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  1. magnum196940

    Low tier access to missions

    It seems like tiers 1-4 are a type of Time Machine to the old world of warships.less gimmicks just drive and shoot.I’ve stated playing more low tier lately just to get away from The grind.When a game stops being fun it’s work.Low tier still feels fun to me.So that being said I suppose I’m of the opposite view and I hope they leave low tier alone.
  2. magnum196940

    The Useless Kharma post

    I get it Kharma is just a way to vent frustration or congratulate and does not really matter.But as a COOP player for 3 years I’m sitting at 471.It’s just kind of a side game for me trying to reach 500.I tend to throw Kharma points at players whom I recognize from the forums or in game just for fun.And of course anyone who plays well.What’s your number or do you even care?
  3. Bot subs are annoying but easy to kill.Does it seem more people are playing COOP to avoid human driven subs.Or is it just the dockyard missions?
  4. magnum196940

    subs in coop

    You got that rightNot hard to kill just boring and irritating.
  5. magnum196940

    Lunar New Year 2023

    My thoughts as well.I’m mainly playing Red Dead Redemption 2 these days.Wish there was a wows classic mode.Well I guess they are after the new players money because they are not getting mine anymore.
  6. magnum196940

    What’s that on my foot?

    With me it’s my blue heeler named Abby.If I’m playing wows she’s under my desk lying on my feet.Anyone else?
  7. magnum196940

    ASW Massachusetts

    I have a lot of premium ships.If I could keep only one it would be Massachusetts.Enough said.
  8. magnum196940

    Service Costs

    I don’t play them.But they are great to farm in coop.
  9. magnum196940

    State Yer Name

    Mine is a combination of things some of the numbers are from my Army service in the 80s.magnum some people have guessed but I didn’t respond in game.And I’ll keep that to myself .but interesting topic fair winds all.
  10. magnum196940

    Come on man

    If no humans are playing subs we should not be subjected to two bot subs.Should be limited to one just like carriers.Fun police stop making my game unfun.
  11. magnum196940


    My grandfather was ww2 navy.He loved to play sea battle on his Intellivision and beat us all the time.My favorite early pc naval game was strikefleet for my Commodore 64.Cold war based game US vs soviet.
  12. magnum196940

    More Coop Players Recently

    I’m seeing it for sure.Even low tiers below 5 I’ll see full human teams lately.I miss the 2/7 games.
  13. magnum196940


    I sell camos as soon as I earn them.Only worth credits anymore.I only use premium ships anymore anyway and I will use the camo on them only because I think they look better.
  14. magnum196940

    Really bad behavior in chat.

    Blacklist and forget them.Talk is cheap.Block chat if it gets to bad.Turn profile private.Life is real and hard this is a game.
  15. magnum196940

    Merry Christmas from Australia.

    Merry Christmas from Texas.