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  1. Plumage_


    The thing I think could be good is maybe a radar concealment upgrade to decide between in slot 5. Instead of having surface detection range reduced, you could have radar detection range reduced by say... 10%? That way you can be 10% more stealthy when radar is used (or break radar range earlier), with the trade off of 10% more surface detection.
  2. That's a good explanation, I didn't think about the extra clutter for those that don't want it. Letting people choose to use a mod that shows the information instead of forcing it. Thank you!
  3. A mod would make sense if it conformed to the rules like you state, and as far as I know, the HE and SAP both have formulas (which i assume generates the number we see in the info panel), while AP does not have a universal formula. However, would it make sense if there was a table with values that were calculated on WG's end, and those values were pulled to the info panel? Even if it were only calculated at a single range, I'm not sure if it would be too much work to implement and that's why we haven't gotten something like it yet or what.
  4. I propose that there should be a new information line on the AP shell type that lists the armor penetration at x/y/z ranges. As the HE and SAP shell types list their armor penetration values in game, I believe it only makes sense that the AP shells should also. An example could be: AP Shell Armor Penetration Capacity at (5km / 10km / 15km): 300mm / 225mm / 150mm I feel this would help with guesswork when using AP in general, and will also make penetration/non-penetration hits feel more justified for players that don't (want to) look up armor penetration curves, or just want an easy estimate on how much armor the shell can penetrate. If there's any other forum posts out there about this topic, let me know, I'd like to give them a read.