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  1. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    So, how many will stay until the very end?

    3:27 and still cookin'.
  2. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Your best Co-op Game(s) / Stats

    Well, nuts. Posting screens in here was one of the highlights of all-night play sessions. I'm gonna miss this.
  3. Because we still don't have them, and we should- I don't really care how; just make it happen!- and when the forum gets locked maybe this will be stuck on the front page until the forum suffers critical existence failure. USS Olympia (C-6) USS Houston (CA-30) Georgios Averof Doo Eet.
  4. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Give it six months

    I know I will likely spend less because of this. I wasn't a mega-whale, but there were a few upcoming releases I was setting money aside for which I'm now reconsidering. I have no interest in replacing a forum with a chatroom. To me, thew forum is an integral part of any game I choose to play, and having it shut down is akin to having a game feature removed- which is something I definitely do not appreciate, in a game I've paid a substantial amount of money into. I outright abandoned Destiny 2 when the dev team started removing things from it- whatever the reason, whether it's paid content or a free bonus feature, taking things away from your customers is a bad move. Hopefully WG will realize that some time between now and final shutdown day and reconsider placing their next footstep in a cow pie.
  5. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    So, how many will stay until the very end?

    Still working as of 2:15AM EST.
  6. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Weekly Community Stream with the NA CM Team

    The loss of forums as a means of building and interacting with game communities is as harmful to gaming culture as the replacement of server browsers with matchmakers. Anybody remember server browsers? Y'know, back when you could reliably play with a whole server full of people you wanted to play with, all the time, which allowed you to build a sub-community around your favorite servers, playstyles, and game modes? A server which most likely had full-time, hands-on moderation by active players in the game, so that trolls and griefers would be bounced out immediately, rather than weeks or months later after your complaint wound its way through the inscrutable machinery of the overworked dev mod team, if it didn't just get ignored? And then all that just went away within one generation of games, in the pursuit of efficiency on the dev side. Chasing a trend. Fewer servers to run, higher match turnover rates- casual players and hypercompetitive elites all in the same pot. Look at the toxic stew of impersonal hostility that gaming culture has turned into since that turned into the industry standard. Anyone who was a gamer in the late 90s and early 00s watched it happen. This trend will have a similar effect. It'll become the industry standard, and games just won't have communities anymore- just populations. Disconnected, disenfranchised, and commodified. Discord is a chatroom, not a forum, even with all the bells and whistles turned on. You can build a subcommunity around a Discord server, but you can't build a game community around one. You need a forum for that.
  7. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Forum Closing

    If they do use the absence of a forum as an excuse to draw down or eliminate PvE, I think I'll just be done with the game. It'll just be a cool virtual ship collection to check out from time to time.
  8. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    Well, guess it's down to the backlash factor. I mean, WG knew this was a bad decision. That's transparently obvious- you don't announce a good decision on three days' notice. We get notification about changes made to the game a month in advance, at the least- so why three days for the forums? C'mon. This is bad, and you should feel bad. It's going to harm your product. Catch a clue.
  9. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Forum Shutdown – July 28, 2023

    Exclusive photo from inside the WG Community Relations boardroom:
  10. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    "super CONTAINERS"

    Well... at least we get to be horribly disappointed by RNG twice as often, now!
  11. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Update 12.7 trade in list has been published

    The only use for this, as presented, would be to trade in still-available coal ships for ships which are only offered for dubs or cash otherwise (the listed T8 ships, for example, since WG has some kind of weird aversion to making anything at T8 available for coal). The exchange rate is awful, but it technically is a way to obtain for free what would otherwise require RealBucks(tm). It's still likely just bait to get more rare ships out of circulation, though.
  12. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    When are these coming?

    Nobody? Okay then:
  13. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Spanish Navy

    I don't see the problem. This new line literally has twice as many real ships in it as the last cruiser line did.
  14. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Tromp and Alvaro

    Same thing with Groningen, Bearn, Aquila, every single Commonwealth ship... that's just how these point-threshold events have always been. No tech tree counterparts, no points for the premiums. Round of applause for Canarias finally graduating into the event participation club, though.
  15. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Resolute and Rapid containers

    Okay, so... the Resolute and Rapid collection is currently the most expensive collection in the Armory. If you unlock every item as fast as you can, you will spend more coal than necessary. Here's how to do it cheaper. Do not purchase any items with duplicates. Instead, keep purchasing crates and opening them until the number of items remaining in the collection is exactly 1/4 the number of duplicates in your inventory. You can then unlock every remaining item directly. With this method, you will unlock the final reward far more quickly than you would if you unlocked items as soon as you had the 4 duplicates needed for each item. Because the chance of a duplicate item drop increases every time you gain another item, it is in your best interest to not unlock any collection items with duplicates at all until you have enough duplicates to unlock all remaining items. This way, you maximize your chances of obtaining a new item with each crate, and minimize your chances of duplicates. The Resolute and Rapid collection can cost as much as 360000 coal to complete, or as little as 96000- your result will be somewhere in between. However, WG is counting on you unlocking items every time you have the 4/4 duplicates required for each item, which means you will increase your chances of a duplicate with each item unlocked. Instead, just unlock that first item, and accumulate drops with every crate following until you have enough for all remaining unlocks. That is how to minimize coal expenditure on this collection. If you follow these instructions, you will likely obtain Luigi Sansonetti- who is one of the better Legendary commanders- for less than the standard coal price of 175k... if you unlock items as soon as you have enough duplicates for each individual item, however, you will almost certainly spend more instead. This has been a Crate Collection PSA.