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  1. _Mr_Smooth_

    Anniversary stream announcements, guess the ship

    For all the negative people: removing the Netherlands and Spain from the European tech tree hurts the European nation far more than it hurts the Netherlands or Spain. They both had navies significant enough to stand on their own. They will be more than single lines over the long run.
  2. _Mr_Smooth_

    Weekly Combat Missions: Dunkirk Evacuation

    Of course, if you really wanted us to connect to the Dunkirk evacuation, you could always bring back the Dynamo operation...
  3. _Mr_Smooth_

    Does you clan have Ops night?

    The IND clans have done it in the past, and are just now starting to do it again. I agree with the OP. It is an amazing way to bond with other community members.
  4. _Mr_Smooth_

    X New Jersey post in SEA forum.

    New Jersey received a major refit for service in 1968 that the other Iowas skipped to their present day setup. Much like the later 1981 refits, the 20mm guns, 40mn guns, and aircraft catapults were all removed. The AA was replaced with a newer system that predates the 1981 system, and it had a fancy name, but I can't find any details on it. I do know it could intercept missiles. Unlike the later 1981 refit, all of the 5 inch secondaries were retained.
  5. I think I will pass. He tends to be the source of 90% of the toxicity in the game and has a track record for being disingenuous about game issues to gaslight his followers. I am sure he has farmed this for outrage gold, especially since a major team win strategy is being nerfed into the ground in this rework. Don't think I want to watch, as I might want to break my phone/pc when the cattle manure starts getting tossed around.
  6. _Mr_Smooth_

    WOWS not updating

    Oh look, another new thread that is getting merged into the super thread!
  7. Come back and re-read my comment after the headache is gone. You missed the point.
  8. It's actually 69%, but it could go either way, and it's kind of a circular argument that only half really stay on top of.
  9. _Mr_Smooth_

    5h or incorrect info? 0.9.9 update downtime

    I am dying, both of laughter and a little bit inside.
  10. _Mr_Smooth_

    Italian BBs officially teased

    Salem and Colbert are feeling left out.
  11. Don't Necro this all Willy nilly. The mods could lock it, which would be a tragedy since like the modstation post, new things could easily be added to the game in the future to make the original post completely relevant again.
  12. This, plus the changes also include a buff to air detection range, provided the DD keeps their AA off. The truth is these changes will make a world of difference to smart DD players. Sure, a dedicated CV player can kill a DD, but it takes time, and these changes are going to greatly increase the time it takes, meaning the CV won't be doing other productive things. It will turn focused DD hunting into a waste of resources.
  13. _Mr_Smooth_

    PTS Venezia 9.7

    Not just CV, but specifically Hakuryu. BB was still more common than Midway, and Audacious was nowhere to be seen.
  14. Why is it always the long time destroyer players leading the charge on this anti-carrier crusade? Seriously, is it really hard to dodge if you have been playing this game more than 3 years? FYI, I am not talking about dodging rockets. Evading carrier spotting is a different skill. I am talking about dodging incoming fire from enemy surface ships. Sure the carrier can spot you, and may be able to hit you once or twice, but the real damage usually comes from the surface ships that use the spotting to shoot at you, and reality is, there is no better way to learn dodging than learning the French destroyers. Sure, their AA defense is crap, but since you don't have smoke, you have to "Get Gud" at dodging incoming fire. Seriously, it is a skill every destroyer player needs to have, and I get the sense that torpedo focused players tend to have let that skill atrophy from just being able to stay concealed so much. Now that the meta favors the heaviest spotting in the game's history, it seems like the longer time destroyer mains are just losing their minds. As for me, I like having carriers around. They keep the game from getting boring.
  15. _Mr_Smooth_

    RTS mode for carriers question, etc.

    If this was a WG investor, then why did WG then hire said 20 something woman who bombed him?