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  1. Why do I have to rebuy and waste my Italian tokens (800) to move to the next ship if I already got the ship thru Twitch? Shouldn’t I already be on the first tier in the armory. Do I really have to use 800 tokens for a ship I already have to progress to the next level? What a waste of tokens. Thought I could save to move to tier 5 ship.
  2. I have roughly 220k coal. Should I get Neustrashimy, Yoshino, or Marceau?  Just trying to figure out what I should grab first. Thank you. 

    1. LittleWhiteMouse


      Of the three, I like Neustrashimy the most.  She's a very capable, very interesting balanced destroyer (meaning a mix of torpedoes and guns).

    2. hanesco


      It depends on your playstyle, to be honest. All 3 of them are strong options, Neustrashimy less than the others. But in my opinion, Marceau is the stronger out of the 3


    3. CaptSolo007


      Thanks for all your input. Mouse your reviews are amazing and I’ll follow the way. Keep up the great work. Thank you all