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  1. AfflixiarSaltLord

    Why does WG insist on keeping detonations as a mechanic?

    I've been detonated 8 times so far and let me tell you it isn't fun. Sure this game couldn't be more inaccurate in terms of realism and detonations in my mind are quite a worthless mechanic. Literally based all upon luck, but if people keep on wanting to advocate for them remaining in the game they can. Detonations should at least be nerfed to 65% of HP lost before a detonation is possible.
  2. AfflixiarSaltLord

    PTS 0.10.0

    The PTS wont let me connect even though its open. Im confused Edit: Nvm I read the times wrong
  3. AfflixiarSaltLord


    Ok so this is just a glitch that can happen on the main server too. Likely some little bug having to do with the updated CV UI. Its just some visual bug that will get fixed and you can just look at the plane itself if you want.
  4. AfflixiarSaltLord

    Public Test 0.9.9

    I can't load into the PTS server cause it just keeps saying "Waiting for Authorization."