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  1. D_o_W_0779

    Yo, mean people playing Ops tonight...

    I’ve been curious what the trick was when randomly I end up with a 12-15 kill teammate on this scenario. This is the first evidence I’ve seen there’s an actual hack of some sort. Interesting. It’s fascinating how whatever it is can be so exploited in this particular scenario.
  2. Received the Tier IV and VI German cv’s and the Pan Asian Tier VIII by chance during their respective events. They won’t be played either, simply not into flying.
  3. Any of the cv’s that have magically appeared in the port 😇
  4. D_o_W_0779

    Experience and Naval Battles

    Aside from giving Co-Op focused players at least 2 levels of XP that are attainable, this is a great idea!
  5. D_o_W_0779

    RP Season resets today/tomorrow

    Same way I gather RB as well. Aki and Kita 😎
  6. What happens to the ship carousel? I use mod.
  7. D_o_W_0779

    Kitakaze fire chance

    Run IFHE and get the penetration damage on Kita.
  8. D_o_W_0779

    Question About Line Resets

    I’m not certain I’m understanding the OP 100%… In order to get the reset option at the bottom of the line again, will need to at least use FXP to “earn” the option to purchase all up to the tier X. Then the reset button becomes available in the tech tree window.
  9. D_o_W_0779

    Log-in captcha

    I never have changed capitalization on one of those…
  10. The outliers, purchased 3-5 ships specifically for clan battles because no big deal to do that and allow the caller more options. 3 Russian cruisers purchased because they were the event happening when began actually playing, they were bundled together with a ton of flags and handfuls of camos…not “quality” purchase. All the other ships purchased directly because I knew I would enjoy them after playing the game a while, getting a feel for my preferred style of play, and doing the research into the actual characteristics and numbers of the ship. One, the Georgia, only purchased because it was leaving and wouldn’t have enough coal for it and Thunderer. On edit; I stopped spending with the LWM debacle and that will continue to be the case unless some actual changes are enacted.
  11. D_o_W_0779

    Get Druid or Vampire II?

    No doubt.
  12. D_o_W_0779

    Fletcher or Kitakaze

    Your description of Akizuki makes it a simple choice for you. Kita is basically the same ship and Haru is the next level with cruiser like handling rather than destroyer knife fighting handling. Stay with the US line for now.
  13. D_o_W_0779

    Ship names/playernames missing

    Upper left hand corner on my UI. Had the same issue, that’s where got it fixed.
  14. D_o_W_0779

    Notice of friendly torpedoes.

    The lack of such communication is what prompted the thread. I was in a Akizuki and started backing up to remove myself from a radar which I was .2km inside the max range of, I heard the sound of torps launching, thought nothing of it, and backed directly into an Elbing torps…and then they immediately fired main guns at me lol… Provide us notice one way or another please I don’t want to have to rely on others communicating.