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  1. Is there a special (something) you have to do, to get the special flags to work? I'm having an issue getting the special flags to apply their bonus. No, I have no mods installed. Any idea why are the special flags (Papa Papa and Ourboros specifically) not providing the bonus xp as indicated? I fought a battle in the Omaha at 1:44am on Aug 15 2020. - I received 641 base xp. - I received 641 extra base xp for the Regia Marina flag. - I received 20 xp as a clan bonus (+3%). For a total of 1302 free xp. The ship started with 8,317 ship xp. The ship ended with 9,169 ship xp. (only +1302). I had equipped the Papa Papa special flag which supposed to provide +200% free xp. It did not. Any idea why it didn't? Can you only use one bonus per battle? I tried using the Ouroboros several other battles (supposed to provide +777% free xp) and failed to receive that bonus xp as well. Do flags and special flags override each other so that only one provides a bonus? Or are some flags limited by ship tier? Thank you.
  2. Leriol

    Install without WGC

    Irritating too: WGC doesn't work right (super finicky maybe?). I installed the Steam version when I first began playing more than a year ago. I installed WGC earlier today and it won't "Find" my installation of WoWS, even when I point WGC into the exact folder for either executable (64 or 32). <lol>