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  1. Did_I_hurt_U

    Is it too late to release an olympics event now?

    I'm sure it's surrounded by all kinds of trademarks, so i doubt it at this point.
  2. Did_I_hurt_U


    So I've been kinda on the fence about the ship. Anybody seen any reviews? Doesn't seem to be talked about much.
  3. Did_I_hurt_U

    Is This Dutch Gimmick A Prank

    I could see this being abused on the next brawl. Think we need to find its nitch still, its so new.
  4. Did_I_hurt_U

    The Fourth Brawl

  5. Did_I_hurt_U

    Russian CV heals removed

    Well it made sense to have an on board mechanic for every Russian aircraft...
  6. Did_I_hurt_U

    Modern Torpedo Defences

    They are developing a anti torpedo, torpedo as we speak.
  7. Did_I_hurt_U

    Opinions on the CVs?

    Well the only public poll that WG ever put out that we got to see it was overwhelmingly against.
  8. This game would have to have players of skill to have a skilled matchmaker. Unfortunately that time has passed.
  9. Did_I_hurt_U

    Just scrap Rocket Planes (HERE ME OUT)

    Well that would mean that this rework was a complete failure. I mean it is but try to get WG to admit that good luck.
  10. It's true it's workable don't be ignorant seek help. Or embarrass yourself by going and freaking out about it when reality is it's not bad.
  11. Did_I_hurt_U

    Mods plz delete this thread

  12. Did_I_hurt_U

    CV fighters RUINED !!!

    honestly people the professor @El2aZeR has already figured it out. You just need a little skill.
  13. Did_I_hurt_U

    CV fighters RUINED !!!

    Sry, ok I'm ready.
  14. Did_I_hurt_U

    Rocket Queens trash can

    Lul wut?