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  1. MollyGodiva

    cv's only brawl...

    This looks like WG trolling the users...and doing a good job. This is hilarious. Hats off to WG.
  2. MollyGodiva

    [ALL] ModStation

    The smoke is subtle. If you have poor eyesight then "Running Lights" would be very helpful.
  3. MollyGodiva

    A suicide mission? Kinda cool... But why?

    I have been playing for two years and I got confused also.
  4. I think what they mean is the new economic system is very similar to WOT. There are many things in WOT that is not in WoWs, and we want to keep it that way.
  5. MollyGodiva


    Orville is great and feels like TNG. SNW is also great and feels like TOS. The rest are forgettable.
  6. MollyGodiva

    The return of Black TIER 9

    I don't think it is scammy. The cost is disclosed. If the cost is too high then don't get it. I took one look at the cost and noped out of there.
  7. MollyGodiva

    PTS And Steam

    You can install PTS with Steam. The two games are separate.
  8. MollyGodiva

    [ALL] ModStation

    Also, when you re-install, make sure it puts Modstation in a different directory then "C:\ProgramData\Wargaming.net\GameCenter"
  9. MollyGodiva

    Community Tokens & Leningrad

    I know your frustration. I was saving up to get the T7 crates and was one week away before they were pulled. But I just got that crate I have been waiting for and got an Atlanta, which I have been wanting for a long time.
  10. Update: Spent 30k tokens and got Atlanta...which is the ship I really wanted. So big win for me and token system in my book.
  11. MollyGodiva

    Feedback for Update 0.11.4 - French Cruisers

    I was one requesting this. I was saving up for the crates and was one week away when they were removed. Now I can get two T7 ships.
  12. I have been collecting tokens and barely spending any since they were first introduced. I was one week away from 30k when they took away the T7 containers in Novemberish. I now have 75k. So you can collect about a crate every six months or so, providing you complete all or most of the PTS missions (which is normally not hard).
  13. Lol. That is why I played.
  14. MollyGodiva

    Update 0.11.4: French Cruisers

    The T7 containers are the same cost as they were previous.
  15. So you have completed it then.