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  1. CheezWeez

    2023 is the year of the...

    switching to Gaijin
  2. CheezWeez

    USS Illinois and the Great Secondary Oppression

    I should be enough to call it universal appeal. I build everything for secondaries. Maybe that's why my Ohio dispersion feels worse than anything I have previously owned, besides Georgia, which also happens to be secondary. I even built Napoli for secondary. That's how my winrate is so high.
  3. CheezWeez

    D7P Ranked: AA escort role

    Full aa build means dps and flak. And the imp still nuked me
  4. CheezWeez

    D7P Ranked: AA escort role

    If the enemy cv is stupid it works. They fly into all my flak. I used to run full aa build minotaur (for around 2 games) and one game was no cv, the other game I got concentrated and nuked by an Implacable... sad
  5. CheezWeez

    Pleasantly Surprising Ships

    I know I fxped past Neptune and didn't really get many games with her, but that's only because I really wanted Minotaur. The few games I had weren't necessarily good, but I felt that was more my problem than the ship. She performed quite well at least in my opinion. And I hated the Fiji. That thing sucks And Paolo Emilio very op ship please nerf
  6. CheezWeez

    Whose reviews do you trust with LWM gone?

    Well I read all the reviews I can find. After, I completely disregard them and go with my original feeling and buy the ship because that's the only reason I watched/read the reviews... genius use of time I know
  7. CheezWeez

    The return of the Fleet of Fog

    Maybe this is and alt but if you have 75 battles I wouldn't recommend whaling THAT much... maybe keep it to 900 for now
  8. Happy birthday to HMS Thunderer, Orion class super-dreadnought. I will now take advantage of this for my own interests. Now since Orion is tier 4, I can nicely move into talking about low tier. Bring back attention to low tiers. Stop copy and pasting Omahas. I don't want another Omaha. I'm not asking for another vessel named toxicity Thunderer (though I'll gladly take a Thunderer), I just want to enjoy putting my special commanders on (real) low tier ships to sealclub bots and people who got the game yesterday. I recently got Yamamoto, and I put him on my Tachibana, commander xped him to level 21, and started playing. Sealclubbing at its finest. Look at Kamikaze, everyone wants one. Now if you want to copy and paste a Kamikaze and sell it to me for say, 200 doubloons, I'll take that. Low tier randoms are fun. No subs, no cvs, rarely blowouts (as long as it's tier 2 or lower you're playing). Why play tier 10, 11, when there are shiny new premiums in tier 1? I know it's not gonna happen because money, but it'll be so fun. Also here is a picture of Thunderer so I can claim this forum is on topic.
  9. CheezWeez


    Where is Tarkov. Sure I put my family in crippling financial debt to buy it, but it's still a great game
  10. CheezWeez

    Expendable camo why?

    I'm sure it's legal now
  11. Don't play excessively cautious, run down the middle. You then KNOW everyone's looking at you (or just do everything assuming your in danger and be on alert, as well as don't throw you ship away pointlessly, priority target doesn't make suicides not suicides.) Also incoming fire alert is better, 1 point saved, and it allows you to dodge more easily if say a ship just popped up by shooting and you don't notice, or you're doing something and a Yamato does for the crossmap.
  12. CheezWeez

    Name 1 thing you'd change

    No more subs, cvs, or superships unless you wish to play with them in your matches by making mm selectable. I know I know lame but it's what I want. But I'm also ok if WG gives me a free beer every game I play
  13. I don't use priority target at all. I am brave that way. It really doesn't matter how many people are looking at you to me, they can be looking for any reason. Maybe you're super attractive. Maybe your ship looks like an anime waifu. But really, it's more important to know when you're being shot at. They're looking at you, doesn't mean they'll shoot you. Don't even know who is looking at you to judge the danger to turn out. And people who say it tells them how many ships on a flank, that's quite obvious. As long as I'm not mid and running middle, it's just 12-everyone on the enemy team. Incoming fire alert would be more interesting, since you don't know when to dodge with priority target. At least incoming is one point and you know when to dodge even when you don't see the shells coming. Just look at their guns if they're spotted, and if they're not, assume they're targeting you with torpedoes and guns.
  14. CheezWeez

    Best Research Bureau Ship?

    yep that's the worst but most games are along those lines. I run secondary build because my main guns can't reliably do anything
  15. CheezWeez

    Best Research Bureau Ship?

    By "accurate" do you mean a game with ~100 shell hits, with only overpens and ricochets, and having shot a broadsiding Ohio at 5km? I rely on my AP Columbo more than Ohio main guns lol