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  1. chaotic_renegade

    Musashi in the Armory Auction

    its human nature to hope you get what you want. This is nothing against the playerbase, I am the most stupidest xD of them lol. its the same premise as a casino, They (Casino) say hey look you Could get this if you give us money....We most likely wont get it, and we know it, but the desire and hope over rule the common sense and we try anyways
  2. chaotic_renegade

    Musashi in the Armory Auction

    not stupid, just impulsive.....sometimes stupid. Hope and desire are often more powerful than intelligence and reason.
  3. chaotic_renegade

    Musashi in the Armory Auction

    I disagree :)
  4. chaotic_renegade

    Musashi in the Armory Auction

    Doubloon auctions are both genius and predatory. It will cause people to spend money on doubloons hoping they can get a very specific thing, only to find out they didnt bid high enough and now they are forced to settle for something they may not have been willing to buy in the first place. But since they already bought doubloons they will be invested with no way to pull the money back out. This is border line Bait and Switch. All of this of course assumes it will be a doubloon auction, if its not then never mind xD
  5. chaotic_renegade

    Santa crate rage - I DIDN'T GET A SHIP!!! >:-(

    23 mega crates 0 ships 44 regular 1 ship (London) I lose
  6. chaotic_renegade

    No daily shipments for North America

    The new system looks terrible
  7. So I guess this means that the Saipan is even more useless now
  8. chaotic_renegade


    Makes CV almost unplayable bc of missing targeting window due to stuttering. That probably makes the rest of the community happy though so w/e I guess
  9. chaotic_renegade

    Washington Navy Yard

  10. chaotic_renegade

    You have warship meme's?

  11. Do you play wows and which Transformers ship is your fav? If you could add one more Transformers ship which Transformer would it be and which ship would it be on?
  12. chaotic_renegade

    Weekly Combat Missions: Even More Rewards

    why was this presented as new information, hasnt this been going for 2 weeks now?