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  1. Shalung

    How do I play Hayate ?!?!?!

    Why is this ship a tier X ?!?! Leading up to getting her I read alot of reviews saying she wasn't worth the huge FXP cost. I thought well I'll judge for myself. Being a tier X premium I thought is has to have something going for it. Well, I was wrong. No real cash being involved is one saving grace. But that could also be a curse since no money is involved it probably will never get a buff. If I had to pick just one thing to buff it would be the torp reload time. Oh well, I was hoping for a Corvette and ended up with a Studebaker.
  2. I just got the Hayate and I can't seem to figure out how to play to her strengths ? Seems like this should be a tier XIII ship ? Why is the torp reload so long ? And the concealment doesn't fit for IJN DD. If anyone has advice how to make this ship a killer I would really appreciate it. Thanks, Shalung
  3. I must be the most unlucky player when it comes to buying containers. Purchased 10 German Battleship containers and didn't get one ship. Just a bunch of flags, camos and elite command XP. This seems to be the norm for me. On Black Friday I bought one container and got a ship. So thinking that this was my day I bought 10 more............nothing. I need to just stop wasting my money on these RGN program lottery stuff. Am the only unlucky one here ?
  4. Thank you everyone for your input and feedback. I've made a choice, drum roll please............................................. I went the the Marceau. I'll pick up the Neustrashimy the next time around.
  5. I've got enough coal and want to get a new premium DD. I'm torn between the Neustrashimy or the Marceau. Marceau seems like an extremely fast gun boat with no smoke and the Neustrashimy appears to be a moderate torp boat with really good consumables. If you were in my shoes which one would you choose ?
  6. Is anyone hearing about WoW's offering some new premium ships for Free XP ? None of the current ships available interest me. I have acquired the Nelson & Friesland using Free XP. Absolutely love the Friesland, I just wish I could add Halland Torps. I'm curious about Hayate but 2 million Free XP !?!?!?! Read reviews on it and looked at it's numbers I just can't see it being worth that much Free XP. I really hope WoW's is going to offer some new ships soon.
  7. I would love to see CV's get the ability to return to manual ship control without having to return your planes. And while controlling the ship have the ability to control the planes using the autopilot/map feature like used for the ship. Have a key that you could toggle between piloting planes or the ship and the other one being under autopilot. Or maybe have two players ( like a division) where one player controls the ship and the other pilots a squadron. And when a pilot returns they trade places and the other takes out a squadron. So each player gets a chance to pilot a squadron and manually control the ship. I know most seem to hate CV's but I find them challenging like playing chess because your playing the whole map. Just thought I would throw that idea out there. So what do you think am I asking too much or does it sound reasonable ?
  8. Does this skill mean I can drop my Torps closer to a Ship ? Will the aiming line/bar allow me to get even closer before releasing the Torp ? Sorry just a dumb guy here trying to figure this stuff out.
  9. One of my favorite all time games was IL2 Sturmovik. I would like to see WOW adapt the replay capabilities that game had. It was incredible !! When playing back you could change the angle of the view even change what plane you were watching. Some people were making amazing movies using it. So WoW that is my suggestion for new modifications.
  10. Ok maybe we need some rules...... 1.) Ships have to be built and Sailed. 2.) All Tier's included. 3.) Fight to the death. 4.) What else ???
  11. Yes built and sailed is a good way to put it.
  12. That's basically my idea have a game mode where people can only play ships that really existed.
  13. Shalung

    Atlanta - anything like it?

    I think the Friesland plays a lot like Atlanta except you get smoke.
  14. Thanks Duckman that link answered all my questions.
  15. So the second grind would theoretically go faster. Reason I'm asking is I hate to lose my Halland or Venecia for any period of time. I don't see any Research Bureau that really thrills me right now, maybe Colbert. Thank you for your reply