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  1. This is the second week this has happened. I achieve more than the required base XP to earn the "Bonus" 2 stars but I get nothing! Both times it occurred it was with the first successful attempt at achieving the required amount of XP. All other successful attempts after the first ones resulted in the stars being awarded normally.
  2. The hated subs are back. This is a great game without subs!! I don't want to play subs. I don't want to play against subs! I don't want to be awarded subs as a result of success in surface battles! OK. I get it. Some players like the subs. I'm thinking that a large majority do not. Create a new battle type separate from Co-Op and Random where subs can be played by the few who like them!!
  3. Aptar111

    Mogami WTH!!!!!

    Well, I am guilty as charged. I didn't realize this upgrade would change the essential nature of the ship.
  4. Aptar111

    Mogami WTH!!!!!

    I recently acquired Mogami from the Tech Tree for the simple (and only) reason it possessed 15 main battery guns. Spent a lot of resources equipping and upgrading this ship! TODAY, I select the ship and I find it now has only 10 main battery guns!!! What the H is going on! I feel ripped off!
  5. I now have the Marlborough but the game won't let me go to battle with it. What gives?
  6. Aptar111

    Multiple Flags

    You would think after 9,000+ battles I would know the answer to this probably dumb question: If you are about to go into battle with a signal flag that shows 100% EXP, a camo that shows 100%, and a ship with an EXP bonus of 100% does this result in an EXP modification of 300% or am I wasting EXP modifiers by "stacking" in this manner?
  7. Aptar111

    Combat Inactivity Warnings

    Not doing anything I don't do routinely throughout thousands of battles. Why I am getting these warnings after every battle is a mystery!
  8. I have been getting these all day right after finishing battles where I took part throughout the entire battle. Anyone else seeing this? Also warnings about unsporting conduct?
  9. Aptar111

    Disappearing Ships

    At least on Coop, battles are ending with one to several opposing ships still on the map with very little if any damage. Just a bit ago I had just begun firing on an undamaged carrier when the game suddenly ended. In some cases I have seen where there are still as many as three opposition ships still in the battle yet it suddenly is over. Likelihood of all of them being destroyed at the same exact instant seems remote at best! Yes, I am aware that all battles have a time limit but the situation I am addressing falls very short of the time limit.
  10. Aptar111

    Disappearing Ships

    Lately it seems, in CoOp battles, the battles are ending before the last enemy ship is destroyed. Anyone else seeing this?
  11. Aptar111

    Naval Battles - Engagement Stage

    I guess what I am after is an explanation each week of what the criteria are. Would it be too much to ask to put a blurb at the top of the naval battle grid that specifies what this weeks challenge is? A couple of weeks ago I couldn't figure out why my scores over 1,000 XP points didn't earn a star when the criteria appeared to be much lower. Someone came on here and explained it was just for "base" XP without any modifiers. Sure would have been nice to know that from the start!
  12. Aptar111

    Subs in randoms

    I must be in the minority because I don't like subs at all. There needs to be another category of battle for those who want to play subs or deal with subs!
  13. Lately it seems, in CoOp battles, the battles are ending before the last enemy ship is destroyed. Anyone else seeing this?
  14. Aptar111

    Naval Battles - Engagement Stage

    This is the result of my first Naval Battle this morning. It was apparently good enough as there is now a "Star" next to my name on the list of those participating. The results screen also says "Best Bar" at 120. Same screen indicates last cleared bar = 120 and next bar =160. If I count all the numbers on the "Bars" from the results screen below, they total 210. Since 210 is greater than 120 is that why this resulted in the Star?