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  1. magnum196940

    Who have you seen in battle? PVE

    Had a battle with @SunkCostFallacy today.
  2. magnum196940

    Who have you seen in battle? PVE

    Had a battle with @DeathStalker this morning.
  3. magnum196940

    Farewell my friends (PVE Thread)

    Best wishes Admiral.
  4. magnum196940

    New Bonus Code

    Worked Thank-You
  5. magnum196940

    Not a good Friday for coops

    I’m taking out my fastest BBs which are mainly my German ones.I’m only using premium ships to offset costs as well.I use a speed/secondary build.I seem to be doing fine most battles but when all the bots go to the other side of the map no matter how fast your ship is theres not a lot you can do.
  6. magnum196940

    107 Years Ago, USS Arizona (BB-39) Was Launched

    That’s one I missed.watching it now thanks.
  7. magnum196940

    Bring back 2/7... even if just for an event....

    I’ve been finding some 2/7s.I’ve been playing tiers 2-4 for a break lately.Actually a lot of fun and games can last more than 10 minutes.coasted around and sank 5 in my Cambeltown this morning.I know low tier doesn’t count toward anything but maybe I like having fun playing a game.High tiers have been overpopulated lately.
  8. magnum196940

    Salem: Radar or Hydro

    I leave Hydro but I’m a coop player so makes sense for me.Wish I had the Hydro option for Missouri.
  9. magnum196940

    Konig Albert

    Your right about dds low tier even in coop.Vampire,Cambeltown,and Smith I can easily wipe out half the bots unless there’s another experienced dd driver around.
  10. magnum196940

    Konig Albert

    I like my Albert in coop if I can get a game with few humans.I got the Albert in the summer sale a few years ago.For fun I recently grabbed a bunch of Jutland containers and got the Jutland camo for it and my Agincourt.
  11. magnum196940


    Well I got it and no I didn’t need it.Heck I’m loaded with Premiums at tier 8.But for 21 bucks the coal and steel and a pan-American ship which I had none is hard to pass up.I like Brawlers but mainly German and MassachusettsGeorgia etc.Speed is a huge factor for coop players.So much so that every captain I have has Brisk as a mandatory BB skill.Well I’ll point my nose into the wind keep it floored and see what happens. thanks all and Happy Memorial Day to my fellow American and Vets all over the world.Fair winds all.
  12. magnum196940


    Anyone who has the Atlantico is it worth 5250 dubs to finish.Wasn’t spending anymore but when you get to the last 3 stages for free that’s where you get pulled in.They dangle Coal,Steel,and a tier 8 premium for a little over 20 bucks.
  13. magnum196940

    Proposed changes to co-op economy are awesome.

    I have Pommern and FDG With Perma camo.with Pommern I always come out ahead credit wise even in a bad game.FDG I’m lucky to break even.Tier 9 tech tree ship economy is just bad in coop even with the camo.It’s why I only use my premium ships which is a shame a lot of ships worked hard for that I don’t use.
  14. magnum196940

    Proposed changes to co-op economy are awesome.

    I’ve avoided most tech tree ships at high tier for a while.I stick to my premiums .But if the coop economy improves I might at least dust off a few tier 8s.Im not too optimistic about tier 9 tech tree economy even with premium and Perma camo it’s never been profitable.We will see.Any time frame on when this is happening?
  15. magnum196940


    I’m really liking The Brandenburg for coop.Fast ship with strong secondaries and torpedoes.Guns are on the smaller side but You have 12 and if you know how to aim they are fine.Firing angles are bad but in coop showing broadside is not suicidal.It feels like a stronger Scharnhorst to me.I really like my Tirpitz as well but I seem to do a little better in Brandenburg.The speed I suppose.