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  1. lbfreitasBR


    Congrats! For me, spec her for secondaries on slot 3: high ROF, high fire chance, accuracy - great combo. And main battery dispersion bonus at slot 6. Amazing ship!
  2. lbfreitasBR

    Considering Vampire 2 for first RB ship

    Thanks folks, I guess I will get it...
  3. lbfreitasBR

    Considering Vampire 2 for first RB ship

    I have not got her, for this reason and because I have Daring with a 19 pt captain (and I guess Vampire II is not that different from Daring). But maybe I am wrong...
  4. lbfreitasBR

    How to Paolo Emilio?

    I dont played a lot with PE, but I build for stealth and gun range. This way, i think i can do some different tasks, according to MM, reds positioning, etc: 1 - Yolo BBs (if they have no support and no hydro) 2 - play open water gunboat, harassing especially BBs (its very good to scare BBs and Cruisers away, which help in some situations) 3 - cap unguarded positions
  5. I ask myself the same question... Well, trying to help you: I have Paolo, and I have no regrets, because she offered an unique experience. Now I have 70k RB points, and there are no Research Bureau ships that I REALLY want. So, I am waiting to see if something better appears...
  6. lbfreitasBR

    Back after 2.5 Year hiatus, need minor help

    i would recommend this: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1XfsIIbyORQAxgOE-ao_nVSP8_fpa1igg0t48pXZFIu0/edit
  7. lbfreitasBR

    Who have you seen in game

    We held our flank pretty well, against two tier 8 and one tier 6 BBs, one tier 8 DD and one tier 8 Cruiser... Well played @TheArc!
  8. lbfreitasBR

    What are your "favorite" ships?

    Yeah, I also looked for variety
  9. I think this question turns out to be quite difficult. For me, finding fun in the game is "related to" winning, so a "good" ship should help me win more than lose. Another question, a ship that I liked a lot a year ago, may not interest me so much today... How to define what would be a "preferred" ship? Well, maybe an interesting way to approach this would be: if I could only maintain a certain number of ships (10, for example), what would they be? Mine would be (I don't know if the order is exactly like this, but it's a good start): 1 – Odin (weird, i know... But it was my first high tier German brawling BB, and it was awesome!) 2 – Lightning/Jutland 3 – Mogador/Fantasque or Tashkent/Delny 4 – P. Rupprecht/Schlieffen 5 – Georgia 6 – Groningen 7 – Neustrashimy 8 – Yamato (even though I love Izumo...) 9 – Alaska 10 – Stalingrad I would like to know which ones are your favourites...
  10. lbfreitasBR

    1MM XP: Gronigen or Aigir? Or grind a Tier 10?

    just curious: which are the other 2?
  11. lbfreitasBR

    1MM XP: Gronigen or Aigir? Or grind a Tier 10?

    About 3 months ago I decided to get Groningen, and had no regrets. Its fun and kind of an unique ship. Now I have 1mi FXP again, and I am not sure if I will get Agir. I feel that, having Alaska, there is no "need" to get Agir...
  12. lbfreitasBR

    Skill is not required...

    I like it!
  13. lbfreitasBR

    Next coal ship

    After you make up your mind, tell us which one you got
  14. lbfreitasBR

    Next coal ship

    I beg to disagree: Neustra has the guns of a Russian gunboat DD, but fewer of them, so less DPM. It has excellent concealment and very good torps. AND a super heal. I find it to be very unique. I think it is a really good torpboat, that can win some gunfights using its super heal.