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  1. Did_I_hurt_U

    CV snipers

    So Yuro released a video about CV sniping last week in I was wondering if it's possible with other combinations. T4 CV and T5 Kongos T6 CV and Nagatos T8 CV and Musashis Just curious, Im tempted is start a contest to see who can achieve the most in one week.
  2. Did_I_hurt_U

    One Simple CV Question

    I think what we can take from hapa is they are the most OP ship in the game and because of that they need special rules to limit them the most. I guess why play anything else, unless you enjoy playing something inferior to your competition. 1 really great ship per team and 11 other ok ships to fill the rest of the spots. Who at WG thinks this is a great game design, this is such trash. I sure hope I get the best CV driver because otherwise Im at a severe disadvantage. If WG wants CV in the game they just need to make them bots otherwise player skills make the difference, so do i feel lucky? Instead of a battle button they should have a slot machine handle to start a match. Come on give me the better CV player on my team!!
  3. Did_I_hurt_U

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    @Capt_Q_Sparrow The Devs want it in the game to prop up the bad players and this game is 95% bad player it just makes sense.
  4. Did_I_hurt_U

    Whats is wargammings goal with CV's?

    It's for assured spotting for battleships to have something to shoot at all game. It's to keep the DD population hemmed in. And a ship that Bad players can survive in more than 5 minutes and get to play the whole game.
  5. Did_I_hurt_U

    What more I would like for WG to do ??

    I think they need to have a option to quarantine the sky virus from the game for the next few months.
  6. Did_I_hurt_U

    Where are the Submarines?????!!!!!

    I'm sure all the surface ship just can't wait! Getting griefed from the air and underwater lol just what this game needs.
  7. Did_I_hurt_U

    7.3 Nostalgia - Pre CV rework

    A stat hider calling out stats lol you're an idiot
  8. Did_I_hurt_U

    Six Containers 90 tokens

    Lol I look at this event and decided this must be an intelligence check
  9. Did_I_hurt_U

    Dual CV Matches - PVP Random

    I took a long hiatus from this game and thought I'd give the rework a chance and I gotta say it's stupid easy now. I haven't advanced past T4 yet and it's just laughable I feel bad for new players. I'm sure it'll get a little more difficult going up but lower game is gone. Sad. No fighter cover, no anti-aircraft values, and unending planes. What a joke this game has become. I might hang out just to just punish you poor surface ships, but Im not wasting a dime on this game, the competitive side is gone and it's just a silly game now. They reworked this game into a pew pew joke lol.
  10. Did_I_hurt_U


    CVs are stupid easy