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  1. In far too many games lately upon spawn some way too political folks are immediately starting with "let's go Brandon", which sometimes evolves into various political camps, other times a rally call etc. I come here to play a game, not have to hear folks go all trump, all biden or even the politics of Canada where many of us are from. What's the deal of reporting politics in chat? Will WOW care or do we just have to listen to politics while playing, or turn it off and not do any team play? Honestly, I am so tired of it in a place I come to chill and play a game that I am just yolo and start another match
  2. cerich67

    CVs good Subs bad?

    you want a game where other ships cap and spot and you can sit back in BB and farm damage with nobody that can counter you. Got it, many BB players do. Too bad
  3. cerich67

    Sub play hint

    When deep beyond detection range you won't see where folks are, just where they were. However if you hit M, you WILL see who is firing and from where. With your last post data point, it gives you real time info on what is happening on the roof. you're welcome
  4. real life for the era that WOW is in (ww1 and 2), subs operating depth was shallow. In fact, submerged attacks were more rare than surface ..
  5. cerich67

    Create Missions just for Veterans / Veterans Only

    yeah because we are all the same.. how about no? Sorry, zero interest in spending time with a bunch of infantry that all think they were "just this close to being Delta"
  6. cerich67

    you win wow

    I enjoy playing DD. I like many have dropped a couple hundred bucks on the game.. But, it's simply not worth it, spawn in a game with a decent CV on other side and it's over in 2 mins.. before you can even do anything. Face a couple radar ships and over before you can do anything. The argument of spot is fairly lame, it's boring and a waste of time Basically, when playing a DD is fun it is very fun, but more often than not the choice is be a cat toy for the red team or spend the game just trying to hide on the margin between spotted and spotting. That is boring as heck really. So, WOW you win, you can shove your DD up where you put your subs and I won't reward you any longer. Yup, I know.. I am just crying and a poor player is what folks will say.. so be it
  7. cerich67

    new DD ranked battle plan

    a Dd is very unlikely to get enough points to save star, simply cant do that level of damage
  8. There is no way to win when teammates won't team... So, give it a few mins, if more than a third of team won't comm, head off in direction rest haven't agree don or work with team, just sail into view of the red team. Get a coffee and not waste time
  9. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    Why are you inferring I am making statements I can't back up? I am not going to enter the ships and tiers of them in some app so I can have it add them up, it's not that important. This is simply me getting some good advice, making some observations as a newbie and learning. I will own my screw ups in game play, my lack of experience and ability. However, some of the matching is horribly skewed, and others have backed that up that have much greater experience than I do. It is what it is, but it seems poor business. It's also some folks taking the time to play "whip it out" and show who has a bigger one, frankly, this is a game, a video game. I played the real one at peace and at war with much higher stakes and I DON"T have to prove that playing a video game well makes me somehow something special. Hint, it doesn't, even if I were the best in the world, which I shall never be
  10. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    thanks, i am nowhere near that anal however.. Really this is to kill time and be entertained
  11. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    Is this what ya want? I don't see anywhere that shows a summary of all the ships and their tiers I was up against as a tier 8
  12. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    sure, tell me how to do so and i shall.
  13. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    Over 20..and not so much.. LOL. At least no CV there.
  14. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    only in approx 75% of the time.. LOL :-)
  15. cerich67

    newish player, bit frustrated

    actually jumped tier 2/3 to haida, because ... Canadian, ex RCN (the real one) and my grandfather happened to command two of Haida's sister ships. That may have been a jump.. LOL Then got the tier 8..because why not and was in more over my head.. The Jervis, just playing around, not many games with her yet