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  1. Princess_Schala

    Pensacola or Dallas?

    So I've encountered my own question actually involving these two ships, so I figured I'd throw it in here. Essentially I began with the Pensacola, and I found it was a citadel machine up close, I'd just hammer AP into the sides of other cruisers and cackle maniacally as they crumbled under the series of citadel hits. Now I picked up a Dallas and I found that in similar situations the AP on the Dallas overpenetrate every single time. This confuses me as the Pensacola has larger guns, but it does not overpenetrate. I'm no expert by any stretch, and a lot I probably don't understand/know yet, but is there a specific reason the weaker guns are firing straight through the ships and the stronger guns are not? I've taken to just avoiding the AP on the Dallas in all situations, as even on cruisers that I'd think they'd do fine against, they do no damage about 90% of the time even at the ideal ranges with what should be direct citadel blasts. Think I found my own answer, could've been aiming slightly too high in the Dallas.
  2. Princess_Schala

    where are you from?

    It's not really very exciting here..........
  3. Princess_Schala

    How do you like your GPU?

    I read "Mystery solved" above in Robert Stack's voice, so that happened. Anyway, glad to see you were able to nail down what the problem was, the first step is usually the most important, after all. If mine breaks on me, I'll let you fix it also!
  4. Princess_Schala

    Yubari can still be fun

    My aim is not quite as well tuned as the older veterans' might be, and one of my favorite aspects when I Yubari is it makes me pretend I can shoot. Sometimes I can eyeball a shot, but often the first volley goes too short or too far, and I'm still rather bad at predicting targets movements, but in the Yubari, it's like I close my eyes and shoot, and the shells by some mystic force gravitate towards my desired target and set a fire. That said, I love to use it as a gunboat (I don't like using torpedoes,) often in support of a larger ship as I like to serve more of a supporting role if possible, helping the bigs defend against the planes and destroyers......the hope is that in return they'll look like the juicier target, rarely happens though! I have a few premium ships, more than I expected I'd have this early in (though I got a Warspite free and I don't know how/why,) and of them all, it's 100% my favorite and most worthwhile purchase, coal well spent. Sadly I can't use it as a catch-all aim trainer, as all ships seem to have varying cannons in terms of feel and aiming. Keeps things spicy, so no complaints! Someday I shall become the Yubari master and sink the Yamato with it; not really though, but hey, keep on dreaming!
  5. Princess_Schala

    How do you like your GPU?

    I absolutely feel your pain, years back I had this horrible situation where my video cards used to just fry themselves one after the other for reasons I'm not technologically inclined enough to ever comprehend. That said, I can give absolutely no advice in order to help, but I wanted to stand in solidarity and support in your struggles against the tyranny of technology.
  6. Princess_Schala

    The music thread

    The early 2000's were nice, a good bit of nostalgia for me as well; but overall I'm very firmly lodged in the 1980's-1990's music scenes. I always think of this song when I'm in a match in which it is raining and someone blows me up, despite the fact that it's currently May.
  7. Princess_Schala

    Veteran Flag

    not sure if this has been answered yet for you, but thought I'd throw this in here just in case. I myself am a veteran who was perplexed by the lack of the flag option when I linked my status and got the Albany, but I found when I unlocked I think it was access level 14 the flag section opened up in the external section of the ship, where you mount signals and camouflage. When you hit that access level, the flag will be mountable, but to my knowledge, not before.
  8. Princess_Schala

    Yubari can still be fun

    The Yubari is exquisite.......to me. Something about her, it's one of my "I just want to enjoy a match and not worry about progression" ships that makes me happy (still early-ish in, so progression is still a thing for me.) We all need one of those, may as well be the Yubari. Not a lot of artillery power, but it almost feels like they're homing shells, and the AA makes me smile when planes come knocking. I used it to cover my sweetie when the poor thing was trying to use a Japanese battleship with basically zero AA capabilities, probably saved her more times than she realized. XD
  9. Princess_Schala

    General Cruiser Help

    This sums up my life right now. Truthfully I love cruisers, and having just gotten into tier VI recently I found a strange phenomenon. In the first four tiers cruisers were generally durable and could hold their own against generally everything, but once I popped into that Omaha oh boy. Originally I considered it just the most spontaneously combustible ship in the game, but then I upgraded to the Pensacola and found it no better, much to my amusement. Seems battleships become more of a threat, and whether you're next to three other cruisers and four battleships, that enemy battleship will always manage to pick me out of the crowd. I'm so used to half of my hull integrity just wiping away from any distance and any angle it's like my new norm, almost afraid to even move close to the fights. Always imagined it was just a need to adapt to the higher tiers, but it sure added an unexpected flavor to the mid-tiers! XD