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  1. kurt_schwitters

    KotS Mission #7

    Same here. I watched the official streams, and had no issues with claiming and receiving KotS missions up to an including #6. I claimed #7 in my Twitch Drops inventory, but the mission has yet to appear in my game? I sent in support ticket to WG, waiting to hear back from them. My Twitch account is still linked to my WG account, and everything looks the same.
  2. kurt_schwitters

    Special Commanders - SIMPSONS! (pleasssse)

    Eric Cartman would be the ultimate potato troll lol.. South Park would be pretty funny. But still.. SIMPSONS!
  3. The karma system feels more like an attempt to douse player rage from potato matches, than something actually intended as a method for encouraging good gamers. I fully agree that positive karma should help reward gamers that consistently help out their team. Karma points could potentially get farmed though - I think WG would need to aggregate more than just positive karma for a reward system to work. My one thought though that might be subtle enough to work well (if this isn't already a thing) - good karma as an advantage modifier for MM. You get to play with other players who have similar karma stats as you depending on your level of positive karma, but correlated to your stats during the match that you received it. If you're actually capping, scoring frags, defending, you get a real benefit from it. I guess you could argue the same thing could be achieved if the game just assigned positive karma to you based on your actions in a game.. Maybe a feature of its own?
  4. kurt_schwitters

    Special Commanders - SIMPSONS! (pleasssse)

    At the rate Disney's going, I wouldn't be surprised if that happened. I'll add him in there thanks
  5. With all the new collaborations WG has been announcing, I was wondering if they might entertain player suggestions for themed Commanders in a contest or something? I've been tossing this one in the hat on live streams, but I think it would be flat out amazing if WG did a Simpsons themed set of Commanders with relevant camos. Think of Homer Simpson running your ship. All the anger and frustration of a potato match erased in seconds with a single DOH! Or how about Kang and Kodos, or the Sea Captain ..? Why this hasn't happened yet is fully baffling to me, silly licensing costs! Thoughts?
  6. kurt_schwitters

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    Suggestion on the modules UI - make the modules box or the branches collapsible. That way if you want to hide the clutter you can, or view upgrade branches on their own. Another UI idea might be to integrate the upgrades with the ship's stats box. Clicking on the drop down for torpedoes gives me the current set and my upgrade options (either in the same drop down, or a pop up box).. thoughts?
  7. kurt_schwitters

    UPDATE 0.9.6 German CVs

    The default levels on update were at max volume for all sounds - audio settings are granular enough to allow you to turn down the "sounds of your ship dying", "BBC Planet Earth" and "you frantically stabbing the W key" etc. Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy a nuanced audio mix but WG, you need a "test" button in the audio settings box - maybe with a preset game clip? It's hard to know what levels are going to be like otherwise. Also, highlight the settings gear on new updates where settings have been changed like this so players know that they need to review them on first run.
  8. kurt_schwitters

    Mikoyan Initial Impressions

    It's the only thing that I like on the Mikoyan - the guns deal some decent damage, but because they're slow and your ship is made out of tin foil, my best strategies with it have been to play it like the Neptune (but more cautiously). I've been trying for cruiser broadside hits at 10km or thereabouts from behind cover, torps if I'm lucky enough to get chased around and island. Been using spotter to get early hits in too. It also has a reasonably fast switching time between shell types.
  9. kurt_schwitters

    Mikoyan Initial Impressions

    Mikoyan is perfect for co-op. The bots give you as much time as you need to line up the perfect point blank shots and gleefully run into your 4km torps. Thanks to co-op AI, I have actually sunk *ships* with Mikoyan torps, and would like to petition WG for a Steam achievement.
  10. I just wish the minimum participants was a bit more flexible on how many members are needed to participate. 5 players might help
  11. kurt_schwitters

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    From what I've read, the PTS rewards to the main server won't appear until 0.9.4 update drops
  12. kurt_schwitters

    Update 0.9.4: Soviet Cruisers

    I read all the changes and kept hoping one of them would read: Neptune and Minotaur - We added a WHOLE extra roll of tinfoil to the armour belt! Captains should feel much more comfortable about pressing their left mouse button now. (Disclaimer: If you see a Cleveland or Worcester, or your own shadow - run for your life!)
  13. kurt_schwitters

    cannot authorize to game?

    2pm EST and I can't auth on the pub test client. I tried running the check integrity option in WGC - no effect. Is the pub test server still down?