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  1. lbfreitasBR

    0.10.5 Release date

    Same here... Hope I can get Asashio or Lenin with next coupon.
  2. lbfreitasBR

    ZF-6 - Worth it?

    Just got it and played 3 games. Two losses (in which I was top scorer, but the teams were terrible) and one win (didnt do much, tried to hold a flank, was overrun). Sure, small sample, but... I think it is a very good ship!
  3. When i began playing DDs a few months ago (and trying to learn how to play then), all i read is "Khaba is dead". Some CC on twitch said "no one play Khaba these days". Well, on my experience it really is uncommon to see Khabas, but they are always on the winning teams and top scorers. Last game i played against them, i watched on the minimap (on a cyclone) while a Khaba melted a Halland and a Kitakaze. 6 kills in the end.
  4. lbfreitasBR

    ZF-6: A Solid Dockyard DD

    Thanks a lot!!!!
  5. lbfreitasBR

    ZF-6: A Solid Dockyard DD

    Thanks! I was also wondering on its AP and HE performance against other DD. I have no experience on using AP. My best Tier 9 DD is Jutland (I love it!), and I use only HE when fighting other DD. So, even though i would definitely try to learn how to better use ZF-6 AP, I think I would probably use more HE. I guess with reload booster it can confortably handle a gunfight against ships like Jutland, Fletcher... Without it, I should probably run away
  6. I also received the mail, but not downloaded the app.
  7. lbfreitasBR

    ZF-6: A Solid Dockyard DD

    @Destroyer_KuroshioKai, have you played ZF-6? If you dont mind, I would like to hear your opinion on this ship... If i get it, i plan on using a gun build as my Z-39, with MBM3 on slot 6
  8. lbfreitasBR

    i do not think i am a good enough player for this game.

    I have 4k games and just got Yamato. I would say, after spending some time on tiers 6 and 7 (Warspite, Mutsu, Scharnhorst, maybe?), go on for Yamato! Amagi was good, and Izumo was great!
  9. lbfreitasBR

    i do not think i am a good enough player for this game.

    Its amazing! So many people trying to help, thank you all!
  10. lbfreitasBR

    i do not think i am a good enough player for this game.

    I looked at your stats and they seem good to me. You have too few games. Im not sure if it will help you, but it helped me when i tried to improve my game: https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/223113-just-reached-400-games-in-moskva-40-win-rate-38k-average-damage/?do=findComment&comment=5144254 This! I would say you should stay a little longer in lower tiers, dont rush to get uptiers. Tier 10 is hard. Also, LWM has a nice post on improving your game, and something i did and also helped is to focus on 1 ship. Choose one you like and play with it, until you REALLY know it, and know who you are facing.
  11. lbfreitasBR

    Secondary Dispersion List

    It is better than Ohio (without manual secondaries). Seems quite good...
  12. lbfreitasBR

    Secondary Dispersion List

    Is it really? WOWS fitting tool gives 326m as Vermont max dispersion (with 11,04km range), while for Ohio it is 200m with 11,34km range.
  13. lbfreitasBR

    WG, it's time to get rid of the Karma system

    This! I think I'm just an average player, but my stats have been improving and I really feel I'm playing better. I always had 0 (or 1, 2, then zero again) karma, but when I improved my game, I began receiving consistent good evaluation. Now it is 60. Ok, not a big deal, but it is obviously better. I play randoms (always solo) and ranked. Don't have friends in clans or nowhere else... I usually dont complain and try to offer a little advice in game chat (always did this way). So, for me, the explanation is simple.
  14. lbfreitasBR

    KoTS Collection Complete!

    I got Gorizia last week. It was on the bottom of my wishlist. I would love Ashitaka, Hood, Poltava, Atlanta, 9 de Julio, Indianapolis, Haida... But I know, free stuff is always nice...