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  1. CheezWeez

    Is Loyang B worth the dubs?

    I'll try that, but since I have exactly 6031 dubs, Cossack is 819 dubs out of my range
  2. CheezWeez

    Is Loyang B worth the dubs?

    Unfortunately Cossack is around 300 dubs out of my budget, or I would've got her
  3. Because of the Black Friday discount and the leftover dubloons I have, I'm considering buying Loyang B. I currently have 6000 dubloons, and was wondering if I should get Loyang, get something else, save my dubloons, or do something else with them. Thank you in advance, and sorry for the lateness of the post seeing as there is only 3 more days in the Black Friday event.
  4. CheezWeez


    They are, I hated them all if I remember correctly lol maybe dunkerque was fine
  5. CheezWeez


    Two things: I LOVE THE YOLO (and I actually succeed a fair amount) You should see that sweet 150k Neptune yolo, dmg might not be impressive, but damn the game was, but I guess I get what you’re saying besides, fun over money/wr? and as I said, I’m broke, no premiums, tho 40k to Georgia
  6. CheezWeez


    Ok so I need 8 mil to Minotaur, problem is, I’m broke, so no premiums, tho I’m 40k or so more coal to Georgia. But I don’t wanna wait that long, and I’ve sold everything I want to sell in the inv and ships. I have Lightning, Audacious, Black Swan (I know the last one wasn’t necessary, but Idc). I have 9 million credits atm, if something’s worth investing. Thanks in advance!
  7. CheezWeez


    So it means nothing?
  8. CheezWeez


    K thanks But what's this supposedd to mean
  9. CheezWeez


    I want to solve some problems I have on playing WoWs, and I'm thinking about re-installing. But does the account and all it's progress save if you uninstall?
  10. CheezWeez

    Soviet CV Line Suggestions

    Man we already discussed this-50 Kirov airships!
  11. CheezWeez

    Soviet CV Line Suggestions

    Double the size, but some Kirovs on the deck, paint a hammer and sickle on the deck, and make it blasting the anthem, then maybe
  12. CheezWeez

    Soviet CV Line Suggestions

    Let's compromise-50 of those babies
  13. CheezWeez

    Soviet CV Line Suggestions

    Imagine scouring the archives for something that's easy to find #contradiction
  14. CheezWeez

    Soviet CV Line Suggestions

    Well they better give them Vodka stores somewhere, or I'm not in on this BTW, it's Quantity over Quality... not vise versa so anyone in on 100 bombers a squadron?
  15. CheezWeez

    Wargaming, Fix This!

    That's 30k... just saying...