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    Horses, ships, the US Space force :) oh and fantasy movies

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  1. wolfkind252

    Grand Battle

    because its as useful as a wart on the end of your nose
  2. wolfkind252

    Grand Battle

    I don't, I played one that was enough to learn I hated the gang banging one one ship be everybody including your team
  3. wolfkind252

    Grand Battle

    Hopefully gone
  4. wolfkind252

    WOW sucks.

    thats why destroyers were used, just let us had depth charges on ALL destroyers and I can blow a sub up easy as they blew me up in testing :) But if you think the game suks, then uninstall it
  5. wolfkind252

    DD's dont need help from Wargamming.

    I totally agree with you
  6. wolfkind252

    Premium Ship PREVIEW - HMCS Yukon

    the more Canadian ships , the better
  7. wolfkind252

    So was the idea to dumb down the game WG?

    in defense of those of us that turn pink every now and then, I have noticed that 99% of the time team damage is caused by the person who receives it, they do stupid stuff like rush in between you and the enemy when you fire your torpedoes, or guns, the rest of the time its people that thing its funny to shoot team mates
  8. wolfkind252

    They really screwed up CV's

    no they didn't, its easier to sink them now :)
  9. wolfkind252

    Does Wargaming not consider Canada interesting enough?

    Yea another carrier is the last thing I need but it would be nice to see more Canadian ships, like destroyers and cruisers, for me to play with, I''ve never been out of my own province so Australia and India mean nothing to me as to ships
  10. wolfkind252

    How will bad players deal with Subs.

    when I get a sub I might play a few more random, that way I can go sit outside the corral of cowards and sink every one of them
  11. wolfkind252

    Team Kill, There has to be a better way

    That is the most truthful explanation I have hard yet get ready to be told you r stupid and have no idea of the game mechanics, and told you should go to training arenas only and maybe watch a years worth of wiki videos that are no help at all
  12. wolfkind252

    Team Kill, There has to be a better way

    Then explain the one that attack me when I'm pink oh, and teh only time I turn pink is when somebody is stupid enough to rush in between me and my destroyer at a distance so close I could kiss the enemy captain
  13. wolfkind252

    Totally obvious <insert nation here> bias

    the Clemson is still my favorite ship
  14. wolfkind252

    New Hybrid ship leaked!

    Finally a carrier that wont send planes to bomb me, I guess all I have to Dodge with those is goofballs
  15. wolfkind252

    Team Kill, There has to be a better way

    I play coop and I hate people that shoot you on purpose, in fact they get cussed out