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  1. Why is it always the long time destroyer players leading the charge on this anti-carrier crusade? Seriously, is it really hard to dodge if you have been playing this game more than 3 years? FYI, I am not talking about dodging rockets. Evading carrier spotting is a different skill. I am talking about dodging incoming fire from enemy surface ships. Sure the carrier can spot you, and may be able to hit you once or twice, but the real damage usually comes from the surface ships that use the spotting to shoot at you, and reality is, there is no better way to learn dodging than learning the French destroyers. Sure, their AA defense is crap, but since you don't have smoke, you have to "Get Gud" at dodging incoming fire. Seriously, it is a skill every destroyer player needs to have, and I get the sense that torpedo focused players tend to have let that skill atrophy from just being able to stay concealed so much. Now that the meta favors the heaviest spotting in the game's history, it seems like the longer time destroyer mains are just losing their minds. As for me, I like having carriers around. They keep the game from getting boring.
  2. _Mr_Smooth_

    RTS mode for carriers question, etc.

    If this was a WG investor, then why did WG then hire said 20 something woman who bombed him?
  3. _Mr_Smooth_

    New Survey

    They are seeking demographic information. It helps them market the product if they know who they are reaching as a player base. It helps them understand how to design future promotions to appeal to the greatest majority of their player base. With the massive surge in player numbers recently, the core of the player base may have shifted, and these polls are likely meant to ascertain if this is the case.
  4. _Mr_Smooth_

    What's the status of USS Enterprise?

    It was supposed to become a museum, but the group that was supposed to take care of her and make her ready neglected the upkeep for so long that by the time the navy stepped back in, she was too far gone to save.