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  1. magnum196940

    That time again to look at upcoming ship purchases

    I would like to get Agincourt myself but I’m not gambling for it.Saving coal for Pommern it might be August even with coupon before I get it.Still thinking about Ise.
  2. magnum196940

    Summer Battles Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

  3. magnum196940

    Is the 2/7 bot thing fixed?

    Agreed 2/7s I liked.but they could be infrequent At times.
  4. magnum196940

    Ise Review for the PvE Player.

    was in my massy yesterday in a 2 player game.Me and bot cv were last ones left and all the way across the map.Got to kill planes all the way across but it can get a little dull.with Ise at least I can use the planes while my ship is moving across.
  5. magnum196940

    Ise Review for the PvE Player.

    Might be handy if your the only BB left and the bot CV is on the other side of the map!Im interested might buy it just for fun.
  6. magnum196940

    ZF-6 for co-op yes!!!

    Agree that main battery reload booster is really fun.
  7. magnum196940

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Went ahead and got the ZF-6 Guns are very good and the main battery reload booster is fun.torpedoes are fast but short ranged not a big deal in co-op where I play everything’s close anyway.Top speed a little slow but has engine boost.overall I’m having fun with it.Also grabbed another 10,000 coal that will get me closer to Pommern.Overall no regrets.
  8. magnum196940

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    Got the zf-6.Hopefully I won’t be disappointed.I’ll run it out a while and give a report.The 10,000 coal was also what I wanted saving up for Pommern.
  9. magnum196940

    BB requesting support in co-op battle

    I mainly just use thank-you well done or Wilco.I’m so used to fighting dds with my bb If they come one at a time it’s not to bad.
  10. magnum196940

    Hi, some tips for one noob plz?

    I’ll only add don’t neglect aiming upgrade on your ship .German bb secondaries are still viable in co-op but in an all human game you are going to need more accuracy at range.Also if you are considering buying a premium for co-op later Scharnhorst and Tirpitz are available and excellent in co-op.I would recommend you wait till you have reached that tier in tech tree and practice before to avoid frustration.
  11. magnum196940

    ZF-6 Dockyard Progress Thread (PVE Thread)

    have finished the dockyard .just not sure if I’m willing to spend 6600 dubs for a ship I’m not sure I want.
  12. magnum196940

    No more draws in 10.4

    Welcome change.I agree it will put more emphasis on capping .
  13. magnum196940

    Can Halsey be ground out in coop only?

    It takes a while but I just kept doing the co-op tasks over again until I got there.Halsey is one of my two 21 point captains now.takes time but can be done in co-op.Also was able to get Yamamoto using the same method.
  14. magnum196940

    Two Humans, Seven Bots Co-op Battles

    Feast or famine I do enjoy the 2 human games not overly concerned with my win percentage.may suffer a few more losses but still win most games and rack up rewards.however I am a little more careful of the ships I bring.the all human matches are over in a few minutes and usually not too rewarding.they could make every match two humans forever be ok with me.that being said I do not want co-op removed i
  15. magnum196940

    8.3km Secondary Range T5 BB ...Interesting (PVE Thread)

    Got Oklahoma today.Only 5 battles in.Best around 109k.I agree with Admiral Thunder she’s kind of meh but I like it.Put a secondary build on for tier 5 it’s pretty good dds get hit hard.