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  1. SquirrelPlayz_YT

    Alaska or Agir?

    I hope you are all well, I was wondering whether to get Alaska or the Agir as they are all cruisers that are very similar to each other, for example, they have the same guns. The major difference is that the Agir has torpedoes while Alaska has a radar. They are all similar ships with a similar price, so I can not make up my mind on which one to get. Thanks.
  2. SquirrelPlayz_YT

    Mainz Coming in Armory?

    Does anyone know the approximate date the German cruiser Mainz in arriving in the armory, or if it is going to come to the armory at all? I know I have to buy it in the premium shop, but over there at the premium shop, you have to directly spend your money no matter how many doubloons you have. Also in the armory you occasionally receive coupons so you can save money.
  3. SquirrelPlayz_YT

    What is the best premium in the shop right now for HE spamming?

    I have the Haida, I don't really like the smoke though. Basically other DD's recharge half their smoke inside their previous smoke, but the creeping smoke allows you to move around more but sacrificing the smoke time, so basically whenever I use my smoke, I have to wait a long time outside the smoke for it to replenish. The torps are also a problem, you have to save and conserve it. Everything else on the Haida is fine, it can shred other DD's in range as it has a lot of guns for a DD.
  4. SquirrelPlayz_YT

    Mainz or Bayard

    Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. I am considering buying a HE spamming ship in the premium shop or armoury. So I am deciding on 2 ships, the Mainz and the Bayard. Bayard - IFHE, 8% fire chance (DE, No Flags), 38 mm HE penetration. 3.06 km better detectability range than Mainz; 2 knots faster maximum speed; 1.2 seconds faster rudder shift time; Has main battery reload booster and engine boost; Probably better overall secondaries. Mainz - No IFHE, 10% fire chance (DE, No Flags), 38 mm HE penetration. 1.5 seconds overall faster reload time than Bayard; 90 m/s faster shell velocity. 5100 more hitpoints; Overall better armour; Probably better overall AA; 1.08 km better firing range; Harder to citadel. Overall, I think they both have their advantages and both might seem fun to play, also I have to include that they are all the same price.
  5. SquirrelPlayz_YT

    PT Armory Ships?

    Is it possible to get ships from the Armory using doubloons in Public Test servers the way you can in regular servers?
  6. I hope you are all well, So, I have been playing in my Scharnhorst a lot and got bored of waiting 20 seconds for the shells to load and now I need a ship to spam rounds with. I was wondering what is the best t7 or t8 premium ship currently in the shop to HE spam in? I am currently thinking of the French light cruiser Bayard or the German cruiser Mainz. If you have any suggestions for a ship that won't kill my bank please let me know. Also, would you prefer Mainz over Bayard or the other way around?