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  1. MollyGodiva

    Words that get you chat banned

    I once got banned (got it lifted on appeal) because I corrected someone's history that pre-1933 German ships were not ships of that we-don't-name party. Now I just don't say that word, and avoiding all the rest of the bannable words is easy, just don't be mean or insult people in chat.
  2. MollyGodiva

    Stone the Crows!

    I like crows....I don't like that saying.
  3. MollyGodiva

    Nothing worse than a loss like this

    I once was in a battle and it was just two CVs left. All our CV had to do to win was get a cap. Instead they sailed away from the cap to the corner and tried to attack the other CV. Did not even get close to sinking it and we lost.
  4. MollyGodiva

    Big dumb battleships that sail in straight lines...

    Thanks for the strategy commentary, it is helpful to us newbies.
  5. MollyGodiva

    How to Pensacola?

    Could you please post the build that you are using?
  6. I don't understand the point of using premium ships to re-train captains while grinding. Why not just deal with the reduction of caption skills? At least then you are earning XP on the ship as well.
  7. As a newer player, I play the PTS to see what lines I want to grind, which is great value for me. I also play to get the T6 container, even though I got the worthless Gallant from the Spring Season. But I do think that there needs to be more incentive to play the PTS over live, and I suggest that at least some XP earned on PTS gets transferred to live. You are still playing, and earning it legitimately, so it is an honest reward.
  8. MollyGodiva

    PT is a disaster, don't bother.

    PTS is fine now.
  9. MollyGodiva

    WG why do we have to have bots in Randoms?

    I like bots in randoms, it cuts down on the timidness and the hiding behind islands. The sub battles were like that and I had a blast.
  10. MollyGodiva

    Odin Dockyard Event: My Thoughts

    I think the directives were at bit much, especially the second one. I have only one T8, a T7, and most T6s, and it was just a slow and painful grind. I play a few hours a day and I am still only on the third part. I am only going for Stage 10, not the whole way.
  11. I think I am having the same issue also. I clicked the button to participate, got the jersey, but no missions.
  12. MollyGodiva

    Are all T4 and below premiums worthless now?

    There are some pretty fun tech tree ships at the lower tiers. I would love to see missions and rewards to play them. They are fun, but I it is better to spend time on ships that complete missions or can use XP to get the next ship.
  13. MollyGodiva

    What Happened To Submarines?

    I can't wait. Subs are my favorite class. 150k damage at T6, yes please.
  14. MollyGodiva

    Soviet Cruisers: Branch Review

    I like Soviet cruisers up to T6, but the ones above them do have weak armor and get taken out very easy.
  15. I only have a bunch of T6 cruisers, and a Soviet T7 and T8. But that is only one of the many requirements that takes quite a large number of games to get. I would be more ticked but I don't play German ships. I am also kinda glad that the next one is German CVs, since I don't do CVs either.