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  1. Hello, With the submarines released, why not the corvette would be added in the game? they are lot of corvette have participed in convoy, and mission to sunk U-BOAT, etc... exemple : HMCS Edmundston (K106) (Flower class) HMCS Eyebright (K150) (Flower class) HMCS Fennel (K194) (Flower class) HMCS Fergus (K686) (Flower class) HMCS Forrest Hill (K486) (Flower class) HMCS Fredericton (K245) (Flower class) HMCS Frontenac (K335) (Flower class) HMCS Galt (K163) (Flower class) HMCS Giffard (K402) (Flower class) HMCS Guelph (K687) (Flower class) HMCS Halifax (K237) (Flower class) HMCS Hawkesbury (K415) (Flower class) HMCS Hepatica (K159) (Flower class) HMCS Kamloops (K176) (Flower class) HMCS Kamsack (K171) (Flower class) HMCS Kenogami (K125) (Flower class) HMCS Kitchener (K225) (Flower class) HMCS La Malbaie (K273) (Flower class) HMCS Lachute (K440) (Flower class) HMCS Lethbridge (K160) (Flower class) HMCS Levis (K115) (Flower class) (HMCS La Malbaie)
  2. FranckLaTerreur

    How things have gone wrong!

    About time! But, maybe we need soon corvette with the submarines?
  3. FranckLaTerreur

    Royal Canadian Navy,corvettes

    Hey guys, the italy was a big army too in WWII and they are not much ship too, and the RCN was big at the end of the WWII. I know the Flower-class was important for the WWII, but with not submarines....how you can playing a realistic game with the corvette? remember the mission, corvette was a support for destroyer because the corvette it's small and more speed (I think i'm not wrong). I would to like to have the corvette in Wows but be patient. I would to like to playing the * La Malbaie Covertte* because it's my city and the ship has the name.
  4. FranckLaTerreur


    They are game in a style Operation of Midway, or Okinawa, and Guadalcanal in the gameplay? that's would be nice.
  5. FranckLaTerreur

    I love the Battleships!

    For moments i have 5 millions of credits - and i want to bulding a fleet 1 to 5 , and trying to (become strong and lots of credits)
  6. Hello, I have started Wows since mid-febuary, and i'm in the fleet of US Battleship. I have the North Carolina, but i don't have pretty much credits for continued to tier X. Which others suggestion did you suggereted? I think to Germany, or Japan , or maybe UK...Don't know. Which is the best for you?
  7. FranckLaTerreur

    Maybe in a future update?

    I'm a fans of JAG since of my 15 years , and i know it is crazy to have the names of this actors for the gamesplay, but in the serie David is not only on F-14 and F-18 in the end of the serie..... and The episod of NCIS i'm coming soon - i'm a season 8 episod 19. I don't like the persons of Singer - but it is a beautiful girl!
  8. FranckLaTerreur

    Maybe in a future update?

    Which others missiles will be added on the Iowa class?
  9. FranckLaTerreur

    Maybe in a future update?

    Like CV too! ;)
  10. In 1980, Designed as a long-range, all-weather, subsonic cruise missile, the Tomahawk was capable of reaching targets at a much greater range than the 16-inch (406 mm) guns on the Iowa-class ships. When added to the battleships in the 1980s the Tomahawk became the longest-ranged weapon carried by the battleships. For a tier 11? hahahaha
  11. FranckLaTerreur

    USS Phoenix

    Oh I missed that. thanks guys
  12. FranckLaTerreur

    USS Phoenix

    Hello, When i trying to found information on the USS Phoenix in google, i have information about a cruiser in 1941..... not much information about the cruiser in 1916. Do you have link about the story and picture of the USS Phoenix?
  13. FranckLaTerreur

    V-E Day Fleet of the Winners Event

    So i can participed with my alaska? I dont have the HMCS Haida, but would be cool.
  14. FranckLaTerreur

    How you can get more credits

    Thanks to ALL who's have answing to my question! L'il take note, and i will see!
  15. FranckLaTerreur

    How you can get more credits

    Hello all - How you can get more credits, except those container and win a game?