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  1. cerich67

    you win wow

    I enjoy playing DD. I like many have dropped a couple hundred bucks on the game.. But, it's simply not worth it, spawn in a game with a decent CV on other side and it's over in 2 mins.. before you can even do anything. Face a couple radar ships and over before you can do anything. The argument of spot is fairly lame, it's boring and a waste of time Basically, when playing a DD is fun it is very fun, but more often than not the choice is be a cat toy for the red team or spend the game just trying to hide on the margin between spotted and spotting. That is boring as heck really. So, WOW you win, you can shove your DD up where you put your subs and I won't reward you any longer. Yup, I know.. I am just crying and a poor player is what folks will say.. so be it
  2. cerich67

    new DD ranked battle plan

    a Dd is very unlikely to get enough points to save star, simply cant do that level of damage
  3. There is no way to win when teammates won't team... So, give it a few mins, if more than a third of team won't comm, head off in direction rest haven't agree don or work with team, just sail into view of the red team. Get a coffee and not waste time
  4. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    Why are you inferring I am making statements I can't back up? I am not going to enter the ships and tiers of them in some app so I can have it add them up, it's not that important. This is simply me getting some good advice, making some observations as a newbie and learning. I will own my screw ups in game play, my lack of experience and ability. However, some of the matching is horribly skewed, and others have backed that up that have much greater experience than I do. It is what it is, but it seems poor business. It's also some folks taking the time to play "whip it out" and show who has a bigger one, frankly, this is a game, a video game. I played the real one at peace and at war with much higher stakes and I DON"T have to prove that playing a video game well makes me somehow something special. Hint, it doesn't, even if I were the best in the world, which I shall never be
  5. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    thanks, i am nowhere near that anal however.. Really this is to kill time and be entertained
  6. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    Is this what ya want? I don't see anywhere that shows a summary of all the ships and their tiers I was up against as a tier 8
  7. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    sure, tell me how to do so and i shall.
  8. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    Over 20..and not so much.. LOL. At least no CV there.
  9. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    only in approx 75% of the time.. LOL :-)
  10. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    actually jumped tier 2/3 to haida, because ... Canadian, ex RCN (the real one) and my grandfather happened to command two of Haida's sister ships. That may have been a jump.. LOL Then got the tier 8..because why not and was in more over my head.. The Jervis, just playing around, not many games with her yet
  11. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    Ummm... let's address your reply I never said I think I know the game, quite the opposite actually I never said that buying a premium made me think i would get better results as far as my gameplay, I was postulating that possibly buying one would even the playing field considering how often a tier 8 gets matched up againts 9 and 10 tier ships that have some clear advantages. Umm, the game is matching tier 8 against higher tiers, that it is stiff of course is to be expected, is the capablities of a tier 8 vs a tier 10 not different? Would two exactly equal players not have to depend on luck to prevail agints the other in a ship 2 tiers above? Good advice on play it slower Done Starting to Sometimes as time allows I hope to
  12. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    Yeah, just tried a game where I literally was located the second the game started being the most forward unit of my team on start, had two waves of aircraft straffing me within 20 seconds and down to less than half health. So basically, while the faster action of a DD could potentially be fun, they have skewed the game so hard against that it's worthless to play it seems
  13. So, with some time on hands, started playing, dropped some cash and enjoyed the game and learning at first. However, once I got a Vlll DD premium it seems that the majority of my randoms have dropped me in with iX and X ships to play against. OK..whatever right? That said, between getting slapped by the CV's in 2-3 runs (and yes, I have learned to turn off aa), and can stick close to BB/C who then get upset that I am not scouting, but when do scout they often hang back so far that they leave me completely exposed to CV aircraft, or let me take the beating and kill steal) or pegged by RDF/radar, then dealing with the IX/X ships that has a rate of fire that I can't even try and match, super close detection distances etc... Basically going up against at least half of the field with ships that have vastly superior capabilities. Basically it seems that the choice is to spend the game trying to survive and doing very little in the battle or trying to engage and being dead pretty quickly. It really seems like WOW has set things up that this level will either force you to buy a IX/X so you can compete somewhat or just being a fun target for those that have. Yeah, I make some stupid decisions, yeah, I am not great and trying to learn, however this stage is sucking the fun out of the game. Thoughts?