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  1. wolfkind252

    SpaceX Launch

    That's for your presidents Space Force lmbo
  2. wolfkind252

    How many Australians play on NA?

    100ms ping? must be nice, I'm in Alberta and my ping is usually 28, but sometime s it goes to 200's
  3. wolfkind252

    Who owns torpedoes?

    I NEVER fire torpedoees from Behind an ally, simply because they will ALWAYS turn into them and call me a bi3th, so I just keep fireng HE or AP until the enemy kills me instead of the guy in front of me, that if I turn pink its my fault not some moron that heard me say " firing torpedoes" and says " wilco" then immediately turns and stops between my torpedoes and the enemy so I don't get his kill , and ruin his precious stats I just go off by myself that way theirs no allys around and I can watch the bots maneuver around my torpedoed in a battleship lthat turns as fast as a japan line Destroyer, sometimes I get a kill, some times I don't but the teams get butthurt because I died on the left side not the center where they are.......they can get over it or start using teamwork 1 of the 2, makes me no difference
  4. wolfkind252

    ok I'm Tier 5 now

    Yea I just did the last battle where I try to help anybody unless they have NEMO in their name :( I'm sick of people requesting support or crying for help and then after you give it and ask for help they all run
  5. wolfkind252

    ok I'm Tier 5 now

    when does teamwork become the norm, not a treat every 20th battle?
  6. wolfkind252

    Who owns torpedoes?

    So if I fire torpedoes and you go out of your way to run into them its my fault? I think now If you tell me to fire my torpedoes and then you run into them is it my fault? again I think now if I just shoot them from behind you and they hit you while your firing at an enemy , yea then its my fault, if the miss because a bot sees them coming before I fire them and they suddenly travel 12 miles instated of 4 and kill you its the games fault
  7. wolfkind252

    Video on new subs

    I tried the Japan line , I don't like it
  8. wolfkind252

    Submarine Battles: Free Submarine Rentals

    I want a submarine :)
  9. wolfkind252

    Video on new subs

    Then I have to grind my Nicholas up :) its the closest I have
  10. wolfkind252

    Video on new subs

    so I have to be tier 6 to get a sub at all?
  11. wolfkind252

    What is ur fav ship?

    my favorite is the Nicholas, so far, and the Charleston
  12. wolfkind252

    Another question

    Yea, I ran the Kidd until I gave up hop[e on it how the US Navy worked with those things in the cold war is beyond me
  13. wolfkind252

    Another question

    oh ok thanks
  14. wolfkind252

    Another free three day rental

  15. wolfkind252

    Another question

    I am tier 5, I have three ships in my port the Yamato, gearing and Hindenburg that say Commander Unavailable.....why?