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  1. robert_lol

    Colorado Crap

    Ok, thx
  2. robert_lol

    Colorado Crap

    Do you have any advice on playing the Colorado? The Colorado is way too slow to get into the fight, and when I get there, all the XP piñatas are gone. I get some good games here and there with stupid broadside Iowa, I once got a game with 2607 base xp, but most games I either: Get HE spammed to death End up too far to actually hit something If you have any advice, I would greatly appreciate it.
  3. robert_lol

    Colorado Grind Depressing Me - Help

    Just FXP the whole thing.
  4. robert_lol

    USS Atlanta tier 7

    Atlanta is totally broken, it needs 19 skill points, it has WAY to fast reload time.