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    Looking for Clan

    I am a new player, been playing a tad over 2 months. I have two T10's.. and am a highly competitive gamer, I dislike losing. I don't rage though, ever. -- I am always striving to get better and constantly learning from each match. What am I looking for? -- Active clan that always wants to Div up. -- Maybe some veterans to take me under their wing to help me out. Stats? Random battles 49% WR. -- I've ranked out in Ranked Sprint this season, 68% WR. Clan I am currently in has really good players.. but don't Div up as much as I'd like to. (I totally understand life comes first, etc) Not looking for some elaborate application process either.

    Premium Ship Credit Earners

    Thank you all for the responses.

    Premium Ship Credit Earners

    What is the average per game you guys are pulling in? Not counting your monstrous games...
  4. Of this ships available on the martket to purchase with either doubloons or $$... what is the best credit earner available? I am struggling with credits so so badly each tech tree upgrade... looking for options rather than a credit purse... I also dont want to spend the doubloons on the Moskva Camo.. when i may get one when she becomes "special" -- its my only T10

    MM.. higher MM?

    WHat do you mean OP/over capable ship issue? -- I am a t7 trying to progress to t8....

    MM.. higher MM?

    How do i progress then?

    MM.. higher MM?

    Its becoming a bit ridiculous... t7 in so many t9 battles? I cant even Div up with someone over 1 tier away from me...

    Aiming bug? Crosshair bug?

    just did it, thanks for the advice. hope it works!

    Aiming bug? Crosshair bug?

    your post is honestly useless.... i am explaining what problem i am having.... seeing if anyone else has the same or fixed it.. not this [edited] crapyou posted.

    Aiming bug? Crosshair bug?

    Ever so randomly... my ingame X and Y axis bug.. and it feels as if my X axis becomes 50dpi... while my Y axis turns up to 2000dpi. This is NOT a setting on my mouse, its locked into 600dpi, cant change it. It happens every other game.. then next game its fine. What gives?
  11. I was just able to upgrade to the Moskva, thanksfully. This is my first T10 Cruiser. Question: Is this Russian Cruiser split happening April 8? Also... are we going to be provided a camo for the moskva? Don't know if I want to spend the doubloons for the camo offered.

    Nearing my first T10.

    As the topic states.. I am nearing my first T10 ship, the Moskva. I am about 50kxp away. I have only been playing the game about a month. What should my next course be? Get the legendary for the Moskva? Is that still available? While working toward my 19pt captain? — banking some credits along the way. it would be nice having a 2 19pt captains so when I grind another line that would be all set. or should I just begin / finish another line to T10?

    “Special signals”

    What is the best way to earn/obtain these “special signals” or are they usually obtained from buying those containers?

    East Coast - Looking for Group!

    If you are meaning the GK that I am currently in... its inactive. I’m in it still for the added bonuses.
  15. I’m quite new to the game, almost at my first Tier 10 ship. Very competitive personality.. I take losses fairly well. I don’t rage / rage quit. I’m 33, too old for that! looking for a group to consistently play with in random and so on once I get there. I also don’t mind criticism as it will make me a better player. let me know!