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  1. MollyGodiva

    Five Epochs campaign: low tier co-op earnings are rough

    Five Epochs is one of the few events/missions/campaigns is specific to low tier ships. I like the variety, despite some annoyances. And it is untimed so no biggie.
  2. MollyGodiva

    Why so many sub commanders?

    This seems good to me. You expand your reserve spots for free.
  3. MollyGodiva

    6th Anniversary Flake Thread (PVE Thread)

    What you get out of the supercontainers?
  4. MollyGodiva

    Co-op Suggestion: Bots Outnumber Humans

    I would love coop games with more bots on the other team. Coop is too easy and I suck at pvp.
  5. MollyGodiva

    I want compensation

    I was in the same boat but with practice I am not pretty good at hitting targets. Some ships are easier to aim then others. I don't do PvP either.
  6. MollyGodiva

    [ALL] ModStation

    I had this same problem and it drove me nuts. The solution that worked foe me was deleting "C:\ProgramData\Wargaming.net"
  7. MollyGodiva

    rediculous pacific war mission

    I have done about a dozen battles and still can't get them. I can get very close. This mission does suck.
  8. MollyGodiva

    Low Tier Events

    I agree. I would love to see more low tier events and missions. They have the "Five Epochs of the Navy" which was fun but long completed.
  9. MollyGodiva

    BXP Grind

    I saw this too and I realized that it was not possible for me so I gave up on the entire mission chain. I also am only half way though the second part. It does bug me when WG makes these so unfriendly to co-op players.
  10. MollyGodiva

    PTS 0.10.8 Bug Reports

    The Aircraft event showed all missions as time up while it said above that there was still an hour left. Also turning off the event during prime gaming time in NA????
  11. MollyGodiva

    Bot torp dodging?

    I had this exact same thing happen a few months ago. Sunk a DD that I did not eve know was there. Otherwise bots are really good at dodging torps.
  12. MollyGodiva

    [ALL] ModStation

    I had the PTS and the Sub test WoWs clients. I uninstalled both of them and WGC. Modstation did not work. Then I reinstalled WGC and it still did not work.
  13. MollyGodiva

    [ALL] ModStation

    I tried everything that was suggested.
  14. MollyGodiva

    [ALL] ModStation

    I log in with Steam. WoWS is installed under the Steam directories. If ModStation does not work with Steam installs then that should be clearly admitted.