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  1. wolfkind252


    Just uninstalled World of Warships sick of teh [edited] in Coop and teh morons in random, moving on to Armored warfare, and [edited] Its been a pleasure playing with some of you , the ones that it wasnt a pleasure playing with can kiss my [edited] Riley out
  2. wolfkind252

    The controversy that will destroy us all forever (shippost).

    No Fish on my pizza either
  3. wolfkind252

    The controversy that will destroy us all forever (shippost).

    When Dad brings pizza home its Cheese, peperoni, mushroom, olives, sausage, and bacon, THATS ALL, fruits and vegetables ZDO NOT belong on a pizza, they belong at a salad bar
  4. wolfkind252

    Quick submarine poll

    How true
  5. wolfkind252

    Quick submarine poll

    Actually theres more in coop than Random
  6. wolfkind252

    Time lapse of the future

  7. wolfkind252

    Quick submarine poll

    I like to play coop and attack weather or not the rest of the team does, I've given up on the whole teamwork thing, because there is none in this game, so if theres subs I hunt them on my own just liek I hunt carriers
  8. wolfkind252

    Feedback on ...What you like about WoWs!

    I liek the MMO aspect, and the team concept, although I get on a actual team once a year when the mm puts people that actually play the game liek real life instead of a arcade game
  9. wolfkind252

    So Sorry that I discovered "Win Rate"

    dont worry about your win rate, worry about the fun rate, if you concentrate on the win rate your lose things, like teamwork, intelligence, and all teh other thing you need to play, you'll end up in a corral in a random battle wishing you could just live through teh battle watching one destroyer actually playing teh game get killed, and eventually get so sick of it they go to coop only, because it doesnt matter there, your on your own
  10. wolfkind252

    Quick submarine poll

    I put yes, because (!) originally I wanted one, but after playing them I found they are nothing more than targets, because if you get close enough to actually sink and enemy ship, they kill you fast, (2) I like to sink them
  11. wolfkind252

    Just a Reminder that there are things in the Ocean bigger than You

    and THAT is why I will stay in Alberta my whole life LOL
  12. I have a friend that lives in Texas down in the USA, he asked me what eth temp was one day in December I said -13 he said " wow how do you survive, them=n I remembered you guys dont use the metric system, so I converted it for him LOL
  13. wolfkind252

    Cool Tank stuff

    I wish I could get [edited] to work on my computer, dont know why but it freezes on eth login screen every time, WOW and WOA, and Armored Warfare work fine
  14. This is a mod that is actually worth it to me