never use her in randonms and rarely in co-op. She goes out one to two times a day in scenarios, and that's it.
  5. In the original Big Hunt, of you didn't get a key and make it through the portal you went to the Octagon (unless you were dead). Now there isn't an Octagon, so what happens if you are alive, but don't exit when time expires? Maybe just reduced points? I kind of liked the Octagon - I think I had like a 4-2 record there... Anyway, maybe we won't have the really crappy things happening where division mates suddenly turn and blindside you. If that is still happening, I will tend to avoid this game mode.
  6. wyoedbrown

    Ranked Battles: The Second Season

    I am disappointed that Bronze League will include T9's. I really love the Ranks and CBs that are T8 only fights. They seem more pure - like watching college ball compared to the pros, I guess. On the other hand, I am very OK with the sprints going two weeks now. One week sprints were very hard with real life and some of the other time-sensitive misdiobs in WoW. This will help me balance my priorities.
  7. wyoedbrown

    Scenario Battles (Operations) CALL FOR REVOLUTION!

    I spend a lot of time playing Ops - at least two every time I'm on the game. I wish we had more Ops available. Also, the Ops need a little more branches to the progressing. This is too predictable right now - if A happens, then B will happen. Some Ops for other tiers would be great.
  8. wyoedbrown

    PTS 0.10.1

    The 3v3 Clan Brawls were interesting, to say the least. They have a max wait time of 2 minutes, I think it was, then filled in with bots. They mix and match ship types: one battle, we had a human BB, I had a CA, and a bot DD against an all human team with a CV, a BB, and a CL. Next, we had all humans with a BB, my CA, and a DD vs a human BB, and two bots. Maybe on the live server, we will always have enough human players. Right now, the team with the fewest bots wins.
  9. wyoedbrown

    PTS 0.10.1

    I've been on a couple of times, but there haven't been enough players to make up a proper random battle. Two humans on each side, the rest were bots one time. I tried to get in on a ranked battle, but gave up after waiting 3 minutes for a T8. I'm not sure what it'll take to get more people playing on PTS, but right now it's just a great opportunity to test drive a lot of different ships. That has its own value, but it would be more fun with competition.
  10. wyoedbrown

    North Carolina

    I'm just getting to know her as I work through the grind to Iowa. I need to get some captain skills for her CO, but enjoying the drive so far.
  11. wyoedbrown

    AFK players in ranked..

    If they eventually got into the game and became active, I would be cool with it. My internet can be really poor in stormy weather. I have been that AFK player two or three times. Once I even had to restart my computer to establish a new connection. The last time it happened, I just quit for the night, because the internet was so bad, but you can't tell until you get in a game. WG gave me the pink reminder for that one...
  12. I prefer the way things are. If I mess up and die early, that ship in battle gives me a reminder to be more careful. I do like to hang out and watch a close battle or try to learn from a good player too.
  13. wyoedbrown

    After playing ranked for a while

    I like ranked battles OK, but I wish I could go back to Bronze. I am playing alittle over my comfort level and not winning much Also, these are really just T-10 battles with only Fletcher and Des Moines to choose from. I play enough to pick up some extra steel every week, but there is no way I want to get into the gold league.
  14. wyoedbrown

    Naval Battles - Can we just remove base XP?

    I agree - it would keep our lower tier Co-Op players interested and trying. Right now, once they check the battles and see some early risers ate up all the 300's, they give up. Nobody is going to get 900 in those tiers.
  15. wyoedbrown

    Are US DDs still worth grinding?

    Yup, totally agree. My best battles have been in Fletcher. Gearing had been OK for me, but Fletcher is my "go to" in silver RBs. I think they could switch tiers, personally.