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  1. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Balancing for Power Creep: The USN 5" gun

    If WG was willing to pay the art department to completely overhaul and update the USN DD line's models and textures (and finally give poor Sims her hull number), then there's at least a chance they might pay someone to do some spreadsheet work on the 5"/38s every single USN DD from T5 up except Forrest Sherman is armed with. A small chance, mind... but a chance.
  2. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Premium ships

    D7P's dockyard event did have a second ship- it was just delivered as a T5 crate, so it came with a side order of RNG.
  3. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Premium ships

    Since the ship crates available for CTs draw a random ship (although 3500 CTs falls well short of what you will need for even the T2-4 crate), the better option if you have few or no premium ships yet is to choose a coal ship instead, since that limits the chances of winding up with a ship you dislike. The selection of T6-7 coal ships is somewhat limited (three T6 DDs, one T7 DD, two T7 CLs, and one T7 BB) but at least you will know what you're getting before you commit the resources. The cash and doubloon options, of course, are much more varied.
  4. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    ISE Class BB & Subs

    It's deliberate- Tone and Kearsarge also lack ASW; it is what the hybrid ships give up in exchange for having attack aircraft.
  5. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    change to combat missions of daily trial

    I like it. Much less work to get the free port slots; hope that part stays the same.
  6. Eeeexcellent. Coupon locked and loaded.
  7. Wrath_Of_Deadguy


    I know you're probably right... but one can still dream. What makes it even more irritating, though, is how ridiculously simple the fix would be. Hilariously simple. It's a ten-minute job. They could do it today. Watch, I'm gonna do it right now! *waves magic wand*
  8. Wrath_Of_Deadguy


    Another question... when they do add WV '44 into the game, will WV '41 have her camo patched to the appropriate MS-21 scheme?
  9. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    What to see in 2023?

    Manual AA mode aiming for at least dual-purpose main battery artillery. USS Olympia C-6, preferably at T3. Daily missions for T2-4 ships. More low-tier content in general. USS Houston CA-30, or another Northampton-class cruiser as a T6 premium. USS New Jersey BB-62... as a coal ship, to replace the yoinked Georgia. USS Guam CB-2, rebalanced to replace her yoinked sister Alaska. Ideally for FXP, but more likely for RPs since that's WG's go-to FXP sink now. Pan-American, Dutch, and Commonwealth DDs, these being tech trees which could be created mostly from real steel with only a handful of paper fill-ins rather than being mostly or entirely paper like most of the other trees that might be coming down the pipe.
  10. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    What is Your “Go To” Ship?

    I don't have a designated first ship- it's usually one CA or another, but which one depends on mood more than anything else. I'll play a few rounds in different cruisers to get a feel for where I'm at that night, then hit my current grinds for their first-win bonuses, then settle into whichever of those I was posting the best results with. I regard the daily missions as a background task only; they don't get any focus at all unless I'm going to be grinding below T5 and have to switch to a higher tier to do them at some point during the session.
  11. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Service Cost Changes in 0.11.6 PT

    It is never a good look to change a product for the worse after the point of sale when you never indicated that you would so so before the point of sale. There was never any disclaimer on permacamos or premium ships that read "WG may alter the economic bonuses of this item" the way post-Hyuga premium ships have had their balance disclaimers attached. Whether another aspect is getting buffed is irrelevant, and WG's actual intentions are even more so- it's a cruddy thing to do to paying customers, regardless.
  12. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Service Cost Changes in 0.11.6 PT

    Removing the service cost reductions from permacamos has always seemed like a way to stealth nerf paid content to me. Increasing credit earnings bonuses doesn't compensate for losing the service cost reductions. Higher earnings are worth less in a bad game than a good one; service cost reductions yield the same savings in every single game. Not cool, WG. Very not cool.
  13. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Humans Win vs Skynet

    If that was a 1k+ BXP run- and by the rest of the numbers, I don't see how it could possibly not be- don't forget to post it in the 1k+ BXP thread, too!
  14. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    New Patch - can't get into Armory and Premium shop

    Both of the posted methods have stopped working. Switching browser hardware accel on and off worked for a couple days, then clearing the cache worked for a couple days- I just tried both again, and it's back to infinite spinning logo land. Eh, screw it. It'll probably get un-borked again next patch, and the website Armory still works in the meantime.
  15. Wrath_Of_Deadguy

    Incentivize Veteran Players to Play Mid & Low Tiers

    Overall, I love it. I'd have the 'Veteran' condition be unlocking the Research Bureau, rather than buying a Supership, but that's my own bias against Superships talking- and I'd also put much more emphasis on co-op side, but then I'm a dirty PvE main, so... I enjoy the heck out of my low-tier ships, when I play them. The problem is that every single event that drops, and there's always something, can't be completed with anything below T5. There are a lot of fun ships below T5, but they get relegated to "if I have time after the other stuff gets done" and end up collecting barnacles most of the time. As is, the work that went into making them is being senselessly wasted.