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  1. AdalbertSchneider

    IFHE All Night Long

    @LittleWhiteMouse well, even in randoms, I had 4 of 5 BBs with these armor platings. And trust me, against angled Yama / Kreml and co, you are not efective with AP... And these guys mostly can angle... PS: with more to come: Shikishima and in some future Paolo Emilio ( DD with 60mm ) ...
  2. AdalbertSchneider

    IFHE All Night Long

    LWM, nice job but 1 small but...: GER 203s at hightiers where you have DPM.: Roon, and epsecialy the recently owebuffed Hindi. - YES I am not scared from only 10,5% firechance ( with DE & flags ), when there is 4 ships with 57mm and 2 with 60mm big decks arround... Among others, I tested it also on PTS and even if the lowered firechance was noticable, the raw dmg against targets, that hearts me the most, was worth it. I am such a nerd, that prefer raw dmg ower fire dmg... but otherwise gj, cheers ;) PS: lol, I just realised that this is NA forum and I am logged with NA account... ok than 😃