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    Horses, ships, the US Space force :) oh and fantasy movies

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  1. wolfkind252

    So bad...

    I get a few free two day rentals usually tier 7 or 8, and they suk worse than the ones I grind up to
  2. wolfkind252

    This is not ok.

    And THAT is why I stay in co-op, I rarely get picked on by bots unless I'm on a coward team that abandons me, in random I get treated like that every battle
  3. wolfkind252

    In Co-Op, am I wrong?

    every other game is all bots on both sides except me
  4. wolfkind252

    Too much camo

    I wish I had as much of the Canada camo as the other camos I have, I'd trade them all for an equal amount of Canada camo
  5. wolfkind252

    So I did a thing......

    Congratulations:) M gf and me would get engaged, but were a little young, and in Canada you cant till your 18 anyway
  6. wolfkind252


    I really don't care about them, I empty them when my computer cleans itself on shutdown, and I cant watch them because nothing plays them, I've been told to use the game client, and all that does is start the game
  7. wolfkind252

    Done with the forums

    " replay or it didn't happen" " your a bad captain" " learn the game mechanics" "your stupid" " you don't know what your doing" " you seem to kill your own a lot" 90% of you are worse than the team killers I wont be back on the forums
  8. wolfkind252


    I dont do replays cause I cant watch them if that happened there would have been 6 not 4 Wickes your funny, if the damage that "I caused" because people are too stupid to pay attention and not run into them on purpose was that bad I'd uninstall the game and never come back Kinda like these forums, I'm really considering never coming back cause most of you are less help than a carrier
  9. wolfkind252


    Yea it is I just got FIVE game penalty for killing myself, I fired torpedoes and ran into them? It said I was killed by wolfkind252 and received a penalty for killing wolfkind252 LOL
  10. wolfkind252


    A Nuremberg has two sets of 3 torpedoes on each side, I fired three at an enemy Graff spee, all three hit, but my 4th hit an ally, I'm not complaining about the two pink battles, I can do those wih my shirt over my head, i'm wondering how a set of three tubes can fire four torpedoes
  11. wolfkind252

    Canada Check

    Too far East, give me the Rockies any day
  12. wolfkind252


  13. wolfkind252

    CV Vent here

    Co-op battles, I stay in there because the random battles , the teams ar so stupid and bad I end up cussing them out, at least in Co-op the bots mainly go after the herd thats hiding behind the island
  14. wolfkind252

    Another pelt to hang on the wall!

    Nice shooting, and good job sinking that Carrier with AP, I use HE cause at tier 5 you overpen most of them with AP That's a good one LOL in the ABC or ABCD battles I like to hunt carriers, if the team works as a team and opens up the side I'm on I can find the carrier in the rear and usually sink it, then come at the enemy from behind, works pretty good in coop, haven't tried it in Random since I play coop 9 out of 10 battles