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  1. wyoedbrown

    What happened to WoWs in Twitch Prime Gaming?

    Yeah, the website appears to show old offers. I think we already got the Dutch captain bundles way back. Nothing shows up for July or August. A search doesn't find World of Warships. World of War craft and World of Tanks show up, and that's it.
  2. wyoedbrown

    Amazon Prime Gaming

    Legends and World of Tanks is still there, but no WoWS.
  3. wyoedbrown

    Delay in exiting client

    Seeing the same thing. At first I thought I clicked wrong, but it happened several times when I was popping in and out of game to do replays.
  4. Agreed. Some battles, I am the only DD, some I am one of five. Both have their challenges and their charm.
  5. wyoedbrown

    Naval battles Scoring doesnt promote play.

    I will agree the bars after the 350 BXP are off-putting to the bulk of my clan. It doesn't matter what class ship you play, but whether you are PvP or PvE primarily. Hopefully, the team we are matched against has a many PvE mains as we do. We get the most involved on the week's for ribbons or damage. Those are fun. For BXP, I really preferred the scoring from a couple of weeks ago, where it went from 350 to something like 850 then jumped by 50 after that. However, that still locks out my PvE mains.
  6. wyoedbrown

    Phantom collision?

    There were several threads here on the forum a couple of weeks ago on the same topic (search "collision" in the topics). They said it was bleed-over from other matches. I haven't experienced this bug since then, but I was experiencing it a couple of times per day for a while.
  7. While you can skip purchasing the Tier IX, the experience you gain by grinding through is invaluable. Too many players seem to rush through and show up in Tier X unprepared for the level of ability necessary for success. Especially since you will be facing superships too.
  8. Weimar with a good player driving her is tough in Narai, but so is Fiji, Scharny, Atlanta, etc. I feel that, if I have a good game in Fiji or Scharn, that I can compete with, and often beat the Weimars that show up.
  9. Thank you for the clarification. At first, when mercs were first allowed, their use was quite controversial, but we have found them to be a good recruiting tool, and a couple of other clans work with us to keep teams going for all of us.
  10. wyoedbrown

    You try to ignore them... but...

    In Killer Whale, sometimes, with the exit in the south, a slow ship has to go north to deal with those two ships, because quicker teammates don't see their duty up there. That would mean the slow ship has to sacrifice a win to give the others a star? Not so cool.
  11. Still no mention of allowing mercs? We actually prefer 7v7 with up to two mercs allowed so we could work with our partner clans to fill out teams and keep battles moving.
  12. wyoedbrown

    When do Clan Battles start?

    Preparing my T8s now! This will be a fun season, I think.
  13. wyoedbrown

    WOWS, what sort of matchmaking is this?

    I had a clannie who liked to be the low tier in a fail div, because he knew he could farm XP for the ship he was grinding. He was good enough to get away with it. I've never tried it myself.
  14. wyoedbrown

    July Super Container Drop Results

    100 November Foxtrot: Reduced time to load consumables. Whelp, it was free, so can't complain.
  15. wyoedbrown

    Chat Box stops working

    Submit a ticket to customer support. This bug was supposed to be fixed a few days ago, but you seem to be having a more involved problem than most of us.