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  1. lbfreitasBR

    KotS XV Commander Mission

    They said in stream they are aware and we do not need to worry: the mission will be issued on a later date
  2. Played a battle in PTS right now and received 0 XP for inactivity. Whats the point of this when I did all this: I am quite sure i know what happened: in the end, i got the center cap and stood still, for my team was chasing the last red DD on the corner or the map. But i had never heard that you can be penalized for that...
  3. lbfreitasBR

    Novo CM Brasileiro

    Opa, parabéns e boa sorte! Abs
  4. lbfreitasBR

    Slava or Druid???

    Hi folks... When I finish regrindind Harugumo, I will have enough RB points to get one more tier 10. Perhaps this question may seem a bit crazy, but I would appreciate recommendations on which one to get. A little background first: I already have Ohio and Vampire II; I prefer BBs and DDs over cruisers; and I am probably better with BBs. My average winrate is 52,6%. I play to win, so I like ships that help me with that (Druid has a better winrate). Also, I like to pick ships that offer "unique" experiences. In those ways, Druid would probably be a better alternative. But I don't know if I have the skills to make it perform well. These are my stats with selected tiers 9 and 10 DDs on randoms (I dont play CB): Maybe Slava would be easier to make it work. And those railguns are surely interesting. But I dont know If am "good" in this sniping role. As a comparison, here are my stats from other tier 9-11 BBs from UK and Japan (which maybe would be the closest to a "sniper" BB i have) and from the USSR. In short, i don't know what to do. Well, any help is welcome!
  5. lbfreitasBR

    Whose reviews do you trust with LWM gone?

    I got Neustra because of his videos, and I cant complain! I love that ship
  6. lbfreitasBR

    F. Sherman and the saturation rule.

    I mean no offense, but it seems you dont understand it completely. It makes no sense when you say "cutting it in half" when the max dmg you could do is 1/3 of a citadel dmg. @Ahskanceexplained how it works
  7. lbfreitasBR

    Whose reviews do you trust with LWM gone?

    I used the wiki a lot when i began playing. Now i dont use it that much Nowadays, when i want data, i look for it here: https://wowsft.com/ship and here: https://jcw780.github.io/wows_ballistics/ When I look for impressions, opinions and reviews, I read/watch stuff from Yuzorah (the dailybounce), PotatoQuality, Maltese Knight, @Destroyer_KuroshioKai, @Your_SAT_Score...
  8. lbfreitasBR

    Which FXP ships to get?

    Thank you! I found interesting that the WR difference is so small, for a "considerable" difference in things like damage dealt, kills and survival. Probably Azuma farming from long range vs Carnot being closer and impacting more the battle...
  9. lbfreitasBR

    Which FXP ships to get?

    I guess early may
  10. lbfreitasBR

    Which FXP ships to get?

    Do you know how is Azuma performance, compared to Carnot? @HazeGrayUnderwaydo you know it?
  11. lbfreitasBR

    Which FXP ships to get?

    Thanks for your perspectives folks... I always thought Azuma was quite weak. Also, as I have Yoshino, never really considered getting a torpless tier 9 version of it. Guess I will have to reconsider...
  12. lbfreitasBR

    How have secondary-build BBs been in the past 2 years?

    OP, i guess they already said everything. I would suggest you grind the German BC line, I am sure you will love it!
  13. lbfreitasBR

    What 2500 Doubloons and some luck can get you

    Wow... Congrats!!! E Feliz ano novo!
  14. lbfreitasBR

    Bayern vs Mackensen

    Morning captains! What is the community consensus between these two? Which one is "better"? I'll (probably) get Lutjens today, so my Bismarck captain will be homeless. As the only tier 6 BB I use is Repulse, I thought it would be a good option to have an 18 point captain on one of these two "brawlers"... Thanks in advance!
  15. Me neither, but I really like (and do well with) Stalingrad. Probably right. Bourgogne is amazing. Bourg was my first steel ship, Stalin the second one. This would still be the most "safe" and rational choice for me. But I guess I would regret more not having Stalin than not having Bourg. Hope it helps