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  1. Superczar

    PTS 0.10.7

    I am not looking forward to regrinding back to Gold league just to play 3 games in Tier X sub...
  2. Superczar

    PTS 0.10.7

    Don't make getting to Rank 1 such a PITA. Been trying to get both stars in Rank 2 for over two hours now...
  3. In port it shows 1 extra combat mission than I really have, if I hover over the number, the tooltip actually counts the right number of missions however. For example right now in port it shows I have 9 combat missions, but I actually only have 2 Recurring, 3 Common, and 3 Dutch Cruiser missions.
  4. Superczar

    Dutch Loot Box Results

    It really felt like this was way overtuned compared to the German DD and Italian BB bundles.
  5. Well the Tier X camo is somewhat useful if you plan on playing a lot of that ship.
  6. Ultimately you are probably paying to get the perma camos.
  7. 20 bundles, I had already had 20,000 dubs set aside for the event so, right on the money I guess. Plus i got the 80 token bundle too. They really should have cut the 4x16 bundles down to 4x8 bundles to save people 32,000 dubs just to be less greedy IMHO. This felt like the most expensive bundle event yet. I don't recall the German DD or Italian BB bundles being so costly.
  8. Superczar

    PSA on Friesland/Groningen devblog

    I love Friesland and she has my only 21 point captain. She is staying right where she is for me (even moreso since they are removing getting her). I'll save up another million FXP and buy the new version too.
  9. Superczar

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I was just given the 250 ship emblem - but I only have 242 ships in port? (And that includes the 4 "rentals" for clan battles)... Also those older emblems are MUCH nicer then the current ones!
  10. Superczar

    Sometimes Life Is Not Fair

    I've been grinding through Amalfi and now Brindisi, and man I have had several of these games like the OP has, where I have had great numbers (for me anyway) but lost the matches. My most recent was 175k in Brindisi with a Confederate, High Caliber and survived a 5 vs 1 to earn a Dreadnought. We were well ahead on points and caps but the team suicided and lost the lead while I played I thought smartly (i.e. didn't rush into a group of ships, defended a cap, kited away, didn't show broadside). Its seems the better I do the more likely it ends up a loss.
  11. Superczar

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I played one game in Tachibana today and got the emblem!
  12. Superczar

    World of Warships Collectors Club

    I bought some ships and reached the 200 in port milestone, but I did not get the emblem? I re-logged and still didn't receive it.
  13. Each crate drops one item. It took me over 100,000 coal to get him. I think you need 4 duplicates to buy one item.
  14. Superczar

    Crash Tester Achievement

    Just got this today in Killer Whale in Furious, one secondary kill, one torpedo kill, one bomb kill, and one kill from fires.
  15. Superczar

    Advent Calendar

    I was able to get it last night, and they had also changed it that instead of a Santa's Big Container for all 24 days, you got the Okhotnik was the final gift. But now it is back to where it was yesterday afternoon with the Dec. 2 gift not showing, but my progress is still at 2/24.