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  1. Superczar

    Weekend Spree 2 to 4 December 2022

    Took a break and played a couple super long sessions of Cyberpunk 2077, and some Shootas, Blood and Teef!
  2. Superczar

    What's up with the API?

    I dunno, if it went away... I might not worry too much about stats then...
  3. Well that sucks, for once I have hundreds of millions of credits and they go and change the coal bid up.
  4. Superczar

    Coupon Fever..... ughhh (UPDATED)

    I only use it on steel ships since it is so much more troublesome to hoard steel.
  5. Superczar

    Weekend Spree, 25 to 27 November 2022.

    I mainly played Cyberpunk 2077, just grabbed it on sale earlier in the week, had a hankering for some Bladerunner-wannabe style of game. Game though is nothing more than a GTA wannabe sadly, but still enjoyable when you don't run into 2-year old "even Bethesda Studios would have this fixed"-level bugs. Did do PTS again, this week seemed to take longer than the week before, I struggled a bit with the 30 kills mission, even bots were yoinking my kills in Randoms. Hardly did anything but do the dailies for Live.
  6. I wish I could get the standard perma camo "looks" part for a hundred dubs or two even if I already have another perma camo and henceforth the econ bonus b/c of that. Having to pay the full price to get the normal perma camo sucks
  7. Superczar

    Tokachi's attempt to impress me!

    Only played her in Coop so far, but so far she feels more fun than than the techtree CLs
  8. Superczar

    Sneak Peak - Tokachi

    Got her today and already I think she is much more fun to play than the new tech tree CL line.
  9. Well I just won a Bearn! Or since I already had it, 6000 dubs!
  10. Superczar

    Price of Coal Ships

    Yeah the Tier Xs are all over the place compared to the Tier IXs.
  11. In Coop, it is very hard for non-secondary BBs to do just about anything, I would imagine their low BXP wasn't from being bad, but from just not having enough fodder to shoot at given the yolo "if you're not first your last" cutthroat nature of Coop... usually if i am trying to do anything BB-related in Coop, I grab Pommern.
  12. Superczar

    Brazilian captain is a Spaniard?

    Whats a good Brazilian name? I only know a few Brazilian people and they are the dudes from Massacration, and I am not sure "Blondie Hammet" or "Detonator" are actually Brazilian names...
  13. Superczar


    The email was fake but the STDs were real!
  14. Superczar


    Well crap I thought that Russian girl really wanted to have sex with me.