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  1. Hi all! This topic is open because i think is needed an improvement in matter of Clan administration. In my clan, we want options to give resources to the clan, a 5% of profit in credits for example... so you can give back these resources to members. So you can organize competitions inside the clan, to reward the participation. we want the possibility to create medals ingame to reward the participation in naval battles and keep the naval battles scores in order reward the best players and to get fun in the clan community. You also have some ideas? You also want more clan playing?
  2. Don_Jose_de_Aguirre

    Division ships in dock

    Imagine the organization chatting before a clan battle showing to you the ships of all your team in background.
  3. I think it would be awesome to see our division partners' ships in our docks when they are selecting their ships... The same way as other team games as Heroes Of The Storm.
  4. Don_Jose_de_Aguirre

    Recompensa para jugadores de Clan

    Entiendo que desde la tesorería del clan se pueden comprar paquetes para todos los miembros al mismo tiempo. Y las medallas vienen por jugar la batalla de clan. No por decisión de los administradores del clan.
  5. Creo que visualmente sería genial que se vea en el puerto de cada jugador los barcos que han seleccionado tus compañeros de división. Que opinan? Se pueden juntar firmas para proponérselo a Wargaming?